Puka shell necklaces will always be cool. SHUT UP! Driver’s ed! Bitch! (boom) (panting) Uh, how do you– how do you turn this off? Just… Da– Dad? How do you turn the camera off, Dad? Oh wait, hold on. I think I found it. It’s right– Dad! To see some crappy bloopers and some behind-the-scenes footage of what it took to make this crap, click the video. Look at me. Just look straight at me. (Anthony laughs and curses) Yeah, and this crap is seriously on iTunes, so get it if you have no taste of music. Thanks for subscribing, though after watching this video, you probably won’t. Next video won’t be this crappy though, we promise.

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100 Responses

  1. Udit Chetia says:


  2. a person with no friends says:

    why is eminem on the tags?

  3. *yOMaMA291* *newDangDog* says:

    2:01 8=D (|) 😂 😂 😂

  4. *yOMaMA291* *newDangDog* says:

    2:37 take the L

  5. PokeGirlGamer 10 says:


  6. Candice Cat says:

    This song is my iTunes playlist

  7. Mr. Wafflez says:

    best song ever!!!!!!!1

  8. CosmicDomino says:

    I just passed my test yesterday. Thanks, Smosh 🙂

  9. Jennifer Wgent says:

    That was great

  10. RedWolf123456789 says:

    This is actually cool

  11. Tanay Verma says:

    they were so weird when they were 17

  12. Twan ten Hooven says:

    2:07 they knew all along!

  13. Nikolas says:


  14. Aaron Patterson says:

    this is a cancer song

  15. Calvin Mead says:

    Ow😣 this hurts to watch

  16. home account clf says:

    I was gonaa say that

  17. Afonso FRANCO PEREIRA says:


  18. Leo Bojangles says:

    So bad

  19. Bobby Kitching says:

    This is just 💰

  20. BMO The Epic Gamer says:

    miss old Smosh

  21. Friederick Smørhår says:

    how I steel girls at the club

  22. Егор Цыба says:

    SMOSH first album (2002):
    1. Shut Up (intro)
    2. Pokemon GO theme song
    3. MIB theme song
    4. Mortal Kombat theme song
    5. Pimps Of Prom
    6. Vader Is My Friend
    7. Morphin Smoshin' Rangers (guitar cover)
    8. We're Gangstaz
    9. A Merry Gangsta Xmas
    10. Transformers song
    11. TMNT theme song (guitar cover)
    12. Hardcore Max
    13. Driver [email protected]@p ed song
    14. Shut Up (outro)

  23. ZxWolfZer0Cx says:

    in 1:25 LOL

  24. Elian Estrada says:

    Antony dident now what to do

  25. Brenda Surgeson says:

    Wtf is up with hair

  26. Michael Medina says:

    Bruh you look young (Nice Rap)

  27. Weallfun The golden says:

    I would like to know what is with smosh and pikachu?

  28. catay ege says:

    better than youtube rewind



  30. VisualisationNation says:

    0:12 oh my god i can see the cringe just from here

  31. superman says:

    Good good😊😊😊

  32. RobexGamer says:

    Smosh predicted the kiki challenge 2:07

  33. Toula Mavrick says:

    So cringe but funny

  34. It’s Mileena Bitch says:

    This is trash 😂

  35. Dino Playz Yt says:

    I watched this at 2x speed.


  36. PheenX says:

    Why do I still know all the lyrics

  37. xpstar214 says:

    This crap still has more lyrics than gucci gang xD

  38. Lil Pedia says:

    I made my teacher play this to the hole class

  39. northstarnight plays says:

    1:02 anyone notice the guy cones out if no where and there not driving

  40. Sebastian Rogue says:

    This is so much better than Eminem or any raper

  41. _L0rdRamsay _ says:

    About to start Drivers head

  42. Kermit And Friends says:

    Pause and then go to 2:29

  43. *yOMaMA291* *newDangDog* says:

    Yep they give you lots of 8==D=3 ({|})

  44. GloryDust says:

    0:21 anyone notice the posters????!?

  45. KING JELLY & says:

    That is so good

  46. Manton Teo says:

    2019 anyone??

  47. AidenGamez14 says:

    Is this real?

  48. huan wan says:


  49. MaskedPanda says:

    Wait is that shaggy on the wall at 2:50 ????

  50. i am not stable says:

    We're do they find those girls

  51. TheAngelArrow says:

    back when youtube monetized everything

  52. Beelzebub says:

    This is best😄

  53. Eternal ELITE says:

    2019 anyone?

  54. CrowThatGoesCAW - says:

    I can't believe I actually bought this on iTunes as a kid

  55. thecagey gamer35 says:

    you know driving test is what the british says

  56. brushin taklos says:


  57. Matthew Fredericks says:

    Yeah you can tell this was filmed in 2003

  58. Matthew Fredericks says:

    Australia's driving test's are different than America's driving test's

  59. brushin taklos says:

    Mentally retarded

  60. Mattlirious The Slayer says:

    The rapper Eminem is afraid to diss

  61. Mikael Svenstrup says:

    2019??? no oh ok

  62. Dakarai Evsns says:

    Sup guys

  63. blaze tiger says:

    Are u guys watching this in 2019

  64. Bag head says:

    Just Watch their drivers ed teachers are still paying it at their school

  65. king of all nanaes says:

    I don't need a license when I watch this video

  66. Doodle Todd says:

    I like how they spelled your on 2:23

  67. TheTroll1684 says:

    Saudades do Smosh original 😉

  68. Macbauer 42 says:

    This is the smosh that I miss

  69. God_Of_Hotdogz Gamez says:

    I honestly think this would will be me soon very soon

  70. Cats and connor YT says:

    Best song ever(:/)

  71. THAT SLAV BOI says:

    I miss the old smosh😥

  72. Addi Jacks says:

    0:29 they spelt wreak wrong 😂

  73. Jaden Horne says:

    How did I not see this video?

  74. BendyDickCumberSnatch VEVO says:

    Damn childhood hitting me hard

  75. Top20s says:

    Whos here in 2019

  76. Game Vs Game says:


  77. Toasty Animations says:


  78. starlite xo says:

    Best song to this day.

  79. Christian Cresante says:


  80. William Clarke says:


  81. kanguer jack says:

    Fact: the word 'cap' came from Anthony

  82. Roopy says:

    Dont u ever flippin try to ghost ride ur whip cuz you just might trip yea have a nip slip flip on ur hip bit the tip of a chip take a road trip and skinny dip on a cruz ship

  83. Cntd 146 says:


  84. Ninja Teen says:

    1:01 does anyone think he was supposed to be there as a joke or?

  85. beanzy 18 says:

    man good ol times

  86. Brozain says:

    2019 anyone

  87. David Bush says:


  88. Patricia Lofaso says:


  89. Asokid1000 says:

    Can someone please put lyrics

  90. NNLDragon says:

    They were like 15 when this was made

  91. Danielle Stanley says:

    This video will never not be good.

  92. sUpErDANIEL YT says:


  93. Hàng Xóm Thằng says:

    “On your left”

  94. idk idk says:

    2019 anyone?

  95. Lauren Shafer says:

    2013: Pooka shell necklaces will always be cool

    2019: vScO ChEcK

  96. Panic_ Autumn says:

    0:01, they already knew about the VSCO girls

  97. Broadway Man says:

    Soo funny


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