Dr. Louis Turi Interview: The Importance of Spiritual Education

we have 50 years and then what we turn everything around before them what is the last age that we go into experience a planet-killer nope no no mother earth are you on the reverse many many times before and she’ll do it again this is like a big dog you know when she’s fed up please now not talking about that I’m talking about self-destruction humanity selfie I’m convinced this planet replenishes itself and does whatever it has to do to do that exactly that’s where we can we bring it now you’re bringing in the predator the cast did the supra-conscious in time and space in reference to what I was saying earlier the more we communicate the more we educate people the more we think positively then we are no germs God didn’t put us on earth to end a terrible life but as you stand now with no cosmic consciousness the gap between science faith metaphysics spirits in science the agnostic skeptic dear taste is whining and it’s so very important to bring me back to college university and to start to educate the children and the parents right away on the spiritual value so they don’t start to immediately think err what am I here for now a child has to swallow 2,000 years of human evolution in a few years a lot of stress but who is there to tell them one my daughter to me what am i coming from what’s ahead of me they don’t regenerate spiritually all they have you the Bible are they gonna end up to hell if they don’t feel their God and it doesn’t work that way so we need to bring that back you

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26 Responses

  1. Veronique Padron says:

    Please have Dr. Turi on your show more often. His message has been thus far the best so far!

  2. Robert Kolach says:

    Makes a WHOLE lotta sense to me, the man knows what he is talking about!!

  3. DrDonnaStar says:

     We NEED Dr. Turi on your show every week. Please everyone help Dr. Turi get a weekly show that we all can benefit from his Divine Wisdom.  I following him from 2001, and his predictions and recommendation is phenomenal accurate. People need  to get his message to the World. Bless Be, Dr.Turi.

  4. KrishnaLuv says:

    Dr. Turi is right on when he says we all need to spiritually regenerate ourselves and teach our children how to as well.  Knowing your UCI (Unique Celestial Identity) is imperative in learning what each individual needs to accomplish this rejuvenation. Thank you Dr. T.

  5. Donna Czubernat says:

    Dr. Turi has a great message for everyone.  I've been following him for many years and he's always accurate.

  6. Ian James Bisset says:

    Dr ( yeah right ! ) the man is nothing more than a scam artist fleecing huge amounts of money from poor people looking for HOPE !!

  7. Rachel Mann says:

    Trust and believe that we will turn everything around. It is a long process to enhance Cosmic consciousness but I have no doubt that something or someone will help us do it….The help is on its way. We are way to busy with our daily lives to feel that the  change  and help is on its way but like you sad positive thinking will pave the way for the better…. Thank you for all your teachings… RMann

  8. Spinkable says:

    There are so many people that need to hear Dr. Turi's messages! So true about the children and about religion!  Please have Dr. Turi on your show more!

  9. Mary Stall says:

    Dr. Turi, gives us the breaking news before it makes the local news. If we have him on at the end of each month, forecasting the following month,, everyone can then take precautions for that month. Please take this into consideration.

  10. Deborah Jean says:

    Dr. Turi has so much to teach us.  We need great teachers more now than ever.  This is the time to open our minds and allow ourselves to learn how to navigate the rapid changes of this post modern world more wisely.  Please have Dr. Turi share his knowledge with all of us as often as possible! 

  11. urmydstny1 says:

    Dr Turi is amazing and we all can benefit from his wise guidance weekly. His predictions are always so spot on correct its scary. We need him and his school to change this world before its too late.

  12. Christa Neuhauser says:

    It is simply AMAZING how what he says actually comes true on a consistent basis!

  13. IWISH24U says:

    Dr. Turi accurately predicts everything, both personal and worldwide, using the Cosmic Code.
    He was born in Province, France, also home of Nostradamus, and uses the same methods Nostradamus used. Most importantly, Dr. Turi has also discovered the reasons children need to be taught the Cosmic Code as they are seeking greater guidance for their existance. Younger generations are no longer accepting religious belief systems and have no where to turn for desperately needed answers. 
    The World depends on this generation to become aware.

  14. circazero27 says:

    Great interview Dr. Turi. We definitely need more cosmic consciousness in this world. 

    -Jonathan Goolsby

  15. Cosmos with Dr Turi Louis says:

    Dr. Turi Undeniable Predictions http://www.drturi.com/dr-turi-undeniable-unfolding-predictions/ Pass it on Pls

  16. Marilyn Fields says:

    Dr. Turi is desperate to educate humanity about the truth. We should do everything we can to share his truth with everyone we know.

  17. Terania Turi says:

    NO EVANDER HOLYFIELD – BEING BORN GAY ‘IT IS NOT A CHOICE’ http://www.drturi.com/evander-holyfield-choice/ RTpls

  18. cubomania3 says:

    Turi's newsletters badger people into becoming "VIP's" or paying members, yet he claims to know so much about the world. Apparently he can't comprehend a recession. The newsletters were actually insulting towards anyone who wasn't one of his "VIP's". Turi doesn't seem to understand that these days many people  can't afford to pay for ANY extras, like subscriptions.  He might be a good astrologer but he's also really good at whining and throwing fits in his newsletters. 

  19. Cosmos with Dr Turi Louis says:

    Check my latest post on Cosmic Science – Cosmic Consciousness http://www.drturi.com/dt_posts/

  20. 43william says:

    C'mon George, time for Turi is now!

  21. renee2nadia says:

    I had a live Skype natal reading with Dr. Turi and his information about the effects of the dragon head and tail for the last past 2 years was accurate in my life. His insights are very relevant to my experience and I did not tell him anything. He insisted I do not talk but listen and he knew. This is not parlor astrology or generic magazine/newspaper horoscope readings.

  22. Cosmos with Dr Turi Louis says:

    Shameful Waste Of US Children This is becoming the norm’ — but will anything change? NEVER Unless… http://www.drturi.com/shameful-waste-of-us-children/

  23. Cosmos with Dr Turi Louis says:

    Archaeologists find ancient ASTROLOGICAL floor mosaic! http://www.drturi.com/archaeologists-find-ancient-astrological-floor-mosaic/

  24. iLindahLIFE says:


  25. socksumi says:

    What is spiritual? I still have no idea after listening to all the purveyers of woo. Each one with his own special brand of horse shit.

  26. Cosmos with Dr Turi Louis says:

    The "reptile" brain, when will the infamous Government shut down end? http://www.drturi.com/the-reptile-brain-when-will-the-infamous-government-shut-down-end/

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