Gandhian challenge (2019) for School students I AIM I UNICEF I NITI Aalog

hello friends welcome back to our
project contest Channel today we are going to discuss about a contest for the
school students we have done a lot of videos for the college students on various
kind of contest in the project as well as the general contest and if we have
some queries regarding whether whether the school students have this
kind of project contest so that they can enhance the skills which will be very useful
for the future so in this regards in behalf of celebrating our nation’s
father Mahatma Gandhi’s 150 birthday the Government of India under the
ATAL innovation mission, NITI Aayog UNICEF has organized this contest
Gandhian challenge so this gandhian challenge mainly focuses on the
principles and the themes suggested by Gandhiji’s slogans such as non-violence,
honesty, anti-racism anti-casteism, friendliness, livelihood
likewise so there are two categories of this contest mainly organized now first
one is the art and innovation where the students should select any one of the
themes by Gandhiji and they have to write a poetry poem or make a
video of the speech and they can also and they can also do the painting or
sketching of these themes suggest by Gandhi and can upload in the my gov
innovate portal and the next theme next the next category of this contest will
be the science and innovation where they have to develop project on the
electronics using the themes of robotics IOT and sensors and 3d printing based on
the themes suggested by gandhiji such as anti-castesim anti-racism, non-violence,
livelihood likewise so who can participate in this contest this contest
is organized through the my government innovate web portal and I have given
link the description you can visit my blog and you can go to the website there
and this contest mainly the students from the ATAL innovation missions
ATAL Tinkering labs(ATL) the school should have the ATAL Tinkering labs(ATL) if
you are student from non ATAL Tinkering labs you can visit the nearest ATAL Tinkering lab schools and you can participate through them and lisit of
ATAL Tinkering lab you can visit and see the and
this contest will enhance your skills in arts as well as the science
and technology these kinds of contests will make the students who think about
the very good creativity for social relevance project all the entries should
be submitted through the my government innovate portal and the shortlisted
students will be called to delhi through the UNICEF with providing a complete
TA/DA and the evaluation pattern will be separate for the arts and the innovation
category and for science and innovation category will be separate so many of the
subscribers of my channel is of college students and you can pass this message
to your brothers and sisters in school level or to the students in schools who
were very interested in creativity and arts so comment your comments on
the comments section thank you for watching the video subscribe and share

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