Former Vice Lord Sets Kids Straight

[Music] [Music] do you like one of this cool not that much my name is canteen hi t I’m in eighth grade I’m here because I was fighting I had a teacher mrs. Johnson how do you think I’m doing the your class you don’t will he’s doing well are you close to getting out of here yes now his former life he was a flight slow and I’m gonna let him tell you about that let’s give a round of applause for Coach Brown my nickname was shotgun you wouldn’t even believe the things out of bed through I’ve been shot kidnapped all my life I want to be a gang chief once I got to the top my friends started dying around me you could prevent yourself from going through all of that right now you can change your man right now it’s up to y’all y’all are our future I’m dare show mule here it’s a video I’m gonna get seven to disguise it so why do you put vice loading in here advice a little one well I be it just say you catch some cats out there drunk smoking drinking and see you see that in your here make easy target for yourself tell you man when I was 13 I swear to God I had this same haircut so it’s like automatically man when I look at you I’m just looking at myself again [Music] the risk of having life so whether you’re here don’t do number tag you and two letters can do a lot to you two letters can hurt you VL it’s cold out here I could tell you to like it right but you understand why though why we why we did that right this the corner I almost died for I got a story to tell you about every corner over here and they are all here something to do with somebody getting hurt so how it was you when you first went out on the streets like eight eight years old so how you get into that just always suddenly right at the school mmm-hmm all making like 500 400 e I mama when I’m on the seat it’s using the hospital what you do with the money yes we spend like food clothes you know your mother she really care about you and you’re out here on these streets you letting her down and also you’re hurting a heart this video is for the bladder Indy and I take another medicine is for the lupus I know you got a phone call from school about chianti haircut and what we’ve seen this look and Ciotti is here and it looked like a gang Sam so we called Eric up there and daresay yes he confirmed it Oh Derek is to be a part of their game he needs some kind of support that I don’t know that I don’t think I can give swim like I tell him to do something why knock you out that chair Ashley will hit you why you in your wheelchair he don’t have respect for me as his mother he ever got busted with drugs that you know he just been lucky that just sit that’s Fabro anyone see of him well if you’re not down there he worked inside to stay with me I was wondering with you see another if we do to help the whole police station knows me because I don’t call him me that X amount of missing person reports I can go in the bathroom and come out and he disappears this walks right out the door and I do it do it effect your mother so he pulled a knife on him he told he was gonna kill him so he’s playing fear and his problem scared Derek Brown used to be a former gang chief had been mentoring kids using the boxing program called Boston on negativity you don’t have no problem with kiante being the program do you know right summed up right you too sloppy do it again getting your gloves put his lip with gloves on are you putting on gloves you got to make sure your pants is up to that’s the first thing can’t fight with no pants down you’re behind this your jab left hand go and you got some power you right-handed let me see this boy gas on power on him I like you what give me that job again now all I got to do is show how to generate it the right way you hurt somebody man jab jab Zam so put your hands up you already right want to want to well y’all hit like bricks man y’all did hardest-hitting kids they said y’all fight a lot but why fight for free when you can get paid for it right so y’all gonna come to the practice y’all gonna practice with us I believe I was put here to help y’all that’s why I met money for your that’s why you see me coming through there talking I wanna see y’all ended up like the way I came up I was a vice Lord at the age of 13 yo age I was in the juvenile detention center that was just the beginning go out there on the streets actually my dude shotgun is anybody know me everybody out here know me I know your daddy too your daddy was a good dude but guess what that’s your daddy like to do you liked it to shoot them guns all let’s got some same stories what’s your uncle name what’s your uncle night what’s your uncle night oh I know your whole family but every last one no boys shotguns every last one of them but wedding it right now your daddy in jail doing time right now do some positive you know a lot of people wait till it’s too late maybe this is God we’re showing y’all he goes something right here man take advantage of it their fathers out on the streets in jail and it’s typical it’s something normal they got the holy city on the side of this well I gotta take a picture of spending Rio would you say the odds are probably against these kids the odds against them is to waste jail or Dean jail today that’s being honest [Music] what’s dr. charlatan what does mr. Roxon to pay now or pay later you don’t let us train these kids you won’t spend much more money on them in jail

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100 Responses

  1. VICE News says:

    Last Chance High takes viewers inside Montefiore's classrooms, and into the homes of students who are one mistake away from being locked up or committed to a mental hospital.

  2. Connie Marie says:

    Instead of "vl" being in his head, he has it tatted on his cheek now. His facebook is "Spark Allat". 😭

  3. XGBS4L says:

    The skinny one type look like young pappy

  4. Darryl Smith says:

    Dance 101 to teush music 102 tax well spent

  5. Merkz Eightyfirst says:

    The kid dancing must be from out west 😂😂💀💀

  6. FatMudCherry says:


  7. Babybankroll Juice says:

    Yeah sup lord

  8. Brandon Sutton says:

    That dance in the beginning was so cringe.

  9. Money Flow says:

    Lmao 😂 at big boy dancing at the beginning

  10. Money Flow says:

    1:44 👀👉🏾😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  11. Jonathan Christophe Bruneau says:

    Black people

  12. Ray O says:

    They babies still. . . Hope these lil men hit that ring with ole boy. That's showing love in the hood

  13. Jonathan Stafford says:

    This is awesome the only way is positivity

  14. Tooky Sav’O says:

    Boy in the beginning look like he stink

  15. justin lee says:

    The boy gets pushed😂😂

  16. Jakegonzalez420 says:

    This song is dog shit asf I’m dropping vice lord

  17. Bcf Phil says:

    Dance moves are horrible

  18. Randy M says:

    What Is That 😂

  19. Barbi says:

    Doesn’t respect his mother… again absolutely no father anywhere in his life to bust that ass….
    Now birth control is no hidden secret… it has been around for a long time…. are ya stupid or too lazy to protect yourself from this happening to you …
    It has to be one or the other… LAZY OR STUPID!
    These women know who they are bedding down with… they know these men “ lol right “
    Are lazy ass garbage… they knew it when Prince Charming road up on his bicycle 🚲 at twelve o’clock at night bringing her a nasty junior whopper…. These women know…. The sorry guys they are sleeping with… They know these animals are not going to be around to help raise these poor innocent babies into good honest men and women!!! Now fool me once.. we all are stupid and young at one point in life… But these women having 2..3…4 or more children by these parasites 🦠 You are setting your children up for a life of Hell on earth!!! And to cry 😢 Ohhh my boy is hateful.. my boy is mean to his siblings….
    Of course… you dumb ass … you set that kid up for this exact lifestyle!!! Once again kids paying the price for an absentee father AND a woman more than happy to keep making babies for the system.

  20. cZero says:

    How primitive, using YouTube to listen to music

  21. Frerico Davis says:

    0:16 when yo mom ask u what you want on her way home and u just smoked

  22. ntr DVNEB says:

    The problem are teachers allowing this fukery listening in class 😂

  23. C M says:

    You couldn't pay me enough to teach at that school

  24. D e p r e s s e d E d i t z says:

    That boi at the beginning can’t dance

  25. Traneice Proctor says:

    My mother also has lupus just

  26. GSF FOR LIFE says:

    What is this?

  27. Alex Doge says:

    i thought this is a joke about the executives of Vice News calling themselves Vice Lords

  28. Yolo Swaggins says:

    4:32 Big pharma making a cameo in this series too

  29. Floid Davis says:

    0:37 I see cool math well man have some fun time while you have it 2020

  30. DoggoBrosVEVO says:

    Damn this from 2014 and the pc at my school are the same

  31. Sherman Asbury says:

    What kills me US white people get the blame when it's your own people teaching their kids to act this way! Look how bad they act in Africa do you really expect a difference? Lol these idiots won't learn. Act with class real gangster where suits not you ass hanging out or tight ass jeans lmfao

  32. ItzSlimjim - says:

    6:20 holy forehead

  33. Jason Lopez says:

    What's the song name at the beginning?

  34. Dr pump says:

    The way he looked into the camera at 0:05

  35. ッvBuildZ says:

    like this if them dancing was corney😂

  36. T Jones says:

    I just got a hookup from a hacker did the cashapp glitch and got 2500 for 150 in 10 minutes y'all better get yours message him no BS 4406796323 he raw

  37. Magic Kidd says:

    They dont know how to shoot or dab cause them dance moves crookit

  38. Midwest Mello says:

    They was not hearing him at all smh

  39. S P says:

    This is so sad…these poor kids. Kids mimic what they grow up around. How can they stand a chance.

  40. maksim lukjan says:

    Followers, shit music and dance.

  41. im am Giuseppe says:

    3 years later we learn it was actually a waste…these boys were too old to be changed….pa the one with a broken tooth is in a real gang right now

  42. Mister Keyes says:

    1:43 what do his parents look like?

  43. Bill_nye_the Ruski_spy says:

    Wait, they were gay?

  44. Shakira Aoji says:

    Dennis Cutty from the Wire

  45. 700t says:


  46. Danny Snell says:

    What kinda shit music was that kid listening to

  47. Jada By-FUN says:

    I can’t be the only one who thinks those boys are hecka fine lol

  48. YSW_Tyler 99 says:


  49. rc destroyer says:

    Those kids could make a living if they keep dancing like that and don't get into gangs and drifs

  50. keegy0123 says:

    Idk about you guys but as the kid said, he was making 400-500 a day on the streets at 8. To a kid that’s never seen a lot of money, of course you’re gonna wanna do that. Problem #1

  51. Iziah Hook's says:

    True dat man.


    The teacher isn't saying ahit

  53. Luis G says:

    why he throwing up rakes if he got VL on him

  54. TwitchtvTrigun52 says:

    smh this nikka shaved the VL off the side of his head and this dumb fool went and got VL tatted on the side of his face..lost cause

  55. Jeremiah Carrillo says:

    kid on the ipad playing subway surfers

  56. Bid Mike says:

    I’m sorry but a 1:44 i was cryin 😂😭😭😭😂 no cap😂😭

  57. logan Eggleston says:

    Ugly ass broke chiraq

  58. GŁØ_ ANI says:

    I always find my way coming back to this video💯

  59. Peter Rossie says:

    "Vice lord" does that mean he a vice fag?

  60. Valincia Pruitt says:

    "I hit a teacher." That would have been my last day on earth because, my parent's would have killed me!! Anyway great show here!!!

  61. LightBulb Man says:

    For anyone wondering, the song in the beginning is called flee by the guys

  62. UN Yikes says:

    0:15 when mom says you a handsome man

  63. Ethan Bonilla issa GOD says:

    The beginning was the most cringe I’ve ever seen

  64. LIZON07 says:

    The kid almost cried when he got his hair cuted

  65. heavyonda9oh says:


  66. pernada boriusz says:

    I know ya whole family😂

  67. DutchLewis363 aka LIFE says:

    Growth n Development ✡✡✡ #BetterCommunitiesnFamilies #UnitedInPeace This Video RiGhteous #PML

  68. dd denger dora says:

    2:47 I know that feeling lol

  69. Hi Zoom says:

    Vice lord killa SGD crazy 👑🔫🔱💙😇🔫🐰🔫👑⤵️ ebk shorty SGD love or no love from 16n Victoria North Chicago come through let me treat yuh🔱💙👑⤵️

  70. 1775 Tun Tavern says:

    Born and raised in Chicago and I try to tell people all the time who are not from their who call themselves being from areas that have games there are some areas that are legit with that truly but a lot of the games throughout the country have branched off from cities like Chicago and LA etc etc the gang life has touched the youth since I was a little kid in the seventies there's no way to avoid it the only way to come out of it is to leave that city that is the only way to do it if you stay in that City it will be much harder to leave the game culture if that's what you want to do it's doable and it's possible but it would be much harder if you stay in those environments because the entire city is infested with gangbanging these are facts

  71. Hxss says:

    Me when I get a win in Fortnite 1:00

  72. Mr. My girl left me says:

    See bruh dese lil ass kids wantin to be in gangs even doe im already in one i been shot i aint finna front dat shit do hurt i had to be jumped to be in da gang

  73. Ernest Chavez says:

    Nigga the first part is gay asf

  74. Robert F12 says:

    Anyone else get flashbacks at the beginning?

  75. Alfredo Herrera says:


  76. Rick Vega says:

    Damn kids having a stroke somebody call the paramedics

  77. Isaiah Walsh says:

    6:10 this is so sad

  78. BREEZE says:

    damn these niggas 69ing on da kid

  79. toxic _19 says:

    Who else saw 2 people that were abt to get down

  80. ItzJustFaith says:

    Send them to beyond scared straight sort them out

  81. women with huge genitals says:

    5:45 wtf

  82. 10cell says:

    2019 ???? Also wonder what they doing now

  83. NBA Young boy says:


  84. Famous Nena says:

    I used to think keontay was fine asf when I was younger 💀💀💀💀🤷🏽‍♀️

  85. Dajour Pfeifer says:

    On gdn I would have smacked bro ass if I seen dat shit in his head

  86. yep nope says:

    rip cortez got locked up

  87. Risky Bros Tv says:

    I see what dey doing🤷🏾‍♂️but wit dey attitudes all dey doing is making dem better at being bad😂like let me teach dis vice lord how to fight💯🤦🏾‍♂️

  88. Ahseem Carter says:

    Pyou could've put cringe warning

  89. Amber Rodríguez says:


  90. Saige Turberville says:

    I was waiting for a more hardcore story than I been shot I been kidnapped……. and?????

  91. D Prime says:

    Nigga know he didn’t wanna get tht haircut

  92. Mr. cumy says:

    Who else randomly got this?

  93. EL Dinamita says:

    2:44 ahh the face tells me alot

  94. Migo STX says:

    These kids wanna act hard. But cry like a baby when they cut his hair.

  95. RSVP.Oscar says:

    6:28 “boxing out niggativity”

  96. Jaskson Moore says:


  97. Sarah Snow says:

    Don't even lie they was killing it in the beginning

  98. why you always lien says:

    Keontay Highties Facebook is : SparkAllat

    He is still in gangs, and now has face tats and a daughter. You welcome

  99. AKA_ _SLIM says:

    Fun Fact: Vice Lords were created to help the community

  100. Phizz YT says:

    That kids dancing sucks

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