Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment Committee Meeting

Good afternoon everybody I’m calling to order the Committee meeting for curriculum instruction and assessment your couches committee chair. We have Tracy you secure as well I think in committee finds chair whose jumps it’s not even meet with us today I don’t see more vice chair is filling in for her under a new committee structure are cheered vice chair Serve them all committees. So it’s for this very reason that we’ve got that structure in place. So when someone’s away we’ve got We have a number of action items and to go through today, so tracy and Milton will be very busy with motions in a second Happily most of this is second reading stuff so it won’t be the first time that we’ve been through it However we do have a new item here that we’re taking action on and that is Policy procedures manual for CTE has been updated associate commissioner. Horseman is here and so blacks Basically our state operates And So they’ve made up of a decency in the chapters there That were impacted by there were some some general legislative guidance, they Were changed across the board in all districts and schools and we specifically he recall last year rework our personnel system to make them less like State Road apartment workers and more like teachers and principals and schools so This is the final culmination of that changing the brings into policy language So we we reviewed this side We’re just asking you prove that answer any questions no questions I do not have any questions In that case we need a motion and a second Motion Second Motion from Tracy Second from Melton any other discussion All of us in favor I I motion passes thank you very much Appreciate it thank you Alright next up we have amendments on Kentucky academic standards Her team are going to be presenting So what I’m gonna do if its okay with you is breaking out the standards into their own So just as a reminder from the last that we had in August The first thing we are asking to change is amendments to 704 AR 3303 Thankful are doing is where the standards were all in the same Regulations every time we have to open that reg so that means our standards regulation would never would never close basically Especially with remember 1 2017 requirements of the cycle of having to update those competent areas so that’s the first thing we’re asking is if we admit that with what will happen is that as we take this original regulation we’ll break it into its own chapter And so that’s what we’d have to get approved for that piece and so that’s the change were requesting and we’ll make it a whole lot cleaner and as we as we add standards like with computer science and the Bible those standards would have their own regulation under chapter 8 are there any questions about that Reading and writing Mathematics science social studies practical studies all in one document and so every time we change the memory now We’re starting to pull it out and recommend it into a new regulation So it just makes it much cleaner. So if we open one, it doesn’t know everything but it just like the influx especially we assess a lot of Standards, there are accountability things they kind of kind of sticky or something to know them And with the new standards review process something will be under a new purchase all the time It’ll be in constant motion and suddenly dispelled. We needed to we had talked about doing that We didn’t want to send that impression that we needed more regulations, which is a terrible, you know message but we didn’t feel like that with the Standards have been acted on and with the Senate but 1 2017 that rotation of the standards review and revision process Which is neither than much later kind. It’s a dissection That’s right. And it’s all under Chapter II. So it’s still under the same chapter. It just has a gun regulation or ultimately what you see in the board I know sentence with this regulation and So it has strike threes in English language arts, which is needed writing mathematics health and PE when we’re ready to bring forth social studies it would be assignments on chapter as well so to be clear this is the 3303 that we’re taking action on right now yes that is correct okay quick update we have a few more changes in 303 in the document and that is because we actually had overlooked some learner test education goals in the past that has actually been revised we did catch it in the old draft so that was actually updated the other thing we did is in these science standards, okay, just so that you’re all aware There are references to kneeling in the math standards with no Rather the one one thing that we do, this is the 11th hour. Just have to put them Tuesday. Thank you they were an amazing team to fix this the Arts can be reached out about arts and humanities It was actually a mistake. There was a lack of an Oxford comma that created some confusion So it’s actually never supposed to have been titled Arts and Humanities. You may remember that But so it’s now being renamed visual and performing arts for your greater clarity laughter those were the only two changes since the last time we were here okay good So do we have a motion motion from Tracy second second thank you all in favor I motion passes Sure you tell me what you wanna do next we’ll skip over computer sciences then we’ll get back to that so this is 704KAR8020 Second read on new well revised standards on reading and writing so again this is 704kar8020 which as we mentioned will hold onto its own regulation so that’ll incorporate the document for the reading and writing academics so I’ll like Nikki talk a little bit about what we’ve done since the last time we met – needed revision we added grade level overviews So we have been incorporating so the colors now as compliants o the reader can process any images and then the last thing we did Have additional focus groups of The standards and so we know as you’ve anticipated That we’re going to be providing additional guidance Documents that we support schools as we transition as they transition So I understand one of the goals of the standards revision was to look for opportunities to narrow the standards in scope and the goal of that would be to make it more practical for teachers to teach these standards to proficiency give us the instructional time that they’d gotten and so I understand that the original standards there were about 40 to 50 fans and then in the package that you’re presenting to us, we narrowed that delegate from the 30 to 40 staines So that’s appreciated. And in terms of having a sense that being the standards really do belong to Kentucky. I understand that less than half of the content now it comes straight from the common core standards that we’ve Modified the language here such that at least a 50% or more of these standards are unique to Kentucky But to maintain the progression for some of them is now in order and will better serve our state specifically other questions or comments about reading and writing My counsel that I get to make motions and seconds to so just to make things interesting on second reading 704 kr8 8020 if someone can second that for me ill second alright thank you Melton All in favor I any apposed Right, so we have have standards in reading and writing a former – What would you like to be next? We should be able to go to health which will be 704kr030 okay very good so this is taking the health standards its no longer called practical living but its actually called what it is health education and physical education here’s the architecture we have in place for our standards first column a little more information about the practice in the second column the language with educational goals was updated we also added some grade level overviews that really aren’t In the standards All right, so we’ll need a motion or in a picture I’ll Drive this is 704 k rerO3O Ill make a motion thank you second all in favor I motion passes thank you very much This is a review of architecture that we share with you all at the last board meeting And if you’ll recall we have the different sections the top section and that’s our standard Practice and in yellow our contents danger Is the clarifications in the bottom is pink. Let me just say that in the real document those colors No, it says that was just a presentation one of the things we did was we added Language to clarify what was required in this document so actually the only parts that are required are the practice standards and the content standards Remaining parts of the document those are actually supports for educators or for any reserve use. So we wanted to clarify that From the feedback we received We also change the educate the language of the trends and we have the focus groups But I wanted to point out some work that our writers did when they will argue with this They really wanted to make sure this document was relevant for all of the years that was going to in place Instead of doing that they were very careful not to You know mention specific technology that might change about the ears and the out day later But they also looked at changes at least have in higher education And that we see being discussed in mathematical Soto so for example, there’s a lot of discussion statistics pack plane and you know do we only need to have a college algebra pathway once we get to post-secondary so they’ve really Strengthened the statistics pathway k12 because they wanted to make sure that all of our students were equipped If that were to happen in a few years They didn’t want them the standards actually. Amber the students They wanted to provide that and the other thing that they make sure Is they understood their charge of letting out the standards? That would be required for all students? While still maintaining the flexibility for districts this for so while they laid out those standards They what instruments to be able to determine courses their districts and their student population so once you get into middle school and high school Career context require extra supports they defined the standards Without defining So for example where we might have a statistic sticker that traditionally that would an algebra 2 course Two schools in decide you wanna keep an inventory to course. Do they wanna put in that Stanford? mathematic Scores or maybe me placing in on three. So they’re a student whenever they make the selection. They’re still had an opportunity and access opportunity to all their work So so to be clear tor is never a time when we had a package of standards to be called algebra, two standard schools just When they were building a mountain or two course, they’ll infamous a means that when the appropriate event occurs. That’s correct We not in our standards document before ever adopted course, we’ve always adopted standards now on the inland As we follow Katie, he has provided guidance documents at first schools But those are never partners standards document because that will always change words So the standards that a school might of traditionally associated with algebra two are still in the standards They are to be treated in those classes Select as part of their third and fourth courses in the math sequence that is exactly correct But they’re still So for my understanding then you can take a different course and still have the same algebra two new standards We build it to end to that course, it’s good because it’s going to be the district’s responsibility to bundle those standards However, investigates their games and it always has been that way. Yeah, they’ve always been able And then here again We went from I believe about 30 to 40 standards per grade level To 20 to 30 per grade lavel So variant by grade, but still a pretty substantial reduction Yes, we did it back as a balance things upon balance for running to Jordan with, you know, just still maintain the clarity but It might very well be when this goes to a full board living sector and that there would be helpful to visit some of those points like where the Algebra, 2 standards can now fit and then possibly also some discussion about the scope of the stories They are here again. I see that now less than half of the mathematic standards Directly error. What’s in the Common Core State Standards? So again me with this subject as well another indicator that these really belong to us So I’m the commotion it that we approve this second reading of eight Tracy thank you all in favor I I motion passes thank you very much this is again the architecture that we have with the standard at the top In this club by standards and Health education time to eight so significant reductions for clarity trying to balance that perspective of skills versus hunting making it more meaningful And I think I always helpful to point out that standards are a bare minimum framework established that schools still have to build a curriculum around that and there’s lots of content that may be taught and we’re not Requiring at the state level but that are the responsibility local educators to identify and assess just The changes since August weren’t again which in the educational goals These standards as well and the focus groups questions on these things motion to approve this will be 704ker8050 second All in favor I I okay motion passes very good and now we’ll go to computer science Thank you for having us today and Since the last breed we’ve had no major changes in our senior document because these are new standards as opposed to revised standards Just really on how excited we are You have specific computer science standards and how this can affect workforce implications And really change the definition of how computer science software k12 In Kentucky events as again In spanking that definition of the images algorithms that a lot of traditional IT force work forward or new definition of What computer science is? People Starting to mention for this special device. This is a significant part because this first time contains overhead Standards in this particular area Teachers of top classes in this area of the past but it was kind of on been better to figure out what to do with in the hello guys from the state roads with a battery of those expectations were so For This So Last week Herman trust and so We’ve made good time here we have two more items in those belong to Kelly Foster. We have so many here. Thank you We also have 743 365 check what these are procedures The changes in previous versions of Simply related to tau 1 and now For any program Finding this out of the circulation of treatment how to 1 w Tolliver eternal war on the primary address of the exception of accountability classifications Related to a sensation All of it Passes thank you very much that concludes our agenda. So I’ll just need a motion and a second vintage on those civil traits of a Committee stands adjourned. Thank you. Hey everybody

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