Google G-Suite and Microsoft Office Integration in Moodle 3.3

Google G Suite and Microsoft Office integration. Moodle’s integration with Google G Suite and Microsoft Office means easier, faster access to all the tools teachers and students need, and the ability to open documents from other systems while on your Moodle site. An administrator does the one-time setup from the OAuth 2 services link in site administration. Here, our admin is creating a new Microsoft service and when she’s finished she enables OAuth 2 in the manage authentication screen. You may or may not want to prevent account creation when authenticating. Our admin has left this enabled, so a new user can create an account by signing up with Microsoft. Let’s look at that now: This student sees an option to log in using your account on Microsoft and once he’s done that, he receives an email asking him to confirm his account. He clicks the link and he’s now in Moodle and if you have an existing account, you can link your Microsoft or Google Suite account from your preferences screen. As our teacher is doing here. And if the administrator connects a system account such as with Google, and then links the Google Drive or with the Microsoft One Drive repository. Assignments submitted by students may be sent as controlled links, allowing them to be locked to students when graded by the teacher. Teachers can also add files as access controlled links and embed them Teachers can edit these files but students can only view them. To summarise: Integration with Google G-Suite and Microsoft Office means easier, faster access to online tools.

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