Discover the Centre for Hospitality and Culinary Arts Through the Eyes of Faculty and Students

a wonderful environment here for learning. We see ourselves as an
education portal so that students can access great
jobs in the hospitality, culinary and
tourism industries. The breadth of exposure to
the opportunities in the industry and the currency
with trends so that they’re very,
very ready to work. All of those ingredients
together will allow our exceptional graduates to really
meet the needs of our industry. KATE TRUELAND: I really
made great connections with a couple of my profs and
they gave me the confidence to really succeed in my program
and succeed after George Brown. ARJUN CHANNA: The George
Brown College students bring in a — literally
a global mindset. So, hey have really thrived
in different parts of the different departments
of the hotel. DONNA DOOHER: The materials that
are being taught at the college are very relevant to our
operations and business today. LORRAINE TROTTER:
Recently, we’ve invested over half a million dollars in
updating our curriculum against the current trends. We have a number of new
programs that we’re developing that will be launched
in the next couple of years and so we’re looking at what
other enterprise opportunities, what other small businesses
should we be running on campus that will give opportunities
to students to practice. COLIN CAMPBELL: Being at
George Brown has taken me from being a very low-level
butcher to a high-end cook in a matter of a
couple of years. Seeing other chefs and
how passionate they are, inspire you to be more
passionate and look up to them and try to become one of them. ROGER MOOKING: Being the Chair
of the advisory committee, I could see on an annual
basis the type of student that comes out and the
different objectives that we try to achieve in a meeting
a year or two previously, I could see it in the student
and that to me is really where the proof is and that’s why I
stay connected to the students. TIM TEREIRA: What we find
with George Brown students — that they’re really
aligned very, very well and that their professors
and advisors, I think, have set them up for
success so they can fit in in a very seamless way. [music]

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