Education Is a System of Indoctrination of the Young – Noam Chomsky

said a lot about the role of the media
enough so called eric democracy hi i’m wondering how you see here are
the rollover educational system what it’s doing right now what forces are
driving at and what constraints are and how should
operate we are i quoted the uh… trilateral commission view of the educational system namely to system of indoctrination of
the young and i think that’s correct to system of indoctrination linux that was the way the liberal deletes regarded and they’re more or
less accurate uh… so the educational system is
supposed to train people to be uh… obedient conformist not drink too much sugar which told me state passive don’t cause any price is a democracy or
raise any questions and so on that’s basically what the what the uh… system is about uh… they even the fact that the system
has a lot of stupidity and i think as a function you know it means that people are filtered out for opinions if you can guarantee lots of stupidity
and the educational system you know like stupid assignments and things like that you know that the only people who will
make it through are people like me unlike most eli
guests who are willing to do it no matter how
stupid it is because over the next step so you may know that this assignment is
idiotic and i got there couldn’t because we had a paper bag but he’ll do it anyway because that’s the way you get to the
next question needed my make it and so on and so forth
well there are people who don’t do that now there are people who say i’m going
to do it through the cutest thing uh… those people are called behavioral
problem something like that they end up in the
principles officer in the streets are selling drugs or whatever and all of this is a technique for uh… selection for obedience i dot approved this but i have a feeling
that when you go to the ailing universities you find more obedience and conformity probably because you’re getting the
students who were better able to do it uh… were all that is functional that’s
the way it works for it and it works right through graduate school i mean if you they’re upsetting but how
do you graduate schools or a little more varied because some real contradictions
development system the problem is that you can’t progress this way na na especially in the sciences and
engineering that’s prob because the corporations need science and engineering he don’t have innovation you’re really in trouble so they have to encourage creativity in
independence ’cause he can’t get anywhere if you just copy what
somebody told me you have to be challenging things all
the time challenging everything you know i’m thinking who sought some song and
they are real contradiction uh… it’s hard to train people to be creative and challenging and so on and
yet that i’m sure that somewhere else in their lives their conformist an obedient
in everything so you have problems that’s a serious
problem in japan uh… we think of japan as miss
tremendous superpower but that’s very misleading japan for example is very poor nowhere and part of the reason is it such as
part of its part the same thing that makes them good workers obedient workers to very obedient society very
deferential and conformist society and one effect of that is that you you know there are real constraints
against independent free said thinking you see
it in the science is very clearly the uh… but from here to so there are those
contradictions when you get the graduate school are beginning to show up they
show up much less than the ideological subjects because there doesn’t matter too much of
people have there there is no profits aren’t made buddy historians having original ideas
but french revolution so they can have conventional ideas and that means that the the pressure to try to support
innovation and freedom is much less in the profession the pressures for conformity on the
other hand are much greater cousin the ideological subject it begins
to be dangerous to people think the wrongful dangerous if they have new ideas about
physics uh… so saying it but nevertheless you
know you do there’s you begin to get a little flocks of the system by the time graduate school and even at low levels you find it i
mean there’s you know there are teachers who do
stimulate thought and sometimes they get away with and uh… you know all the way through you know if you feel learning things he just needs can
control you can’t make them just regurgitate what they heard now there’s a lot of pressure to turn
the schools into the marine corps lends a lot of support for the for example is this bestseller last couple years by allan bloom that was all over the supermarkets closing the american mine whichever you know huge bestseller
supermarket racks which is where i read it and things like that greater cooperation at at the end of tight you know a lot of
suggesting accolades for it and so on uh… he was saying that a couple of uh… smart guys will decide
what the great thoughts are uh… and every student memorizing as education we are no and that’s the way to turn
people into pure comedy i mean even if they happen to pick the
great thoughts uh… there is no way less likely to get anybody to think about
those thoughts than to make that the curriculum that finishes amok that uh… and i think that’s the purpose for them i mean the purposes just to impose fire
no here’s a great for us also stuff is rubbish just learners here
okay opic can you memorize that’s basically the line now of course that’s that’s the opposite
of education now that’s the latest study thoma or
something like that uh… but uh… it’s very popular and i think it
reflects the same concern over the crisis of my person background lemon selfless extreme of the incident that really got
them was a case in cornell where he was a professor where some black students took over one
of the admins buildings and he would he said that’s just like
not to give us back to the nazis is old business but the nazis and so on and so
forth where you take a little it happened and
that you can tell you what he thought the and its effect on the capitulated
not just like i did hear which would not to be subsumed that what actually happened if you look
back is that there were real grievances undoubtedly that students should love
them but they didn’t go in the building with guns and so on but it was settled
react it was so that we have to remember he
was killed uh… the grievances were to some extent
dealt with on the net result was better that was before but he doesn’t really thought they
should have mozart and president clinton i guess they should have bombed the place or something like that that’s really set him off and in general
what set many people off was the day you know the the sixties are now
described in the literature as if it was a time
when students were running around burning libraries and you know destroying the foundations of
civilization and so on what was actually going on as they were
asking questions you know they were raising questions
they were uh… looking into things appeal and looked
into before they were not just a billion and from the point of view of the log
faculty that’s equivalent to bring that building weekend that small distinction can make
that and the http pressured return schools back to
the days when you have to worry about those things like disobedient students
asking questions about things that you don’t think about

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