CTE Welding at LBCC

– Hi, my name is Tim Shoemaker and I’m one of the
welding instructors here at Long Beach City College. And if you wanna learn how to weld, Long Beach City College is
the place you wanna come to. (hard rock music) Our welding students come
from a variety of backgrounds. Some are right outta high school. – I decided that I
wanted to go into welding when I was watching one
of my favorite TV shows. The welder showed up and it was a girl. My height, my size, shape. Whatever, crazy-colored hair like me. Tattoo’s like me and everything. And I thought if she can
do it any girl can do it. – We may have other students
who are already working in the welding industry. And that maybe a night
student, where they come in and may wanna re-up a certification. – It wasn’t the easy decision
to come back to school. But, you know when you have a family; you wanna take care of everybody. Sometimes you have to invest in yourself. Even if that means taking a step back. To take those two or three
steps forward in the end. – When you come to Long
Beach City College, you’re gonna work with welding
instructors like myself. That have years of
experience in the welding and metal fabrication fields. – Best thing about the teachers here in the welding program at LBCC,
is that they’re real people. They’ve been in the field. Like they’re teaching you
from real world experience. 40 years, 30 years;
like some of these guys have really been around. So you trust what they tell you. – [Tim] Our welding program
encompasses both welding and metal fabrication. So a lot of our students that will finish with the welding degree will also have some fabrication skills. – I hope that a little girl,
or any girl for that matter, gets to see me one day. Like I saw Tig on Goldrush, welding, and gets to choose welding
for herself and knows that she can do it, 100%. – Coming to LBCC has given me a skill that can never be taken from me. Something I’ve earned. And I’ll be able to provide for my family from here until I retire. – The welding program at
Long Beach City College has new buildings,
state-of-the-art equipment, and enthusiastic instructors. That wanna help you launch your career. Hope to see you soon.

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