Environmental Education in Action | Conservation International (CI) and TEAM Network

The team network has helped me teach what is biodiversity It’s the concept a lot of kids will say, “Why is biodiversity important to me? What’s the big deal about what happens in a rainforest halfway around the world?” So the TEAM, which stands for Tropical Ecology Assessment & Monitoring Network, has these locations around the world where they set up these camera traps to collect data on biodiversity. The great thing about the TEAM portal is those images from the camera traps. Those are just awesome. It’s real data. It’s real valuable to show that to the students. These are real pictures of animals that live in these countries. The kids love animals, and so, when they see these animals and how awesome and beautiful they are automatically they’re drawn to it. And they’re gonna remember, “Oh, this is what biodiversity is.” And having that as the starting point and then building my lesson around that It made it a lot easier With any lesson I find from the TEAM Portal, I do change it for my AP kids to make it more relevant to what I’m teaching. So, I recommend any teachers to use the education portal for TEAM, that they consider their students and how they can most benefit from it. So, for today’s lesson with the endangered species poster, I incorporated writing and reading, and, with the reading, I just took the paper from the TEAM portal and wrote my own questions to it. It kinda made my lesson a little bit more interesting to have the article, and the video clip, and the lecture and the poster. So it just made it a well-rounded lesson. They love any time they can work together in groups, so having them do pair work with the posters is always more fun then doing it alone. The kids enjoy learning about biodiversity. I get a lot of positive feedback from the kids. I mean, they remember this stuff. It doesn’t just go in one ear and out the other. I think, after doing all these different types of biodiversity lessons, they really get it. The TEAM lessons have really helped me meet my requirements for common core. We’re trying to integrate so many different concepts, not just from biology and chemistry and physics. It’s everything tied together, so using these TEAM lessons I can incorporate not just different subject areas, but I can also take my regular science lesson and show that biodiversity isn’t just important in environmental science. It is biology. It is chemistry. It is also going to include physics and geocience, too. So it’s very broad and that’s what I really enjoy using those lessons for.

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  1. Lorral Whaley says:

    This is cool! Would've been nice if my science teachers back in high school taught lessons with this program. With teens today, it seems like the best way for them to be interested in learning is through visualization. Today, technology is the gateway for kids to grasp and learn. When a subject in school is hands on, they will want to learn, remember, interact and enjoy the experience. It will make learning fun and cool. So this is awesome! Great idea!

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