Department of Education: School Connectivity

[MUSIC] Chris: Now we’re going to talk
about some of the issues related to connectivity. What’s working
well? Because we really want to make sure we’re understanding
what you’re doing right, what you’ve seen that’s worked as
you’ve come up with solutions. And one of the things that
we’ve said over and over again is if there was another
superintendent coming behind you in a school district
that hadn’t done what you had done, what could you tell them
to save them a few steps? Donnie: Our belief and our goal
is for students to be fearless and for them to be connected. Jason: We’ve really had to
shift from the access points and directly into each and
every one of the classrooms. For us in order to have the
proper connectivity, no, a much greater saturation so that those
access points aren’t split. Billie: We’re very
fortunate in the district, we have a brand new
building, we have a three, four, five building. We
have purposely built facility spaces within that building
called innovation labs, steam innovation labs. We modeled
them off of the Carnegie Mellon University Entertainment
Technology Center. Devin: We want each of our
learners to be connected with one and other, and with
our community, and focused on really addressing
real world problems. Male Speaker 1: I’m not trying
to do too much too soon because as soon as a teacher
has an experience and they’ve planned this great
lesson, and then it’s down they’re not going
to plan it again. Male Speaker 2: Rather than
trying to do the whole district all at once, having a four or
five year plan where we’re going to do grades three,
six, nine, and then the next year it adds to three
more grade levels. And over four or five
years you get to it. Donnie: So we have two
teachers working with a group of students. I use in a one to
one initiative that’s project based. And they also use a
key component of the new tech model is the Echo
software. Where students and the teachers and the
administration and parents all are able to view, upload,
and communicate through the course management system. The
teacher may upload any kind of handouts that they’ll be using.
They may also link certain websites on the Echo software.
Students then can get in and follow the lesson, they work
through the process. Parents can see the feedback that teachers
are giving students. They can check grades, all of that
together. Administration can give announcements through the
Echo software. So it really has transformed really
what I believe was possible for our students. [MUSIC]

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  1. John Shine says:

    I am not certain why the US Department of Education is advertising and promoting a piece of software. "Echo Software". In this video at the end. there are many Technology choices for a school. Echo is just one. Kornukopia which I am a part of provides all these features plus to schools absolutely free. Can I add our promotion to the video as well?

  2. Steve Riely says:

    Good video! I'm liked and share 607 times 😀

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