Feeling at Home in School

Coming from a low-income Hispanic family and also being first-generation, it was a hard step to make in my life but I knew that it was necessary in order to get where I want to be later on in the future. So, my parents gave me the extra push to be like ‘You need to come here, this is where you need to be’ and like I really appreciate it. No one’s going to tell you that it’s too late, you need to go to sleep or that they’re going to that dinner is ready just kind of go as you want to go. And, just having to feel your own needs three years earlier than some kids, it’s really a big adjustment. Originally, I was a student ambassador and I really like that because I was kind of like helping with Hispanic families for students who were coming into the junior class feel a little bit more comfortable. I don’t know I just kind of want to make sure that kids from rural areas also, not just Hispanic families, knew that it would be okay being in these classes that are suited for you and right now I hope the residents on my hall get acclimated to the school, know more about Durham itself, learn how to like order food, take Ubers, get a city bus, different things that like I had to learn last year especially coming from rural areas. I feel in my strong opinion that it will be worth it at the end I feel like this is the perfect school in a sense to prepare you for a higher education in college and I feel as if although you’re not going to be the perfect student that you were back at home, you’re gonna grow a lot and you’re going to learn a lot and it’s not an easy decision or a path to take I really do feel that in the end it will be worth it.

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