Google Sites: Simple, secure group websites

Hi, I’m Andrew Zaeske,
engineering manager for the Google Sites team. I’m here to show you how easy it
is to set up your own group website using Google Sites. To create a new site, start
by entering a name. Select the level of sharing you
would like for editing the site and whether you would like
the site to be viewable to the public. You can choose a website theme,
either now or later, and then click the Create
Site button. You’ve now created your home
page and you can edit the content just like a document. Click the Edit button
and start writing. You can change the title, add
text to the main document, upload attachments, and even
leave comments on the page. Use the toolbar above to change
fonts and styles, add links, insert images,
or embed documents. When you’re done, click Save. To add a page, click the Create
New Page button at the top left and give
the page a name. In addition to the standard web
page, there are different types of pages with built in
features for managing a dashboard, announcements,
files, and lists. Let’s take a closer look
at announcements. Select where you want the page
to go and click Create Page. Now you can add content
to the page. Then click Create Post. Google Sites also
makes it easy to organize and manage pages. Clicking on the More Actions
button brings up functions such as print, delete,
and move. You can subscribe to page and
site updates to be notified of changes by email. Site sharing allows you to
decide who can view, edit, and manage your site. You can invite others to help
you edit the site just by adding their email addresses. OK, so let’s take a look at
our Ski Club example. The home page keeps the group
updated on important events, announcements, and
ski reports. Members can share stories
and pictures. The site also serves as a good
point of reference for contact lists, user preferences,
and club goals. It’s easy to create your own
website using Google Sites and it’s free. To get started, go to

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98 Responses

  1. Vorbis5 says:

    Google has done everything right.

  2. spock431 says:

    i would just like more freedom on the html editor

  3. Ferike333 says:

    Can I add forum?

  4. CristopherOS says:

    it's so stupid.
    Google Sites has to be HTML, but it's not

  5. someguynamedpie says:

    bow to thee garry and thee google

  6. drxone says:

    For high school projects, this is really cool. If you are really serious about your site and business, build your site in about a day for under $5/month (hosting included) at website(.)drxOne(.)net and get 24/7 Telephone support. Good luck reaching Google's customer support, even when you have a paid service you can't reach them… HaHaHa… LOL

    If you only need just hosting, plans start at $3.70/month at drxOne(.)net

  7. socrosserocks says:

    im really confused! see im not much of a nerd like most of yall so ya

  8. jimavision says:

    What about discussion forums? Does G Sites have that?

  9. aoki0903 says:


  10. milaterydude says:

    Man! Before this I watched this i was about to pull my hair out; now I think I know what I'm doing.

  11. TheBugError says:

    please i am stu*id and i dont know how remove my supper web site please help my where i remove remove my google web site please help . Thanks .

  12. E. Poulsen says:

    Does anyone know how to make a "Log in" page? or at least how to let others leave comments?

  13. thailandretirement says:

    I use Google sites. It is great.

  14. Bob Isenberger says:

    any idea why the video won't play? all I get is solid black where the video should be — no 'play' button or other controls. I'm using Firefox 3.6.3.
    Thanks for any help.

  15. MrMr says:

    Why I can't find my Google site,when I search it on Google?

  16. nielsbom says:

    Is Google Sites still under active development? I get the feeling it isn't. :/

  17. Elround4 says:

    Can I add JavaScript?

  18. 007s00s says:

    how is the paid verison?

  19. Aquila Noctis says:

    Is it possible to use this google hosting service for a personal website created by yourself with a HTML editor like Expression Web 4?

    I would like to have a free host for my website…

  20. HimansWorld says:

    I don't have the create page button. Can you help me?

  21. Ky Vo says:

    I just created diaocbds and sgddiaoc in google sites
    It is very good

  22. Stephen X says:

    hi, would someone be so kind to tell me if google sites is capable of embedding a swf file, such as a flash game?

  23. Ky Vo says:

    I created google sites in and
    IT is so cool.

  24. Matt says:

    can you password protect a google sites website?

  25. Paul Shanker says:

    TUTORIALS and GFX + Cod? My channel is getting started and I would love some help! And if you want a sub back, no prob 😀

  26. SuPeRxLiNk999 says:

    sucks balls

  27. Distortion says:

    I want to make tutorials. What would be better blogger or google sites?

  28. Dragdar says:

    Does anyone know how he created the logo and put it in?
    answer quick please!

  29. Jan Santiago says:

    hey.. i can't access my site because my site created was private then suddenly i authorize my gmail account then when i continue to edit my site i's said that i woul like to request??? why i'm the owner of the site..

  30. Adam Powell says:

    Does anyone know how to make a video page? I want something similar to the way Webs does it, but Webs is limited, so I'm using Google instead.

  31. m1do31 says:

    1335 videos, 2 more plz

  32. mastermoneymentor says:

    @MegaAdam1000 check out my site grandmoneywizard(dot)com and I'll teach you how to get video pages going.

  33. sansarmedia says:

    Google is living in some la-la land that only it has access to… my browser can't see any of these menus at all. I tried google chrome, firefox. Ironically, the only unsupported browser Opera shows a few buttons, enough to make, struggle through (and give up) after a few pages.

  34. saidullahkhan khan says:


  35. jacksfreebies says:

    DONT use google sites find another hoster. I had a site for over a year and google without any reason disabled it costing me money every day. They dont give any reasons as to why they disable a site or what rules you broke (if any). DONT USE GOOGLE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  36. jacksfreebies says:

    Ive tried contacting Google they dont reply and the forum to help google users havent a clue. They just tell you to do things you will have already dont like fill in the appeal form ! Google take the piss they disabled my site put it back online then disabled it again an now wont put it back online !

  37. Zach Smith says:

    this 2:55 felt like 2hrs

  38. osamaBenlladen says:

    пашол на пес

  39. pavlezeljic2 says:

    hey where can i get the REGISTER button for my site?

  40. MsPeperonata says:

    As someone who has never created a website before and knows literally nothing about it, this is very bad and not at all helpful as he goes much too fast, I cannot see what he is actually doing. For example at 50 suddenly he is uploading an attachment but no clue as to how he found the attachments button. I have created a site but am unable to find any way of attaching stuff, so I am afraid I must just delete it five minutes after its birth!

  41. Foxcutter says:

    this is free, right?

  42. Raj Ranjan says:

    this is good and for free games and softwares download go to

  43. Abdullah Alsarheed says:



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  45. Hayden Perham says:

    My website will get alot of traffic, can I put google advertisements on there via Adsense?

  46. Yenny Ascanio says:

    in spanish please

  47. Andrew Mark says:

    helpful video

  48. Caseysvids says:

    @SilverFan8 Start watching at 2:47 -__-

  49. othmane bob says:

    is good

  50. Leroy Klein says:

    mouth shut

  51. Indramani Vishwakarma says:


  52. yksnimus says:

    fuck man, why cant I drag and drop headers, footers, etc arround? chosing a template and editing it by writing params is not intuitive, it will get some time till get into it..but damn, its osome none the less, thanx google

  53. Poker Face says:

    Se ve bueno

  54. Teracerus Seferinis says:

    Yes, WebMaker

  55. karbonesh says:

    Professor Klein made me watch this!

  56. zie gea says:

    great video from MIT….
    thank you

  57. Yassine Ben Ameur says:

    nice !! 🙂

  58. Jaran Mrcikemankomank says:

    Thanks a lot for this, now I know how to do that!!

  59. Silver Spoon says:

    What a Tutorial. How you did this =)

  60. Jessy jimm says:

    Esta cool no necesita traduccion es muy facil…

  61. Tony Cornett says:

    Another great addition to the Google Apps and Product offerings!

  62. Ben Hellyer says:

    Do you think Google will continue to support this or shut it down?

  63. Зураб Картоев says:

    и о чем он говорит?)))

  64. Rynosce says:

    По русски не могу сделать озвучку а?

  65. ADEPT BADRU says:

    How can I map my google site to my domain from go daddy please

  66. victoriusky says:

    die mf die dislike

  67. Khalid Sh says:


  68. Carmen Rpp says:

    bien…………… me habría gustado poderlo escuchar en Castellano (Español)

  69. Lewis Robert says:

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  70. sandryc leonard says:

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  71. Bradley Jeremy L. says:

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  72. JESUS CRISTO says:


  73. JESUS CRISTO says:


  74. JESUS CRISTO says:


  75. JESUS CRISTO says:


  76. JESUS CRISTO says:


  77. Kirill Muratov says:

    Ребят, я понимаю, что ролик вышел в 2008-м году, но вы же Гоогл Поменяйте разрешение с 4:3 на 16:9 или 16:10 и хотя бы на HD-качество. Спасибо

  78. My Hà Thị Trà says:

    Thanks so much!

  79. David Montarges says:

    -this is nice, take people through feelings of a better world, the planet is suffering because of a global governing elites, multinational. it seeks to govern at all costs, willing to do all the sacrifices necessary, manipulation of peoples by the media and wars, social decline and impoverishment, keeps people in poverty and ignorance.
    No wage developments, restriction of freedoms. proliferation of non-biological disease … Etc..
    Their desired you, a life full of happiness and dreams of peace …?, Educate them, educate them, instead of entertaining.
    The average level of knowledge and intellect is in free fall, despite the opening to the world of the Internet and the possibility of interconnection, the opposite happens, people becoming locked in their homes and live only by interposed screen

  80. antelmo blanco torres says:

    Goles aires es magnifico

  81. Rachid Ghannam says:

    Merci pour aide

  82. yupin t says:


  83. Emmy Traisutha says:


  84. Sebastian says:

    works horrible, i can not see the button "create", and i cant use it

  85. José Wilson Souza Santos says:

    thanks, but I do not understand any

  86. WilliamDansler CAPPDAVADA says:


  87. Danar Eka says:


  88. Horacio Raul Pallero says:

    Muy buena la aplicación!

  89. Horacio Raul Pallero says:

    Muy buena la aplicación!

  90. Norival Corrêa da Foncêca says:


  91. Vasil Bojilov says:

    Трябва преводач и по едър шрифт .Най ситният шрифт и с учила не може да се чете.Бих искал да има връзка с абв поща.

  92. sakala boonrabsap boonrabsap says:


  93. sakala boonrabsap boonrabsap says:


  94. serj novoaydar says:

    по русски надо объяснять, херня.

  95. Raipadaboys Malad says:


  96. Zusky says:

    This is more,simple than the new google docs xD

  97. Duels Video Game says:

    So OLD!!!

  98. U M 4 U T says:


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