Enrique Peña Nieto “The Continuation of the Destruction of a Nation”

this video is about the beginnings of
Enrique Pena Nieto he born in 1966 in Atlacomulco, state of Mexico. He is son
of Enrique Peña del Mazo and Maria del Socorro Nieto Sanchez. He has two sisters
Veronica and Ana Cecilia as well as a brother named Arturo. His militancy and
leadership in his party PRI (Institutional Revolutionary Party) were
scarce. In 1981 at 15 He distributed propaganda during the campaign of his
uncle Alfredo del Mazo Gonzalez in 1984 he moved to Mexico City to enroll
to the Pan American University where he studied law he joined the PRI
party in 1988 and was delegated to the 18th General Assembly of the party
in November 2001. In 1999 during the campaign of the then PRI candidate for
the governorship of the state of Mexico Arturo Montiel Rojas, Peña Nieto
served as financial sub-coordinator. Peña Nieto didn’t have a great political
career but he had served as treasurer and administrator of the resources in two
electoral campaigns: that of Emilio Chuayfett in 1993 and that of Arturo
Montiel Rojas in 1999. Arturo Montiel Rojas as governor sent Peña Nieto as
private secretary of his Secretary of Economic Development
Carlos Rello Lara. For the following year, Enrique Peña Nieto , was for a time,
technical secretary of the cabinet. Arturo Montiel
was accused of illicit enrichment for more than six million dollars in various
properties in Mexico France and Spain. in January 2010 a stamped with the
photo and biography of Enrique Peña Nieto began circulating in the
stationeries of the state of Mexico. the monographic synthetisis read: ” he is the
governor best known to Mexicans” that monographic appears along with that of
others characters such as Barack Obama Felipe Calderon and Heriberto Enriquez
author of the lyrics of the Mexican anthem. The stamp prepared by a editorial
Bob was part of the requested school material in public school for students
in 3rd, 4th, 5th, and 6th grade in primary school as well as secondary schools. When
was discovered by the press of putting the biography of Peña Nieto as a school
text, the Secretary of State Education, Alberto Curi Naime, explain that there was
not instruction to the directors or teachers and promised to conduct an
investigation. Peña Nieto added to the observation : ” This biography didn’t
violate the article 134 of the Federal Constitution that prohibits
rulers from promoting their image ” . From Peñita or little Peña to golden boy. He
was part of the group baptized as Golden Boys the young officials of the
Montielist administration who formed a powerful compact group that were
recognized as the “metrosexuals” of Mexican politics they were young,
well-dressed, trained in private universities, pragmatics at
administrative work but conservative and exclusive in their ideology. Among them
was Luis Vedegaray, Secretary of Finance in the two governments. They were
not only metrosexual but the press knew them for being also part of network of
espionage and mutual support to dis place other figures. Carlos Diaz de Leon,
part of the invisible golden, was responsible for that network. Internal
espionage survived the montiel government and one of those responsible
is the government secretary Luis Enrique Miranda Nava. On September 15th, 2005,
Enrique Pena Nieto gave a protest as governor of the state of Mexico. Peña
Nieto already as governor, exempts Arturo Montiel from any responsibility trying
to cover the scandal with an investigation by illicit enrichment of
which he was pointed out. Then came the case of the death of his
wife Monica Pretenili that appears in January 2007 under harsh circumstances
that pointed to the responsibility of Peña Nieto for not leading her to
be treated immediately for a seizure of epileptic origin.Despite of being the
Mexican governor it took a long time to attend, they first took her to the
medical center of the Social Security Institute of the state of Mexico and
Municipalities( Issemym) located in Metepec and hours later by
land in an ambulance to the ABC hospital in Mexico City where she died. The case
of Atenco is a state of Mexico County would come later, in May 2007. Peña Nieto
showed him coming down hard and police entered to resolve a social conflict
generated by the government of Vicente Fox with the project to build the new
Airport on community lands of this town. The repression resulted in the arrest of
207 people, 146 arbitrary detentions, the expulsion of five foreigners and
complaints against police elements for sexual abuse and rape to 26 women. Later
that will be the case of Paulette Guevara Farah the four-year-old girl who
disappeared on March 22 year 2010 in Interlomas a high-level suburb and
whose body was found 10 days later in the blankets of her bed. The
investigation was so badly done that Peña Nieto and his justice team Alfredo
Castillo and Alberto Bazbaz Sacal were accused of hiding the real perpetrators
of the girl´s dead who were in the Mexican government. Feminicides showed
another dark facet of the Peñist government at the end of his period.
Despite the high incidence of murders of women almost 1,000 from 2005 to 2010 the
requests of social gender alert organizations in the Mexican territory
was rejected in 2011 at the meeting of the National system to prevent, punish
and eradicate the violence against women, as the PRI governments supported the
argument of the Mexican state Council of women and social welfare that it was a
strategy to affect the image of Enrique Peña Nieto governor of the state
in view of federal Mexican elections in 2012. I wanted to add that killed women
were treated as Road meat and understood only are disposable objects by their
murderers 53 of the bodies were abandoned in empty houses or hotels
throwing in wastelands Black water channels or simple left in the street. Luck,
Providence and genealogy helped the rise of Enrique Pela Nieto
the fifth Mexican governor who was born in Atlacomulco a county of the
state of Mexico Peña Nieto became known for his relationship with the actress
Angelica Rivera la Gaviota or in English Seagull and for his unmistakable combed
hair with a pompadour that generated 44.7% of positive opinion.
And from their will began the Calvary for the Mexicans.
It became an undoubted success of branding or branding positioning as
marketers call it with a career of less than 12 years in administrative
positions, he began to be known by ninety two point percent of Mexicans. Peña Nieto
from whom few remember in any specific policy or initiative at the national
level became more familiar with the media propaganda that was made to him.
The Obscurity of this character could not end in his term in the state of Mexico
but could be the preamble to the misfortunes that could come after Mexico
in order to the misinformation of Mexicans and a strong propaganda carried
out by the media.

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