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Hello it’s Dan Stevens, Frontline Community
Protection Limited. I’m in transit back from Birmingham having
just met a client and looked at arranging Lone Worker and Personal Safety training for their organisation. Interestingly many providers and training
organisation that is, are providing quite generic courses and obviously there are overall
principles around planning, risk management, communication within staff teams and practical
advice around maintaining safety when people are going about their work, lone working or
working in a fixed location. In this instance what was particularly interesting
was the client made a distinction between some of their workers. If, for example, you are offering a very specific
advice service or advocacy service where you have a very specific role with a beginning
and an end, you see the client,complete your task and the client then goes off. That’s very different to an ongoing staff
relationship. Some of the workers are supporting and caring
for people for months if not years at a time. And there is a recognition that within that, where
you have a long-term relationship as opposed to a short-term fixed, task based relationship
there a lot more training required around insights into managing those, and maintaining
professional working relationships and boundaries, managing client expectations so that unhealthy
relationships do not develop within that dynamic. This is particularly relevant where people
are working with multiple staff with high needs, vulnerable, risky clients where those
boundaries can become blurred. There can be differences of approach within
a team. So, we are looking at putting together bespoke
training based on sound principles but with a specific service users and services themselves in mind. We are going to be doing lots more of these
short video blogs in reference to training, in reference to items in the news, anything
really relevant to education, health, care, and support services, and general customer
services experiences around managing violence and aggression. Frontline Community Protection offer Physical
Intervention training with breakaway up to full restraint BTEC Level 2 accredited courses. We also offer BTEC level 2 accredited courses in Conflict
Resolution. That is in order to manage difficult and challenging
service users and customers. Please check out our website on w-w-w

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