FRONTLINE | A Subprime Education | PBS

– [Narrator] Next time on Frontline – [Male Newscaster] Corinthian Colleges shut down all of its remaining… – [Female Newscaster] Learned
their for-profit colleges are suddenly closed. – [Narrator] Allegations of
fraud and predatory behavior at for-profit colleges. – It’s the federal government that is being duped into subsidizing loans and education that are worthless. – [Narrator] Frontline
investigates the rise and fall of this once booming industry. – Where were the regulators? What did they know, and when
should they have known it? – [Narrator] A Subprime Education. Watch online or on air,
beginning September 13th.

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  1. ChicagoTurtle1 says:

    Privatization of education.

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