Education Nation at JFK: Closing the “opportunity gap”

– People say everybody believes that these students are
going to be the future. – Yep.
– And yet, we have a dropout rate that’s ridiculous, we have kids who go to college and they need remedial
courses in English and Math, they’re dropping out of college. So, how do you get past saying, I believe that you’re
going to be the future and actually making it come true? – I actually will push back and say, I don’t know if everybody
truly believes that. – Okay, maybe that’s why. – If we truly all believed that, then why would we have to deal with some of the systemic issues around bias and the individual issues around bias that we know our young people confront each and every single day. There is systemic issues
that need to be dealt with, and if we truly hold every single child has that expectation,
we hold the expectation for them to be college,
career, and life ready, we need to make sure our young people actually get those opportunities. This is about opportunity
gaps that we must close. Too many of our young people
have been marginalized. Especially our young people of color. And we’ve gotta give
them those opportunities to actually be successful.

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