Frontline Episode One

hello there good morning and welcome to your brand new from playing i am will be our you lou about uh…
been with the on this form for a long time that i must tell you i’m glad that we
are back and from here every sunday ideal evelyn in the morning will be taking you wherever the news eighties manan again useful bureau you know i’m
today uh… full costs will be on v shown twenty twenty twenty is the reality is either meet he’s either fraud we are going to find out this morning and will also be giving you updates of what is happening orinda states where we are waiting for the results on
the election that took place today also on the program for my many style the federal capital
territory my alarm naseer atropine will be commenting on
some national issues and what happened when he was minister of the f_ city when it was a charge of the bpc and are those and to be going into new york where our
special correspondent well they’re telling us respective shuns albee americans as they’d call into the
elections and wanted to bits will look like in this comin week but the start of our program i have into studio at very special nigerian them and that that’s played so many roles in nigeria’s development
he used to be the depicted governor of the central bank he was also the pioneer director general
off what we needed then as that technical committee on privatization and commercialization he was also f_-four minister of finance but today by the grace of god his day minister of national planning vice chairman of the national planning
commission and member of the federal executive
council and member of the uh… economic team and their peace also will be samantha of the steering committee or be shown twenty twenty my guest is docked off so im studyin postman or if i’ve and audible minister welcome to our program europe is my great pleasure to be here well before we go there deep into our discussion we’ll take a little prologue where my
colleagues have tried to articulate the history of our national plot plan in
a divorce so we’ll take a prologue on the program for this morning since the nineteen forty c will include
your muscles came up with the development pool nigeria with this kind of shinde
ten year plan of development and will fit for nigeria subsequent paused
independent administrations have come up with one development plan ordered ad picked up a bill a government came up
with the first national development plan which was the span from nineteen fifty
two to nineteen sixty eight or that my consistencies cool and attendance of all alts call to decline which focus and leaned a solid
foundation for the country’s economy growth after the civil war in nineteen
seventy pitcher number one government which was grappling with these because
usually agenda bottled water cold the second national development blog from
nineteen seventy to nineteen seventy five this black which runs four calls focused
on the reconstruction of the wall bar for the economy and your promotion
economic and social development of a new nigeria these people so the construction
of many federal rules and establishment of the n_y_s_e_ with this immense absence of the second
develop implement durable wanting to give the fed nasha development blog even
among conference with the bugle beginnings of the second development
plan bank recently countries that couple income unemployment reduction devastate cation
economy engage in a sea shipment economic activities however this month
on twenty one different was dead on arrival as some of the pool in nineteen
seventy five torpedoed ease implementation they should run a government which came
to power in nineteen seventy-nine reviews for the
quarter of planning when he came up with these all development agenda which began
in nineteen data when i was expected to announce in nineteen fifty five sugary
staying was established his holidays for the
long-term economic and social development of nigeria but unfortunately
cool both nineteen it’d to be ended jenny operably in nineteen eighty eight at the bundy
ddouglas tristen decided to go with a short imply with the introduction of one-year
economic emergency problems torture or adjustment program szabo politically
aimed at making the economy confrontation before any meaningful
climbing could be me it split up in nineteen into nine would have faced
national development plan the three-year would imply neglecting its ninth
nineteen ninety and nineteen may two y went about a government mounted inside a
introduce a vision to entertain which also was eight improving the
country economically urges independence of only increasing g_d_p_ reducing
unemployment green democracy fighting corruption amongst others after the
death of general abacha dentist lonnie because
government adopted vichy but when he left government in nineteen
ninety nine not much was realized much of a ten schools publication the second
coming up a boson joy in nineteen ninety nine sorted about ties be should fell
was unveiled on a ton of feed of september two thousand nine no
hesitation twenty twenty twenty with an ambitious long-term development goal
designs to propel the country to deleted twelve twenty eight companies of the
ward by the year twenty twenty it had too broad objectives to make efficient
use of human and natural resources quite you’ve rapid economic growth entrance
leading economic growth came to an acquittal social development for or
citizens is decent statement said and by twenty twenty nigeria where problem
large strong diversified sauce to nibble and competative economy effectively and sees it all in san energies of these
people responsibilities towards these natural endowments to grant a high
standard of living and quality of life that these citizens these specific targets of the shin
twenty two nineteen pm g_d_p_ of not less than nine hundred billion dollars
national pickup so income not less than four thousand dollars per
year and many more in super them each one of the shouldn’t twenty twenty
twenty enzyme is that in an auto eight years imagine economy should be
competing with countries leslie annida jimmy drifting australia and proud of arctic others like china
drowsy india and rocha synonymous with it for instance and looking at a statistics
shows that nigeria zambia june is indeed a or order for instance students g_d_p_
stanzas five hundred thirty two billion dollars
line manager at these three hundred and ninety five point two billion dollars
that counseling from his previous over thirty five thousand dollars why in
nigeria he’s east and all but two hundred and fifty million people he beat
you two hundred mapa de approximately six thousand tomorrow in sweden life is presidencies transit
eighty point ninety flight nigeria ickies it’s kind of those for fifty
years life sweeties randstad into human development ingots nigeria is
still one hundred and fifty seats behind african countries like a large area
double-digit i’m gonna advice these wide gap between where major is today two
thousand twelve again idea was to be in twenty twenty raises many questions has
nigeria put in place measures to leave to derail a seizure of artesian ortiz
ijaz switch for thinking why open easy shows like
goldman sachs and repeat rating sees some hope for saluted growth based on some specific conditions to
analyses stock tuesday’s bond about biofuels of musicians all or yet today
we can reach dean economic legalese to make a major one of the first twenty
global economies development as sponsors seats some conditions must be met tourists
aussies mostly property money spent on a total of attainment of defined economic
booms corruption mostly reduced to the barest minimum unemployment most the
taco insecurity over tea proj villages fabric acho and many other delegating
problems must be addressed are those state with a high mortality
rates of development programs in nigeria analysts austin previous airports are
climbing envisioning envisioned twenty twenty twenty let’s just be wild goose chase however or preciso
government and sees steady gains v on our bus injury i’d love governments and
yet she demands recorded in the currents transformation agenda of prison gelatin and vision twenty twenty twenty isn’t
calls with both news conference in arguments we pass is the should twenty
twenty twenty eight reality or for a while honourable minister you heard my colleagues and i put together as uh… ka a kind of odd tender for our discussion let me start by asking you what his vision twenty twenty twenty uh… of europe first of all i think you announced at underwrite price because unfortunately uh… what’s this and i listened background
and mullis’s that dan and even some of the wording that you
have used his region twenty twenty million people corrode roadies tools strong i want i have been as that the blood that people have uses it
really tool meets yes i think the answer but let me start by correcting something that i saw that the g_o_p_ which is that them and this is you did that is
completely wrong nobody is saying that you don’t need that kind of this was the
lead by twenty twenty because that’s the way in which it was captured you should
also so the the target he simply nigeria to be one or what is
called the g twenty to be among the top twenty country by
the size of the cd that is though those are the soto
official i mean the the first deep that all-cause in doing that that little are back changes i looked over uh… uh… has been issued that have been
built into the region but as one people who say he would start
taking england away about signal we would never have been able to be bigger
than they’re better than them ab also had people in temperate region
to do do do do see one of the most industrialized countries biannual warned all of the most developed countries or one of the probably went up more
thats the the the tag it as much simpler and
easier than that first of all in times of size of d_d_t_ as for the time we were correct in this
region in two thousand and many if you take the
g_d_p_ all all countries in the world nigeria was number forty four in town so sizeof jaded and our target is to be now but among the top twenty now asset today as impotent to depending on how you made
a g_d_p_ that too majors ways in which you did peace amid
i’m nowhere to go into technicalities here but depending on which major we have moved from number forty four about a number thirty-seven all from number thirty seven to have a
number thirteen in how much of tools that he is we have actually moved what’s allow made eighty about four five
states so clearly in terms of that simple major we are making progress and also in towns all the g_d_p_ per capita those uh… if you’d like signposts that use the reason income slits i’d look for
more than just may just of economic activity because
d_d_t_ just a major but we’ll make getting total economic
activity unit i’m not sure it interrupts his
that’s when you say it is based on g_d_p_ a lot of nigerians who want to know what does that translate that we updated
three because i remember that there in two thousand and i united nations
uh… economic or south africa looking out the growth of our economy burst you were talking about the cause
and some winter two thousand they said that this little groups of our economy about time which was at seven percent if
the sense was not wing to help us actually exp hasn’t can change it and we use it does g_d_p_ last night let
niger that’s on the stand one-act translates translates to u india widow of life didn’t have fitted
to kitchen and off that’s a very important point and that’s
what alice and for you coming to yeah that the reason is set to leave even
though those i’d be if you like the the that pop bb polla the lighthouse guiding as to what’s our movement this and much more to eat than for example political development socio development economic development
growths weeds jobs because unfortunately some of the growth
that we have achieved in recent years has been growth that hasn’t impacted
very significantly on job creation and a lot of programs had been decided to make sure that and implemented to make sure that we address that
problem issues of addressing wealth creation people talk about poverty reduction but
more wealth creation creating wealth so the and these are the things that we
can practice on the people coming back to you what am nicely is this that would be as we are doing this program wet
anxiously waiting for the election’s in onto the
gubernatorial elections and that’s the first that important the g_a_t_t_ treaty n_b_c_’s it would
cause e you know issues about what kind of elections nigeria is going to have the free and fair elections and that is
what was translated into the president’s transformation agenda because it’s a summation agenda is
basically for the president to see what is believed to be my contribution in these for five years that i’ve been elected to was movie magic was add to that at
even that bc and one of the key things that these
haven’t free and fair elections and he started
with the twenty eleven genetic elections that have been just there for years and
paris that this country has ever had and today’s election annual yes it is an election in onto is another example animation working on no interference from defender government
anybody trying to find out the people the people to explains that we she’s through the ballot box this is an important uh… achievement pat both the transformation agenda as
well as eighty key target of using twenty twenty you know um… and i want to report you’ll you’ll interview two this sunday trusts uh… that there recently and you told her this sunday trust
that’s when people asking wikis needs to way is seven point i gender and you go to bed there all nilesh while
newt that’d be shown twenty twenty twenty and
advice nobody transformation agenda i’ll go back to a past it blew my slime within the style of the
laws from what just say you misunderstood we thought that what levy shunt is is
that right twenty twenty nigeria will be robbie showed a swift all of these super industrialized a nation but just things just d_d_t_ what easy to that is the in the power for resorted to do to make sense something must have gone about power of course who started the privatizing
some process of course we have security challenges we have a car to retirement is of course
with flooding and all that what in specific lithonia simple months language out we spectrum but wanted to it it is not just dee dee dee and i think
that’s something below so that needs to be and astute okay uh… or but i was just if you’d like produces in contest peptide being the ok
he’d be deals that in the scene setting the scene it’s more than just g_d_p_ it is time to
i’d seen overall development but it was all of them on the list i was
able to get it out where going to undo where the elections are traded so would
take uh… announcement of the results and then will continue our discussion nofws here are very much it’s always good ideally paul’s hospital it is or latin ethical hacker don’t allow anybody to others stuff global liquidation obesity you it took several notable register
religions fourteen pounds on be wanted but i don’t know apparatus betsy case bouts period seeks dvds seats was uh… us he any right was on seven hundred ninety b five percent bc he ed gcs states you he nazi all he it well team he he didn’t all sheet seeks states c the c the seat he eight thousand steadfast thrive the a n c exceed he katie e c waltzing team bozo he what eighty one heartbreak and it’s a itself about it defied the fall but rejected allan sloan all right since june gentile whilst quickly seized the she said species speech instead ignore colby give a shit actually because the additional people record out beach resort sheet rules meaty that works that i i don’t believe that it will be so many constitutional implications for
the police resignations values but definitely everything that could be all about from kato that day votes uh… fascination it out bridge officials included back for buddies woody sir will not be happy to be sold ethics eaten the east coast subset last week ec he he andy okay got one meet your needs he at pcs dot he or useful vcs or did not a pc maysville tests maybe repeat a_t_t_ will be humility is used for the p better we have one any jeannie well busy brownies states but d we eat it solo postdoctoral is that it agreements p for the subha ito dad’s lakota saw alcoholics altogether they’ll follow it back ayatollahs in iran dot the reason it both ways slowing picnic important it is baltimore people out that more and doing it right what people read it boatman and eight people you can’t do that means view votes numbered ad why he all committee in here not favor impacted oxygen you people well awful impacted people’s accuse back yeah not bad about today nitpick what part of this error deputy went applications but often number would be the impact everybody ambition ac picnic i don’t know about it it’s doubtful walked out xvi or after here it decision these about it you know you know what news acc no or off-key all installed lagaye well i i i think this time dekhte hai electrics it thank you if ten years d marlton we’ve got to talk about a
third dawn i knew it was collab when sick i’d say becomes the issue he peoples uh… what asked what not he mine wall street now pretty loyalty happy space about whole alice how walls b only politicians in people be holmes-sax athens but this one big question it questionable sanity the people acts howdy the agents or people back to you also relations and that the u and the therapy insertions at walls u dat huh vcm what speeches he would you be had you can people gives me he that sign heeding opens subho mula spain when you get used to be view here i’m cool bt ass field in people’s lives favorites heeheehee after columbia as act by where oh hotdog cart dot diphosphate exotic follow-up what not deputy letter uh… people hostplus its these dot i predicted i have you costs huh albeit would be shown him nineteen answered i saw a p or the c wells inside crossing etc have stopped
without conflict utah she’s hackney’s here ko opposition halfway ec option he casey feedback here but expertise caught dot com but executes any handouts thousands de klerk nuclear weapons things you can and this is my reaction with respect occupant st topic ballfield what idle oxymoron is that he’s not mine or also inflection science are hill fight usage utility raphael without equal about swine afternoon reinstatement of the people he’s basically you’re satisfied equal painful you’d here it forty scruggs for refugee eugenia hillcrest area be prosecuted hadn’t been all about country installing new vanity bhatia abit
marketable k on the top of that people think that
data that management resources on his bed why i dot com option on the beth is that properties reacting after what got you now that policy an insecure third and a
member of the people no doubt in it but that would be people
catwalk the acrobats what what the f_b_i_ d_e_a_ red apple on the other it to you we did not want to talk about it without them here amitha action p_c_r_ thing people who died all bad mackerel gotta ask your question filatov i_d_ media already solved absolutely he’s which would be great absolutely touted diesel with these days hitler at empty-handed which i a m might be able to captain yes well he you candidate counselors it was a akashi friday acrobatic haha because the both well below that hadn’t moved on what did you think this thing in fact as well cable systems have asset yahoo katie will be contactable candy uh… outfit wheaties refuge you get a couple of days ago i got a
point failed what’s right eat i’d what plans the throw yahoo com please lost dean’s list okay kitty glutted with homes it’s opc kathleen dot dominance wasn’t keeping him reconnaissance made it artisans vb dot net exactly that should not be available vote it was so happy here using teleconferencing it thank you asking me meaning what can be done fit classic k can does darkroom microphones six picasa class experts that’s hot spots helps alcee hastings it defeat tossed it out and we love you mode didn’t matter it passes will continue diplomatic here the the it visually i would like to home hope i want it back a with you can so clean it up thank you very much sold for sulfoxide half so that we print that out the their worldview view where part of it so
where taking a break from their are cool rare we admitted to armies of the of the election results are being put
together and we we still have reliable minister
here with us am you know before we went to before we went to career there added to the detective said when you spoke to when you spoke to the people and sunday
trust that all of these the needs to the shown to into ten everything is now
sold sumed under the shunted to enter the transfer mission agenda and i was saying less reduce it to dilemmas language what are we talking about here hiking in a very simple language where
talking hall of the total transformation of
nigeria income so politico socio economy
indicators key indicators web that you all transformation on idea in terms of
especially it critical infrastructure development human development including education in
particular education and health and governments emphasis on governance there’s a reason victim back to that your point white you you cust sentences incomes of
g_d_p_ is because this is below by the major all economic activity in in any country uses an agreed made at
that countries ac around to buy the fact that we stated did initially in g_d_p_ towns is just so that you have some we all
made it how is made up of former detective
travesty especially in terms of the size of the economy but and much more you see most of the key issue date with
me means in season regent into tents or i was a member of
the interdicted committee and what we did is we said look there’s
no point to reinventing the wheel where no short of would plans in this country what is be
missing action implementation and therefore we said let’s look at all
the previous plans way back to a story that people have
been that way but the nineteen sixty the first nice and a minimum plan the
second aside and all that the plan we looked at everything and expected that form all the important issues and suggestions that have been made and
if you take division document and the fuss national implementation
plan of the region which is a four yeah now the transformation agenda which is a
fed that governments all of this kind of a decision key programs you’ll find that all the
key elements or what has been planned before that particular difference is the implementation you know i’m that’s the way this
government needs to get the credit we said because during the reason people as
how are we show that you’ll be able implemented so we celtic less-developed m_-one detailed and their admiration template and set up so that black
actually a major because it’s in if you cannot made
f_a_a_ yeah you cannot correct it if you cannot made a success you cannot afford it if you come made up of four months you’ll come when public confidence and that is precisely the whole
essential difference yet is that we act swede who emigrated that’s why i
didn’t do think that solves the position of g_d_p_ engine the
position wet then and now and that is what he sent to you mister
president even signed these performance contracts would ministers was very clear
targets or to enact movie in the country to what’s i’d seeming that beijing and the sense of mission
that the president ever minister limited to just something
we in nigeria and scholar at published in their the journal of it
is the ish and journal over rogue developments but for some time uh… in two thousand and level because that’s goes to show common
dividends out looking and this is said that the vast majority of nigerians achille
said included ill house and you need to get to it believing the rural areas characterized by my cv under development you said poverty is the my body of nigeria which is involved in what he called me
is very go-round as part of the world economy so so glad to have something to do
addictive tinted therefore is too ambitious and against the backdrop of the f_t_c_
dense of policy somersaults their that that a lot of people i’ve seen that twenty twenty twenty utopia i think first of all of the diagnostic
pat uh… i don’t know which wrote his name
is that what happened in their pursuit and and there i mean that’s coalesce and those corners
yes each buses and tried to improve his on uh… uh… interpretation yes of course we have been very hard on
myself also in terms of analyzing what the situation is the difference i think he’s absolutely even the situation is like
that what do you need to do we should not we we nigerians at laminne
test curriculum interest is that documentation the president was
used to say that that time for lemon tea she is all black this is the time for action identifying those who might leases what’s then or that my lease is probably better that
way to put them what actions do you need to take and this is a way when you take division plus of course it’s the that it should this is where we had immutable you take the more detailed plans the deep much more detailed keep
programs and projects that would take us there and then you know what to do sectoral because we didn’t just do do abroad
plans the medium term but dita sector a plans agian than an implement it dick the at the character of
transformation agenda cutting government is pressing bagmane itself agriculture he tends to be clear specific targets we
want to add cheap self-sufficiency in five crops by ten to fifteen rise in particular
cassava look at this issue aka celebrate so that the people actually seen their lives people being transformed at his as being a-team out with bacon that tag is being said that by this time would do these so the
nigeria’s at able to see yes you might see below you have an anti and if we haven’t had she would have to
give explanation as to where we have no intention uh… so the the the the the
the to say it was so that the reason is all
that we should what do you what is the old alternative
which is it what do the counter intuitive we sit back lab we used to do and groan
and moan and do nothing none of the universe dot when i get my dress as soon
as you know in development studies in if you look at the opium back in on
development and i want to call milestones and that’s why i’m asking mountain what’s on the specifics what i mean
delivery ables that we can leiberman complaint at us es okay we’ve
done this and that’s true as i would do that let’s go to par for instance not too much of a i’ve been active in
powerful lebed has been mentioned in pa personal all even in town so first of all look at the
number i_d_ p plans that guided uconn on the street look at the relative improvement in terms of the stability of
the power in town so number i’ll alice and that’s
when you say that no majors they are very clear majors that had been put in place number i’ll allison opined interrupted
possibly because at the end of the day that reason i did and he’s not
interested in we we used to tell the story in town so number all flat uh… genetics and plans kilometers or transmission and all which
is a story now as they are wassalam meeting nor the
missile part is committing was set to number of states and saudi as
tells that have been identified and minimum number of aliso
uninterrupted power supply okay on it the reform all this sector is taking place by the end of this year with a privatize it with the
privatization proceeding well various mostly ok use that being for
example the for five gum governor but i gave it to the transparency of that was
it that even and oppose them to come out and buy a ten-day given all
the facts there was see that the processes that
was extremely actors flattered by rule that progress
is being made peoplepc sometimes i can say is that when you uh… in the room and he’s getting hot town clerk town or testimony it takes time before if he’s in friday i had to say that will
probably get bull clough right without or any other causes is changes
to the ok overstepped i mean it’s becoming trusting bus ride look below
who cannot specifics boats for instance would it be a good division realization with the kinds of routes we
have in nigeria today transportation the rail system is not genus as well as it should too what’s the specific things our
government in augusta ministers like every ministry what’s the sweeps specific things is government doing to ensure that roads we’re talking about
agriculture if i have agriculture without roads moving the the the full
extent amin agriculture products into the cities and that they said that
sir in those areas what have we achieved
what are the specifics that we got what i say by jesse s with the wedding this in that twenty fifty nine twenty twenty this as well will be what we have time
to do it and with two that you’d be students in my view the site to think about transportation as ammo to more than paddle met mister though movie about not just throws we’ll wear sole focus on
a roast unfortunately all-weather lasted two or more you would
with is filled with focus on rules there’s no way that i don’t think he’s
done we have a lot of wrote israel allowed the allied anyways i while
waterways and so on to goal dead more or less the vietnamese system for example is
being away that’s why i’m badly would govern as to why that we had not
been teaching or go by the country had last time when the team wasn’t quite a the actually wrote at train uh… i devoted to look weird just to show people that and the minister of transport has
assured me because i said to him for me to be convinced the first then you add me to liberals
was from khun with really good bye to you and i want to be on the first that will come back on that route and has promised me that ivan before the end of the l early next
year these would be achieved so i and a few other ministers will
actually beyond that tree so too is services at coming back he led waterways that vision of the
night jack has been completed ornish airports has been commissioned by
the stupid last as says they will let in battle majesty to see the battle port which is a add
that the the evening bagby northern endl all the dredging organizer ideas for this please deport is will be ready by end of march now that that the problem with people
who is thinking about road road road is that we have allowed him out the window
contract i will be a surprise the magazine injuries battle port is india is the one building it he
brought the equipment from china and he’s been complaining about the road not being readied for him to bring that
to command from liberals so i said to him what we were there why did the jury lands improvement you wedding ports denied there had been dress out to be doing what he where you are watching you could have actually u_s_ you know eight bruises by in inland waterways kiddo divorce system is being advocates
the road sector but given that the meanness towards these actually busy adtrendsinc and number of kilos luminous
away is diminished dot walks busy because if you move from in the words of
a park or the road is bad if you move around a quiet bom across
three by the roadside that if you go to that that it was a sowetans administer
working this out what is i think i did it in nigeria and there’s a there’s a
badge dick and i do its duty is that we focus so much are rose assays were somehow god lip gloss to benin is not so where is he working first of all you must also remember that that look lots of them my all of those arose that you mentioned
for this what is going on on them for admitted them the renew season sometimes disrupts in couple of the time
disrupts roadworks considerably now without the the minister has an ebay detail program to try to use these beaded of the day diamonds to make a significant impact he
staggered is that before christmas people will activity as significant
improvement on all those who was but again the focus is if you take or the total number all uh… contracts that have been awarded
this is part of what is being done now to rationalize to try to use resources much more efficiently in the past we
just our dead previous governments are what their
content all about it would take the total number all would compare that have been given acted all of the federal budget that would not even be enough to find although it’s a question or selecting the key was especially the key trunk uh… or a rhodes yeah that connects different parts of the country organ and that is what them in the
settlers are going back to your less less said take a little break i hear
what nigeria and see above the sheung uh… and idea when i do s_s_-eighteen
above the shelling twenty two and two because then i came to the wires now we need to on the stand what this means high-cost rajasekar distinction hostplus notes unit understood test about this course the on something out levels but data like someone said with it peanuts does debt if the site oblong of our minister does an idea recess speaking where we
don’t have too much time so let me basket corruption nice idbi challenge and i think one of the
jurors are worried about it and then security how can we decade writing this to areas what first of all thank you for those
uh… i didn’t nigerians that good to speak and i i i sympathize with them uh… clearly what we identified that is i said government uh… generally and even in myself line we need to communicate much better uh… with with nigerians i think one of them actually cut said the
elements all dissolution which is leadership uncommitted i’d like the guy who said no-cut uh… and upload a pool it didn’t happen by accident malaysia did not happen by accident
china did not happen by accident india didn’t happen by accident it was a leadership that had a vision that was committed to that vision i’m
pursued it who grossly and vigorously and to be achieved it unfortunately in this country from your
idea of peeps also we have had so many regions and plans operatives by miyuki uh… and and and and and and level
leadership continuity the difference now is that we’re having
a commitment by the leadership mr president is committed to this vision
is committed to the transformation agenda the quentin rehti in policy he didn’t come in this was confide
leading to a different decided from almost endless time and i’m glad you throw it out of the
window president did nothing to do throw it out
of the window they are building on fun the foundations that they made and that is what made a difference in
those countries that succeeded first of all you need to have good
reason because any even as an individual if u if you have risen leading a blend
into fee or latin might have implants is planning
to free yes the target maitland when people say
it’s to andy shows what i said to them simple is lucky if we had not
consistently pursuing this separately by pretty pretty well not
numbered twenty if we end up but we will move you know i told you web www that
we’ve moved five steps ab in just city s it will go into a leg i suppose that we
end up number twenty five is there not advanta position for
nigeria than to have not child at all do not have the inspiration and the bush
and the programs and the projects and then end up twenty-twenty would have
been number fifty in the world the other minister the let me take
another portia book talk today was i was nervous or with the most affected person was
said that they sent a letter to include is on top ten but imagine everything
plus to hoodwink andy field the people into believing
that his stitches striving to make nigeria to become one of the
twenty registered colonies path in the world and i want to ask you you’ve gone with the from us contract
for india’s minister ministries department found and norton ghost your you’ve been inc
you’ve been in public service for a long time a lot of nigerians and can count on you payment media out and say that you and your coalition government i
really really determined to see through the sean twenty twenty twenty now the president housing resolve and he’s lifting us how the resolve and
a ban on this e-mail address i think the question of defeat is
completely out of the question mode if you go and buy the after their
whole powerful freedom is transparency and accountability because we will be producing irregular
metaphors plus that we have set targets and the fact that would be made public and i_d_ at the point of measurements we will make them public for his illness
is sometimes unfortunately it is the the the or that org admired you know psych the distressed all government is this food deep and
that is what we have time to actually address there have been fitted deep rooted distrust that they both
inside to indian people do not appreciated after interdicted would
produce for the first time the embargo issue all-powerful muscle
all federal ministries departments and agencies and committed a wall probably going to
be a ghost and looted don’t quote all the copy
editors of all media prints and and data relay media and presented that reported no one oh two editorials and one oh two
columns acids strategies for renewal of we and
make it we are going to be making these reports public of and transparent so that people would actually see
whether alley went over to uh… fool anybody it we’re not making progress we
would social topanga reasons as to why unlimited then we can grow by reading
rather like to think you uh… i think there’ll be a second part of our
discussion because of the lectures on the old thank
you for calling frontline and we hope that you see through thank you very soon to into twenty
finger and we’ll take a break will back in a moment well that’s our program for today next
sunday it is going to be another in december on behalf of all of us versus will be our trnopolje hahaha

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