FRONTLINE Short: Sharing Hope In Chad

Today we are here in Chad at an area called Melfi. Melfi is a very, very, very dry area. One of the problems that occurred is there’s an outbreak of cholera and Hepititis E which is water-transmitted and attacks the liver. The doctor who was telling me many people have gotten sick or worse because of the lack of clean water in this area. Even the hospital themselves no longer has access to clean water. By providing clean water for these people, we will take away their chances for these diseases and give their children a chance to survive. So in order to help the people in a way that they will feel the love of God, the staff of Cru encouraged us to come here and help them by providing clean water to the people of Melfi and the surrounding area. We have put in what they call a water garden so that people won’t have to handpump to get water, but will actually be able to fill up their jerry cans quick. If we can cut off the time it takes for them to do that, then the girls here can get an education, they can stay in school, and they can have access to clean water. And then even this evening, the whole village will attend where we will be able to tell them about the love of Jesus that caused us to bring this water. Many people will experience clean water and then the absolute joy of knowing the living water who will cause them never to thirst again. Thank you for giving, continue to pray. We need your help in order to bring the love of Jesus to the toughest places on earth. Where we can relieve suffering, restore dignity, and reveal hope.

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