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last week we talked about two stories
they’re gonna come together and student video de four e today we talked about
ways to do what i notice you get a full sail university for review game design
degree we auction also talked about open culture dot org which has a number of
links to free online courses well we’ve got another video by artists
who want to talk about for the connection between those two things there is another website lycopene
culture called education portal website is terribly difficult period education national dot com if you go to
top right corner uh… academy com plot armament coach three online courses there are on the courses for general
energy for arm like bachelors masters predicted that the other potential but
what do you want to talk about and that was that there are also some video game
design courses they’re available online and what he was
dealing with you want to give advice to dish on the city was asking about um… uh… full say last week and what he was saying was that one
thing you can do uh… e exam is really the best idea to
try to replace university education with these free online courses because
employers and wanted to create some point bidding so save yourself a lot of time
and money by taking some of the gen eds available
free online and testing out of them once you get into schools i think that you
could possibly save a lot of time and money university
allows that whereas the negative uh… to for title as you’re going to do is but if it saves
you our sins of dollars and maybe a semester off your college education i think that that’s probably worth it

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37 Responses

  1. bballsniper says:

    good good, ty for asking and u?

  2. Scott F says:

    excellant thanks 🙂

  3. Dinah Jacobs says:

    Geez you libs are always looking for something for nothing. Your search for handouts and entitlements knows no bounds.

  4. charlienap94 says:

    John! I just went to check out these sites and just fyi, openculture [dot] org should be openculture [dot] com. openculture [dot] org brought me to a 404 page in Italian lol, otherwise great job on the video you guys!

  5. Minato Arisato says:

    Free education. Only an idiot would complain about that.

  6. Dinah Jacobs says:

    Nothing is free. Someone is paying for it. Likely the taxpayer. No doubt big gov is behind this.

  7. ThinkTank says:

    I changed the link in the description. Thanks – John

  8. Minato Arisato says:

    Well then why are you here? Nothing is free. Not even your youtube account. Someone is paying for it. Likely the taxpayer -_- This website, like youtube, google, and facebook, is FREE TO THE PUBLIC. They make their money from the daily count of people who visit their page and from the advertisements. The fact that I would even need to explain something as obvious as that is moronic.

  9. Minato Arisato says:

    John, it says you earn real college credit for the online courses. I don't understand that part. Are these college credits legit? Does this mean you can earn a degree through a free online college? Or that these credits could transfer over to an actual college? I'm confused

  10. zepps88 says:

    you are a moron

  11. Minato Arisato says:

    oh I see. Thank you very much for the help 🙂

  12. Zuriki says:

    You guys should link to the full user video so we can hear the whole thing instead of just what you selectively cut.

  13. ThinkTank says:

    The full videos don't exist anywhere online. They're sent in directly to us. – John

  14. Zuriki says:

    Then upload them as an unlisted video on YouTube. 🙂

  15. IAmTheAttack2 says:

    I feel as though Kim doesn't contribute much lately…

  16. ArtypNk says:

    Free college courses… In america? Hmmm… Somehow I think this might end with you loosing your bank data at some point.

  17. MarcLloydz says:

    So its not free?

  18. ptitcka says:

    I really really appreciate these videos you put! They help me know what's out there, faster than I normally would. It would also be great if you had the hyperlinks to these sites you talk about. Just like you do with your twitter links in the description of each video. Thanks for all the help, and insight!

  19. Suiram82 says:

    Kids these days have it way to easy education wise. We actually had to find out stuff ourselves through reading about it, now you just have to know how to google the subject and watch the video.

  20. gtfkiller says:

    LOVE U KIM!!

  21. Gangularis says:

    Cool. Show us the full uncut video, then. 😛

  22. hamdustan says: is also another great free online course directory from top universities in North America and Europe. Some of them even offer certificates upon course completion.

  23. Peter Alberto says:

    "Most free courses don't lead to college credit. Education Portal Academy's free courses do" from the website. Looks like, provided your school offers exchange credits, (my university requires pre-approval to exchange with receive course credits), you can get full and real degrees

  24. Tom Hendricks says:

    Here's one solution – a wiki-college, free online college courses for everyone in the world? It can be with or without a final test (perhaps for a fair fee paid to the professor who posts the class videos, as a way for him to recoup for posting his course online).

  25. Tom Hendricks says:

    What's sad is that we have to sit through an ad to see this – why the corporate gatekeeper on every video?

  26. Theo M. says:

    If Dinah isn't a troll…my rating of humanity just dropped two points…

  27. Brandon says:

    @tytuniversity This is interesting but… if you take a college-level course for free, for real credit, and at your leisure, then why doesn't EVERYBODY do this. I know you can't answer for everybody.But if you, John, were a 17 year old high school senior again, would you have taken these classes? What about Kim? What about Ana? What about everyone in the studio?

  28. Minato Arisato says:

    Sadly, there are people who really think like that.

  29. Adeleke Eko says:

    How will that save you money? Do courses offered give college credit?

  30. AerocK says:

    General feedback: I have been listening to a playlist on you channel of some of you videos. I understand you put the most current video first however there are several videos that are related and the 2nd part plays first. It would be nice to reorder any videos that are continuations so the first video made plays first.

  31. Mark Williams says:

    Awesome! I'm checking out the language courses right now 🙂

  32. OtherAnimal says:

    Most of the exit exams are only for introduction courses. For math, I was allowed to test out of Liberal Arts Math through College Algebra. For chemistry, I was only allowed to test out of General Chemistry. So even though I had the expertise, I wasn't allowed to test out of Calculus I For Engineers, Organic Chemistry, etc. It's really fucking irritating how arbitrary the collegiate standards are.

  33. ThePinkHeel says:

    Yrt the so-called right is the one pocketing large handouts… from who? The 'big government' they love when it suits them!

  34. InModiasWeTrust says:

    Where is Ana? Did I miss an announcement or something?

  35. Jacqueline says:

    I heard she's in Washington, D.C. right now.

  36. says:

    it was worth spending so much time to search

  37. Chris Dunn says:

    Kim is so beautiful!!!!

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