Do Snare Traps Really Work? (Answer: Yes. Very Much Yes.)

>>Today’s episode is
brought to you by Roman.>>Head on over to for a free online visit and free two-day shipping. So what do you call this? Is it a trap, a snare?>>It’s a classic snare trap.>>What, are we going to catch Bugs Bunny? Some roadrunners?>>I’ve got some dynamite and an anvil. [laughs] It’s going to be great.>>This is the weirdest thing because you see it in all the cartoons and all the movies. You know, somebody’s walking along, they step on something, and all the the sudden
they’re upside down. I don’t want to believe that’s real, but I guess it’s real.
>>Right? No, it’s totally real, we can make it happen.>>Okay, if I’m understanding it right, I know there’s spring mechanism, I know there’s some kind of loop that you’ve got to step in.>>Yes, that’s the gist of it. The main thing you want to find is like a springy branch. Something alive, that’s not, you know, dead and all crackly and is going to snap. And that is the engine of your device, or your spring pole, right.>>Right, if we knew more about trees, we would know what kind of tree this is.>>This is the classic snare tree.>>Yeah. [laughs]>>I don’t know.
>>A genus snare?>>A genus snare.
>>Genus trapus.>>Pause, and that
prints out at the bottom like Looney Tunes, genus trapus.>>Is this the right branch, you think?>>I think so, that seems
to be the thickest one, well, pull it down because
we’re going to want to see, like, ooh, once we start pulling, it becomes a loaded weapon. We should do the safety thing.>>Yep.
>>Okay, there you go, all right.>>All right.
>>Okay, so.>>Going to walk this guy down.
>>Yeah.>>I can’t believe we just happened to have the right tree here.>>This is going to work great.>>Somebody who’s a conspiracy theorist is going to be like,
“Sure, you just happened “to have the right tree”>>And so, we’re going to pull it down to where we want to spring our trap.>>Okay, so this is
providing a bunch of tension. I assume if this stays
long enough it gets weaker and at some point it’s just a bent tree.>>You know, probably, yeah. But, here, I’m going to step back,>>Okay
>>Let it go see what kind of spring it’s got.>>Oh geez, okay here, I’m
going to hide down here.>>Okay.>>So, imagine something springs and then.>>Yep, you got it? [laughs] Why don’t we just build
a little net in there and just start launching stuff. And that’ll be the episode.>>Next episode is a catapult.>>Yes.
>>A tree catapult.>>Poor man’s catapult.>>Hold on, I want to
do it again, here we go. Say, “Pull.”>>Pull. [laughs]>>All right.
>>It makes an intimidating swooshing noise.>>It does and it clatters and clangs.
>>Yeah.>>Okay so, this goes over here.>>Okay so, we’ve got our Y branch here that I hammered into the ground.>>BRIAN: Because you
need something anchored and two sides, yeah.>>Here’s our little
toggle, as they call it. You slide that right
here, and then we set up this little bait stick, right here.>>Okay.>>And so, the rope is going to be pulling up on this end, right.>>Here, I’ll provide the tension here. I’ve got the tension. You’ve got the brawn. Let’s make lots of money.>>And there you go. Now, you’re giving some
tension to it right?>>Yeah.
>>What happens is, you’ve got some bait right in here.>>BRIAN: So, once somebody
gets in and touches it, then it flings up, we tie this loop to.>>We tie this to the branch?>>Yep.>>And we tie one end of
this snare to the branch.>>So, they’re separate, but both triggered by the same spring.>>Exactly, and so when this
gets triggered like that, the toggle stick slips
out of the Y branch. This is keeping the branch
from going up, right.>>BRIAN: Oh, man.>>So, the branch pulls up and it pulls the snare with it.>>Okay, you’ve got a lot of
confidence in this working.>>Easy, peasy man. [laughs]>>And tie a little snare, like that>>BRIAN: Oh there you go, make it a loop>>Yeah and then, feed it through there. There we go. And this is going to be
critical placement, right. Because it’s entirely possible that our quarry will
approach from this side, in which case you’re screwed.>>Yeah, so spread this out.>>JASON: But you also don’t
want to get that caught on this.>>BRIAN: Yeah, I’m going to bet we won’t. Boy this is going to be tense.>>JASON: And what you
have to worry about is, if your Y stick isn’t deep enough Your spring pole may very well, just pluck it right out of the ground.>>Yeah, we’re going to be careful>>Yes. [laughs]>>There’s somebody out
there already cringing. Maybe if you hold tension on both of these.
>>Okay.>>I’ll pull down the spring, and then, it was this guy, right? Okay, loaded weapon, catapult.>>Yep. Did you have a favorite
one of these branches?>>JASON: Let’s do this
one right here I guess.>>BRIAN: How are you on your knots?>>JASON: Poor. [laughs]>>BRIAN: Because this is
definitely pointing at me.>>And we definitely just lost the tension on the thing.>>Well that’s fine.
>>That’s okay.>>As long as that’s
tight, I think we’re good.>>JASON: Yep, okay.>>Okay, got it. So, we have the trigger one, and the snare.>>Yeah. But like that, you think? [music fades in slightly] [music softly in the background]
♪ We always talk about ♪ [music softly in the background]
♪ I have unconditional love. ♪ ♪ Unconditional love is– ♪ ♪ we don’t even know it, ♪ ♪ because if a person
stops stimulating us, ♪ ♪ we stop loving them. ♪ ♪ You’re not interesting to
talk to anymore, goodbye. ♪>>JASON: Can’t wait for
all the snarky comments from boy scouts that
I’m not going to read!>>Wait a minute, if
you’re standing in that, I guess you’re worried about it hitting the Y stick.>>JASON: Yeah.>>BRIAN: Okay, I’ve been picturing, if a foot hits the trigger then shouldn’t that foot be in the part that the snare will grab?>>JASON: How ‘about that?>>All right, so you want me
to start adding tension?>>Yeah, give me a little tension.>>Okay, little bit more tension. Oh, man.
>>You got it.>>BRIAN: Off camera,
everybody is visibly tensing.>>You got it! Oh, hang on, hang on. Hold it.
Okay.>>Oh my god. Okay, very gently.
>>Yep.>>BRIAN: This is the part where it could whip and hit me.>>JASON: You want me to do it?>>Nope.
>>Because I don’t care.>>I know you don’t. [laughs]>>Walking away very gently.>>The injury counter’s
floating above your head, I just wanted to let you know. Just wanted to let you know that I see it.>>Okay, relaxing, relaxing, relaxing.>>JASON: Yep.>>Holy shit, that is a set trap.>>JASON: It is.>>Okay, okay, okay,
okay, okay, okay, okay. [laughs]>>Oh, we got it.
>>This is it.>>I’m going to run so many
experiments on this thing. [laughs]>>Well first he has to just, you know, innocently be
hopping through the forest.>>JASON: Do do doo, changeling on a walk.>>Don’t mind me, I’m going to very gently put him in there. Do do doo, oh, what’s that, human food?>>Are ya ready?>>Yes, three, two, one, go. I’m looking for humans, I’m a changeling. [laughs]>>You’ve been disarmed.>>I’ll bet if we move that
farther up on the branch, we would get some more tension. You want to try to really fling him?>>Yes, I do.>>Okay, all right, all right. [laughs]>>Okay, here, let’s
try moving this on down. Same game, hopefully with more
trigger action, this time.>>JASON: For more tension, all right. Snare.>>I’ll bet if we get
kind of closer up to, all the way up to here maybe.>>Yeah, I like that.>>Or, you know what, that trigger can still be right where it is.>>Exactly.
>>Oh, that’s great. Okay, yeah.
>>So, you want like maybe up here?
>>Yeah, I think right there.>>Okay.
>>I think that’ll get him good.>>All right, tight.
>>Okay.>>Start giving me some tension.>>BRIAN: All right
here you go, you got it?>>JASON: Yeah.>>BRIAN: Oh, that looks like
it’s very hair triggered.>>JASON: Okay.>>All right, we got it? Here, I’m going to get on the other side. Trap is set. Okay, this is the big one.>>Set him gently in the snare. Just one foot.
>>Yeah.>>Here we go, and just sort of lead him, there you go, okay, you ready? All right, so let’s say
he’s just over there.>>Get ready to go for a ride, buddy.>>Ah, you looking for a human to eat? Get out of here changeling.>>JASON: Nope. [laughs]>>Hey changeling, my old saying was, “Go away bad guys.” My new one is. [laughs]>>Dude, that totally works.>>Yeah, and the more we use that branch, the more it’s going to lose
it’s springiness, right.>>Yeah, but as far as
like a proof of concept, I mean, that’s a hundred percent right?>>And think about if
you’re catching wild game, like to eat, like a bunny or a squirrel, or, you know, a house elf or something.>>Or even if you just wanted to ensnare a bigger game, you know,
like a a small deer or something.
>>Yeah.>>It’s going to get caught and it’s just going to hand there, it’s not going to be able to run away.>>And it’s dinner time.>>I’m calling it super effective, man.>>We did it.>>Science. You know what I love about this building right behind us?>>What’s that?>>This entire erection
is made of hard steel.>>It is. [laughs]>>Could you imagine, if this thing was like
embarrassed of itself and it refused to admit that it was made of jello?>>Man, I’m glad you
shelled out the extra money for the non-jello construction because it is magnificent and turgid.>>Turgid.
>>Yes. Buildings can be turgid, and so can you. [laughs]>>That was smooth, yeah dude. Over 50% of men over the age of 40 are less steely than
they would like to be. And get this, three quarters of them, they don’t talk about it to anyone.>>And that’s why Roman is there, so that you can get treated for your erectile disfunction in the privacy of your own home.>>Heck yeah dude, real doctors through the chat, you
do the whole diagnosis. You don’t have to look
at their beady eyes, their judging faces. Instead you walk in as
a soft bowl of jello. You walk out, like this building here.>>Magnificent.>>All of this was just a visual prop for this one add we are doing right now.>>That’s all we ever wanted.>>I hope it was worth it. Head on over to Sign up, get a free consultation, and free two-day shipping.>>Let’s eat.>>No. [laughs] Wait, I already did.>>No.
>>Yes. Let’s eat.
>>No, no. I had chimichangas, for
breakfast, I’m good.>>Changelingchangas.>>Changelingchagas, chimichangelings. [laughs]

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  1. The Modern Rogue says:

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  5. Tzisorey Tigerwuf says:

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  6. stykyun says:

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    I love snare traps. When I was in scouts, we were playing a game (which is hard to explain, but it involved running, hiding, catching people, and a few other things), and we said it was by any means necessary, meaning that everyone was setting up preparations before (one of my friends set up a hidden shelter out of logs, leaves, and grass; I made a makeshift ghillie suit; etc.), and one of the things I set up was a simple snare trap between two trees (not this particular type, but still a snare trap). Someone didn’t believe me that it was an effective type of trap, so to prove it, they decided to walk through it during the day, which caught them. They got what was coming for them. Someone untied the trap to the tree and started pulling them by the foot around as their “pet” for a couple minutes as a cruel way of reminding them that they were wrong.

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