Early Warning Indicators with A4E

Can you believe it’s time to get ready
for the new school year? I wonder what my students are gonna be like. You know,
there’s an online program called A4E that lets you start learning about your
new students even before school starts. That sounds neat. That would be really
helpful. Come on I’ll show you how to log in
and look at your A4E teacher dashboard. A4E is a great place to learn about your students. One of the easiest ways to get to your A4E teacher dashboard is through the myHISD employee portal. You only need to log in once and then you can get right into A4E. When you first go to A4E you’ll see your Teacher Dashboard. Students at
Risk is one of the key reports on the dashboard. It lists all of your students
that may have personal risks or challenges and it’s sorted from those with
the most risks to those with the least. If you want to see students from a
specific class, you can select that class from the My Classes area.
You can see how the data adjusts each time you select a different class. But what if I want to know what kinds of risks are affecting my students? Oh that’s easy.
Just click on the Details icon at the bottom right of the report. You’ll have
a new tab open in your browser where you can see the risk impacting each student.
Then you can scroll down through the list of students or you can search for a
student by name or student ID. In either case click on the student’s ID number and
see the comprehensive A4E student profile. The risks are shown at the
bottom of each student profile in the Early Warning Indicators area.
A checkmark shows the risk currently associated with that student. Wow, I can see so much more information
about my students, too. Like if they’re bilingual and
if they’re enrolled any ESL or ELL programs. Oh yes, A4E’s Student Profile has a lot of use of student information and by
learning more about your students you can get a better idea of the factors
that can affect their ability to learn getting you better prepared to address
their needs. Hey, thanks for the help, Coach.
This is A4E Teacher Dashboard will really help me get to know my students
before the beginning of the school year and it’ll help me track their progress
all throughout the year.

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