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  1. Skorost' says:

    I came for DR Krauss 😉

  2. Skorost' says:

    Skip to 15:00 for krauss

  3. Whateverworks. says:

    YES KRAUSS!!! Thanks for upload AZPBS and thanks to Dr. Krauss.

  4. Marcy Everest says:

    Common core is the best hope for the education of America's children. The opponents are anti-government, religious extremists who want to undermine education and bring religion into the schools. Don't fall for it!

  5. Yerrakhunt says:

    Don't tie "anti-government" with the religious right. You sound like an idiot…

  6. Dave Prinzbach says:

    Interesting juxtaposition: typical unreasonable political argument over a non-political question, followed by one of the most elite and important minds in the history of modern science. MORE KRAUSS, and more scientists in general, please. Thank you AZPBS.

  7. Dennzer1 says:

    Lawrence Krauss – All time bad ass

  8. Rowena DeCorvinho says:

    lawrence krauss is sooooo hot <3

  9. kevinx237 says:

    The religious right IS, in fact, anti-government. Maybe not anarchist per say, but religion certainly does oppose man-made laws (also known simply as "laws").

  10. Yerrakhunt says:

    Sure they preach that, but they never go through with it. If you think the right is actually 'anti-government' you're lost.

    Take the 'fairly recent' FCC restrictions for example…

  11. kevinx237 says:

    hmm..not lost, just talking out of my ass.

  12. Jungle Jargon says:

    There is no evolution of any kind at any time because directives needed for life never result from mutations.

  13. Atheist603 says:

    evolution happens all the time…like bacteria, viruses etc..? read a biology book for a change

  14. Jungle Jargon says:

    Variation of the same kind is not a transformation or uniform morphing of any kind.
    Mutations are single changes, not millions of uniform changes needed for evolution.

  15. Space Age Shakespeare says:

    & The mutations add up don't they? Put them in an environment that weeds out the mutations that aren't beneficial for survival for various reasons like inability to find, identify or consume food sources or escaping hunters / finding prey etc. Give it 400 million years & voila. That's HOW, it's been proven in many ways. But you're not going to accept what the world actually tells us are you, you've got an ancient man made book that knows better yeah? oh well ;P so much for studying the universe!

  16. Jungle Jargon says:

    Random mutations never significantly sequence any specific directives of any kind.
    Your imagination is deluding you.
    Actual geology proves the fossils were covered by the global flood that buried them as nothing else can.
    Transforming directives never write themselves.

  17. Space Age Shakespeare says:

    I just explained in brief how. There's a difference in understanding something & "believing" it can't be true.
    Perhaps read more books than just holy books?
    A LOT of things can bury/preserve fossils 😛 tar pits, parts of coastlines collapsing, burying the surfaces underwater, old rivers carrying bones deep underground then drying out etc.
    If what you said was true then there'd be nobel prizes around the table for the people who could prove it, problem is that it didn't happen. Oh well.

  18. Darkman flEx says:

    8:50 okay so when people take out student loans it's all their fault but, when states take federal money and in exchange they support an effort that the states themselves came up with , it's all the federal governments fault. GOT IT Republican!

  19. Lucy says:

    Education is about the people and scenarios. Bored authorities be bored~

  20. Elijah Taber says:

    Lawrence is at 15:05

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