Empowering the Education Consumer

Every year over 20 million Americans invest
billions of dollars in post-secondary education. They come from all different backgrounds. Half are new high-school graduates, but the
other half are less traditional; they’re older Americans looking to acquire new skills, military
veterans returning to civilian life, and single parents seeking to better support their families. With over 6,000 post-secondary education programs,
choosing one is a complex investment decision without a guaranteed pay-off. Americans have a wealth of information and
consumer reviews when it comes to buying or selling a home, shopping for a car, choosing
a new TV, and even deciding where to go to dinner. In post-secondary education, however, there
is no consumer voice, even though it’s one of the largest and most permanent investments
an individual will ever make. Ultimately, we should be empowering consumers. So, this year Strada Education Network teamed
up with Gallup to launch the Education Consumer Pulse: a daily survey of real people giving
their honest feedback on actual experiences. Such as: where they went, what they studied,
the degree they chose, and what influenced their decisions; even if that decision was
not to attend college at all. With 350 interviews a day and more than 122,000
a year, the Education Consumer Pulse is said to become the most extensive and useful database
on education experiences ever. Based on interviews, we know that more than
half of Americans would change where they went, what they studied, or their level of
education if they could do it over. It is most striking for Americans that start
a post-secondary program but don’t finish. We believe that when organizations listen
to consumers, good things happen. This is why the Education Consumer Pulse is
a ground breaking new tool. It empowers the consumers by giving them a
voice, and reinforces the importance of students finding a path that matches their skills and
interests, and sets them up to achieve their lifestyle goals. It keeps with our mission, “completion with
a purpose,” which aims to help students complete their chosen path, and ensure a smooth transition
from education to employment.

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