Finland’s Formula for School Success (Education Everywhere Series)

>>Pasi: If you look at the
15-year-olds, or 16-year-old Fins who are leaving the basic
school, most of them have been in special education
throughout their schooling. Which means that special education
is actually nothing special. So it’s you are a special child
or student if you haven’t been, if you haven’t ever
used special services.>>Pasi: We are putting a lot of
emphasis on the early detection of any difficulties and problems that
the students in our schools may have. And this is a very different
policy to many other countries where these measures are designed in
a way that they are implemented only when the problems have
emerged and are too visible. But we don’t’ think
like this in Finland. I think we believe in this early
intervention to make sure that those who are likely to be in trouble
will be recognized early, and provided help and support
as quickly as possible.>>Olli: We as subject teachers
cooperate with the special teacher in cases where we see that an individual student has
problems with their studies. It might be problems with
concentrating on a theme. It might be reading and
listening difficulties, especially in languages and math. What we do is that we
contact the special teacher at the very early moment. We call it the first intervention. We talk with the special teacher,
and try to arrange a time that she or he could be able to come and
join me as a subject teacher to my classroom, and then
focus on the problem.>>Olli: The special teacher is
available for a couple of hours. And then she picks the
student to a separate classroom and helps him or her there. And we also make an
individual learning plan for that individual student. And by taking these
measures, we try to guarantee that no one is lagging behind.>>Olli: The student welfare
team gathers on a weekly basis, and subject teachers inform
the group with different cases. They might be bullying, they
might be skipping classes, they might be learning difficulties, it might behavioral
problems, all kinds of things.>>Olli: And then these individual
problems are dealt with case-by-case in this weekly meeting that
every school in Finland has.>>Merja: Well, a student welfare
group deals with any kinds of problems that we see in a school
having to do with problems at home or at learning disabilities,
multi-cultural problems. The main value of our student
welfare group is to interrupt as soon as possible, problems involved.>>Pasi: With this policy, we are
trying to really make it easy for everybody to say, “Yes, I have
some areas where I need help now. Is there anybody who can help?” rather than trying
to hide these things. And in many cases, when you do this
in the later years they will come and accumulate even
more difficult problems. So I think with this, we have been
able to positively affect both the- the equity of the system, and
also the quality of the system.

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92 Responses

  1. TheJamesrocket says:


  2. mitchlund1 says:

    I agree with early intervention. It helps children to cope with thier challenges early before they become a disability. Wish our school system in America would take this approach.

  3. reptilia5 says:

    While doing my research in preparation to begin home educating my son I studied the educational system of Finland in depth and loved what I found out. Education of the whole child. My kudos to the people of Finnland for a wonderful system of education where the child comes first!

  4. Nenebobo says:

    In Africa we don't need Aids, Democracy, Human Right, Freedom, We need this.

  5. Jacqueline Roberts says:

    For thsoe fo you reading rewal-life issues, not everything taht goes on here on Earth is what I wodl dsay right.

  6. Shelagh Wallace says:


  7. ViewSub says:

    merja laine looks like laura linney

  8. Silvius5000 says:

    PORTUGAL,,, learn with Finland.

  9. modus_ponens says:

    I'm from Finnish school and I still think that school sucks.

  10. DemoneaMedia says:

    US School > Finnish School

  11. blognewb says:

    @DemoneaMedia PISA tests prove otherwise. Finland is NUMBER ONE.

  12. whatsgoingon07 says:

    Im from the US inner city public school system and I say

  13. whatsgoingon07 says:

    @DemoneaMedia thats not what the facts say

  14. Danzy1138 says:

    The UK educated system I really curse for being so bad. I've lived in Finland for 2 years and wish I stayed on there.. I really the educational system in Finland.

  15. KwaiChangKaneFTW says:

    Finland's formula of success is to make schools easy. Students can skip classes, can hand in projects late (even months late) , have 3 chances to pass a final, they get guides with example questions AND answers and sometimes even team finals. They are even allowed to bring strippers to the university. (I can prove all of this if I'm given an email, or I can send part of it via private message)

  16. stellabella841 says:

    Not even close. Finland is #1. US is #25. Get your facts straight.

  17. Bruce Deitrick Price says:

    But in the USA every student gets A or B even if they don't know anything. They're promoted. If parents complain, the principal can say, "Look, your kid gets only As and Bs. What could be wrong?"
    Sad. And wrong.

  18. Andrea Folco says:

    i love suomi end i love finnish language…but i'm from italy and the only different way to teach here is..the language….'cause in italy there are special teachers too and free food and the same stuff..!!

  19. J says:

    bullying in schools is worldwide

  20. J says:

    great to hear ppl like our system ;o im telling u if u want to inspire us with this system u need to start from ur school and get the word out

  21. Winston Smith says:

    Compulsory schooling merely gets in the way of growth and learning. Finland is merely doing less of the destructive thing everyone else does.

  22. imstill notusingmyname says:

    You seem to think Compulsory education is a monster you just have to cope with. why? and what benefits your alternative solution would have over the regular one? not trying to troll, i just find your view slightly confusing.

  23. Roman Star says:

    I live in Finland and it is very true that we can't wait till school starts every morning. We really enjoy to be in the classroom and they provide free education, food and even special teachers for those who are disable. It has perfect atmosphere.

  24. Fonseca429 says:

    Tell me more. Why do you like to be in classes? In Portugal, even when the teachers are good, many people dislike be in the classroom. I always thought that finnish education system has some mistery…

  25. fullfist says:

    it took many centuries for Finland to arrive where it is
    i have respect for them. the people forged in ice, no task for weaklings

  26. Radu Andrei says:

    I think you`re confusing centuries with decades, because otherwise you just said the water is wet.

  27. Super Coffee says:

    Paitsi meijän koulun Sakari. Se on mailman "laadukkain" YH ope :DD rasistisia kommentteja kaikkee ja mä sit väittelen sen kaa siellä kuinka väärässä se on XD

  28. Jaakko says:

    The places look familiar. Is this from a school in the city of Kerava?

  29. Sophia Forsskåhl says:

    The thing is, we do not apreciate what we have until we realise how good it is. I remeber not liking school when I was younger, but now that I have matured some I can see how lucky we are in Finland. Back then school meant you didn't have time to do ther things you enjoyed more, but really, compared to other countries, Finnish schools are kind of lax when it comes to how much work we acctualy do, but we still come out of it knowing more than most kids our age in other countries do.

  30. Brian says:

    Problem is that some students refuse to be quiet and administrators don't always help the teacher fix the problem.

  31. Brian says:

    Not sure what area you are in, but this is not true in mine.

  32. Dimitry Zaytsev says:

    Not necessarily. Some nations will never see or need democracy. Education, however, is a necessity that can be enforced without intervention.

  33. Old Sch00l says:

    HAHA this is o awesome! i found this video completely by accident and i see all my teachers in here and my school 😀

  34. psychobollox says:

    PISA tests are unreliable measures.

  35. psychobollox says:

    I'm an educational psychologist. My area is the psychology of special education, including assessment and identification of difficulties, and planning to support the student who has them. I trained in the UK but live and act as a consultant in Finland. The way the Finnish education systenm 'works' is not impressive and has a long way to go to become what Finland wants the world to think it is. My own daughter's case was not handled like this, and hers was not the only one mishandled so badly.

  36. TPVW says:

    Our teachers isnt only teachers, they are our friends too :p

  37. Shailens22 says:

    I think the system is very different here in finland. Here, you go school 9 years without possibility to choose what to study. Well there are few things u can choose, but its very minimal. We also have to learn 3 DIFFERENT LANGUAGES, wich is pain in the a** (especially swedish). And there is no chance u can buy yourself a place in university or anything, it's free, but u have to be well educated to get in one.

  38. St Pauli says:

    the most important thing to educate a child is to make it fun.we all love to be happy and sometimes it's more like punishment to learn.

  39. mauro martinelli says:

    Our society is plaugued by incompetent who studied in old school model.

  40. mauro martinelli says:

    In my country children have these same problems at school. It seems so hard. This video is a little hope.

  41. Riina V says:

    Being educated in Finland really was a huge privilege. I spent long periods of school years in hospital due to health problems, and my school definitely made sure I would not fall behind. All the material was either faxed or e-mailed to the hospital where a teacher would help me. In a country where social exclusion is a real problem, this sort of policy really made a huge difference. Even when special education – not a term I prefer – was needed, it was not made out to be a huge, alien thing.

  42. Alex Reid says:

    Great ideas for success.

  43. Nero TheDemon says:

    Right Man

  44. juon vetta says:

    it was a punishment but i skipped almost all my classes and now im lying on da couch thats cos we finns,not all are superior

  45. Karl Gugulski says:

    Finnish is a crazy language.

  46. Tommi Turmiola says:

    Just thought that i mention this: Today there was a news that on next Pisa -study Finland won't be in Top10 in math. Not sure if our schools have somehow failed or if it is just because others have improved.

    But i think this is quite natural process and proves that you must and can develop your schools.

  47. ibrahim Halidu says:


  48. Keyvan Geula says:

    In my exploration and conversation with experts in schools in US, similar processes is suggested as the best policies to address the challenges of special Education students, with early detection, customized and collaborative approach that will produce the best result.

  49. Mary Helen Garza says:

    We need this in USA

  50. Pootin says:

    So if I get this right, this "special education" is not really a special education. It's just some extra help. We have that in my country as well, we don't call it a special education though. We have extra help for above average and below average students. And it's either before or after class. Those classified as special need kids get even more extra help in form of individual hours.

  51. Quit Work Club says:

    Awesome words of wisdom thank you for sharing!

  52. Terence Dillard says:

    Very appreciating.. This system should also be practiced in USA for better results.

  53. Nyoman Sumantra says:

    Thanks so much for putting the English text in the video because it is very helpful for us to understand all the detail of the video. I am really appreciate this part.

  54. Alex Espinosa says:

    Here in USA schools area about accountability! They need to get the "numbers " to get founds! In others words, students need to pass the standardized test. Not enough students passing in a school, school closedown.

  55. Goran Kukulj says:

    amazing, this will be the most atheist country in the world soon 🙂

  56. RMBQ Establishment says:

    the romans hive in school, no dr peppers in university. the hive is here to stay

  57. Yska Arvihide says:

    I am working towards my thesis on existential intelligence. Why? Because these cosmic smart qualities are needed if we need teachers to know "when to intervene". This cannot be taught in universities and schools if we do not have a place and space for these dialogues. Secular schools are mandating an existential deficiency amongst staff and students, producing a workforce that is starving of "wonderment" qualities.

  58. Daniel S says:

    In Canada special education is basically "easier work" rather than trying to teach them the skills required to be able to learn normally.

    Americans look at Canada is a paradise but we look at the Nordics in the same vein.

  59. Sandra Nelson says:

    What a concept! Getting help to kids who need it, when they need it! Outrageous idea!

  60. JustSomeone Here says:

    These people have beautiful features.

  61. Eoin Cummins says:

    In summary: Early detection of needs and appropriate intervention.

  62. DANKKrish says:

    this can't work upper elementary

  63. Wolfpack Q says:

    I should move to Finland

  64. fr. joe says:

    This is too much digging and interference in child's intimacy

  65. ferhattje says:

    Finland here i come

  66. Somebody Familiar says:

    I wish every country would have that!

  67. LeeAnn Gorne says:

    As a school psychologist in the USA, I have sat in on what Finland calls "student welfare" meetings.  In different states, districts or schools here they are called by fairly similar names and are conducted with similar participants (teachers, parents, psych, counselors, principal, special education consultants, etc.) and talk about similar issues (attention problems, behavior, learning disabilities, etc.) The difference I think that has Finlands education of special needs students in the top of the world ranking in comparison to the USA would be that all the suggested outcomes are actually funded!  I could suggest remediation or pull-in classroom help, or special technology or any a number of things for a student, but nobody EVER had the money to fund anything.  Talented special educators were worked to the brink trying to serve the amount of students that needed help, and special education funds were minimal, and guarded like gold, for only the most severe cases.  It made the whole process a laughing stock, because a general classroom teacher would bring a students case to such a meeting knowing that there would be no funding for a reasonable accommodation or outcome for that student.  Thats what I perceive the difference being.

  68. Kelas Ramah says:
    I will teach like Finland! 👍

  69. Harsh Vardhan says:

    We need this system in INDIA too.

  70. Joven Agustin says:

    UK needs this

  71. sultan haider says:

    I really love the best educational system for the children because the best gift to children nothing expect education
    This because of best way teachs

  72. Aleksander Kedra says:

    High Five Finland! You are doing it really, really well.

  73. Per Saukko says:

    For starters. there are no private Schools. here, no matter rich or poor. you can get the same education.

  74. Rutvik Pachkawade says:

    I hope that India will implement it.

  75. Shahzad Shahzad says:

    Pakistan also need this system because here teachers treat a student like a "parrot" their is only cramming

  76. ★_Vizualize_★ says:

    We need this here in the UK

  77. Ansh Bhai says:

    Can India do this 😢😢😢

  78. Navdeep Singh Chouhan says:

    We need this education system in india sooner

  79. Sajad Ali says:

    We Pakistani/Indian or sub-continent's students are getting education in very disastrous situation. I really appreciate the education system in Finland, New Zealand and Canada. and i hope that system will prevail too in our society.

  80. Lemòre Ly says:

    We need this in Philippines

  81. VAIBHAV GARG says:

    The system is great.

  82. violet says:

    This is too great

  83. Sahil Gupta says:

    It makes me feel extremely sad and pitiful when I reflect on the education India has provided me, especially upto high school days. And to think that the same fate is being passed on to my younger brothers and sisters, gosh! Everything is done and aimed at just scoring marks in the huge number of standardised tests for which students need to appear. There is zero learning here.

  84. hFlorence Kanorio says:

    We need this in Kenya

  85. Jeena Thapa says:

    Nepalese lets strike for this system to be included in Nepal too

  86. Jeena Thapa says:

    We need this system in Nepal tooo

  87. Armi Shane Suicon says:

    I hope we have the same here in Philippines like you have.

  88. Damam Prasetyo says:

    We need Indonesian adopted study like finland

  89. Reyhan Gunes says:

    Economy, policies taken on education and the population has its roles on these. Every child has given equal quality of education. There is no public and state school difference. Schools are high quality and focused on development of the students, not compete them……

  90. Ezekiel James says:

    we need this in Antigua.

  91. Tri Dinh Huu says:

    Dream school

  92. faliha mahat says:

    I just loved it!!! We need this system in India as well. Early intervention is actually a great help for the children. It is rightly said that, early intervention helps the children to cope up with their challenges early before they become a disability😊. In our school we are working in large class system😔. Teacher/pupil ratio is 1:35 where we hardly get enough time to focus on children with challenges. Sometimes I regret myself for being unfair with those children due to shortage of time. I really wish my school would accept this approach and hire a special education teacher in coming years! 😊

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