Education Nation at JFK: Food insecurity and school

– A lot of students come to
school and they don’t eat, they don’t have breakfast, they’re hungry. And so then we have to talk
about, well, what does that mean for outside resources? What does that even mean
for you going to class and staying alert? – And are you able to get them? To satisfy those needs,
like just something to eat? Something as simple as that? – Yeah, so a little bit of two things. So the first thing is, we
definitely want to direct them to longterm resources
and then the second thing, if they have immediate
resources, organizations like the West End House
Boys and Girls Club, other organizations that work
on the Success Boss Intiative, these nonprofits, we
have different resources for those students to meet
their immediate needs, but we also want to
make sure that we handle those longterm needs as well.

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