Government and Industry Must Work Together to Solve Our Education Crisis

It’s unfortunate but we are gonna be at least
50 to 57 million students short in terms of reaching that goal. But for us it goes beyond
just the number about access. If you actually extend that number and think about the number
of children that are forced to opt out of secondary school that adds another 70 million.
Then you actually look at illiteracy rates around the world and if you look at, you know,
UN statistics you’re talking about 775 million young people that cannot read or write, mostly
women and girls. Then you tend to add population growth dynamics
in emerging markets where the examples I’ve always used are if you just look at Brazil,
Russia, India and China you would need to add 10,000 schools every year just to keep
pace with the incremental population growth. So that doesn’t take into account the fact
that a place like India is short of 200,000 schools today. So obviously when you put all
of those numbers into context the scale of the challenge that we’re looking at extends
to well over a billion young people and is accelerating away from us. So the time to
act is now from our perspective. What you realize very, very quickly is that
governments on their own cannot cater to this requirement. You know that the voluntary sector,
the NGO space on their own cannot cater to their space. Private sector on its own can’t
do this either. What we absolutely see is that for us to address the size of the challenge
you have to look at much more collaborative powerful partnerships between those three
sectors in order to address the challenge. I think the scale of the challenge essentially
means that we have to find rapid solutions to scaling a quality education. So it isn’t
just about access but it’s about attainment as well. I think one of the things that private
sector with certainly the right values and the right objectives does have the incentive
and the opportunity to scale a sustainable solution at pace. But again private sector
on its own will only ever be able to cater to one small component of the demand. I think
governments and especially what we would consider governments that have the foresight and the
vision specifically to kind of throw aside the old intellectual debates about public
versus private or just where the voluntary sector gets involved. They actually have the
ability to encourage and nurture these powerful partnerships. So from our perspective private
sector on its own can’t cater to this challenge. We do need the support of visionary governments. But actually the one group that needs to perhaps
do more is actually industry. And today if we think about global aid that goes to various
initiative actually aid towards education still represents a fraction – so 600 million
dollars only globally. And today when you address the challenge that our young people
are not coming out with the skills that they need in order to be able to access employment.
That is actually a challenge that private sector within industry needs to pick up. The
reality is without that support you are still gonna have a huge mismatch between the jobs
that are available and the jobs that industry needs in order to drive sustainable economic
growth versus actually the skills and attributes that our children come out with.

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71 Responses

  1. Pineapple29 says:

    Just based on the title I know it's a stupid idea.
    Governments keep school in a 150 year old system for a reason! They don't want to actually solve any education problem, otherwise kids will grow up to be smart and understand governments only do harm!

  2. Nathan Achatz says:

    Government and Industry are what created the problems in the first place. They have been prooven unreliable and corrupt.

  3. Mr. Universe says:

    Focusing on how much money businesses can put into the process, and ignoring all the negatives that come with that, isn't the brightest of ideas.

  4. pansydragon says:

    Oh look, fascism 

  5. David Lowery says:

    Europe stopped having this problem be super wide spread by actually letting the parents choose where to send the kids…  so the government didn't decided who won the parent's money the parent did, at least to some extent.  The most success countries have a public funded free market or something like that.  In the US the public funds cannot go to private schools, many of which teach kids better for less money.  It's kind of ridiculous but there is such a massive movement to keep money from going to Catholic or religious school that that reality is making kids stupid across the world too.  And, so while he makes it sound like it's a problem for the private industry, my question is, isn't it a government problem, not one of private industry?  All they have to do is play fair as a government and BAM improvement, the private industry will do automatically much of what he want.  After that maybe a little incentive or regulation, but, honestly, the government and bickering is the culprit on this one.

  6. Yog Sothoth says:

    lol, education will never goes better if we keep our social and economical system, the system doesn't want smart people that think critically, it wants marionettes (sorry if i committed any erroe bu i'm italian)

  7. NaN says:

    Government is owned by the industry, through lobby and donations. They are driven only by financial reasons. It's a bad idea to have money dictate education. It encourages inside the box thinking and not outside the box thinking.

  8. Sean Dunn says:

    no! government sponsored education is the entire reason that education is so terrible in the U.S.!

  9. Cjekov says:

    People only care for education after they can stop worrying about their basic needs like food, clothing and shelter. Economic freedom will do more for kids education worldwide than any government bandaid program could ever achieve. Don't let them tell you they can fix the problem, they most likely were the cause of it in the first place.

  10. TrollinForTrumpCuh says:

    Here in the United States we've never been spending more on education and had more involved in our education since this country was founded. And all that we've gotten is a terrible system producing brain dead morons.
    In our country the rate at which the government gets involved is the same rate at which that industry goes to crap.

  11. grumpy poo says:

    This and the last Government have de skilled at least two generations.  They concentrate their funding on failure. People in their 40s 50s and 60s with experience and transferable life and practical skills, made unemployed through circumstance  beyond their control, cannot get funding for re training or for keeping up their professional qualifications to maintain CPD….. I know I have tried. We are the generations who should have our skills maintained and improved, to mentor and teach the younger ones coming up through the ranks. I and at least 8 other people with degrees and professional qualifications were put on a government 'course' through one of their 'private sector companies' to assess our literacy and numeracy… 3 wasted days and the course cost in excess of £400…..We were all far more qualified than the course 'leader'. It was compulsory, if we didn't attend benefit stopped…. total waste of time and money. I had asked for re training as a councillor to become self employed, the cost, £1600 for a university course ….. the response from the DWP? there is no money….. Without the foundation of experience and work ethic to pass on to the youngsters society becomes as it is ….. unproductive and couldn't care less. The gap between the 'haves' and 'have nots' is widening the old saying 'the devil finds work for idle hands' is true….. we all need productive,constructive occupation to spend our time, earn a LIVING wage and keep mind and body healthy. Industry just wants to profit from'cheap' labour with zero hour contracts and below living wage…. they don't care.The Government politicians benefit too we are  not stupid… The workers….. we just get treated like mushrooms. kept in the dark and s**t on from a great height. Frustrated? You bet I am and there are millions of other voters like me who feel the same.

  12. Victor P. says:

    he does have good intentions though

  13. MeLexdy says:

    Industry in education??? 

    big dislike

  14. dachicagoan says:

    The opposite needs to happen. Department of education and unions need to be eliminated.

  15. cannabased says:

    Why does the education system have to work with a monopoly on violence (the state)? Do we really have to teach our kids by violently aggressing against our own friends, family, and neighbors by the compulsory third party called the state? Is peaceful education out of human reach?

  16. Tarathiel123 says:

    For everyone that thinks the Department of Education needs to be eliminated (notice your American-centric view when the video is about African, the Indian sub-continent and China, otherwise known as 3/4s of the world population) what effect will that have on other education systems? Also, how in the world would that help your inner cities who are already struggling with funding? You want better teachers? Pay them more than 40k a year, they aren't the issue, good teachers are the solution. But, they don't come cheap. 

  17. DizzyDisco93 says:

    This is a problem in areas of the world. There are more children in a schools local area than it can take in, though it usually crams as many as it can. They tend to suffer from a lack of supplies. Then you have places like America where the resources aren't being used effectively (At least in my experience, My high school blew over half of its budget to build a stadium for the athletes while some of the classes didn't have enough seating for all the students)

  18. M6Alex7871992 says:

    Why do you need the Government and Industry to solve the Crisis of Education ? They dont belong together anyway because if someone is educated enough , smart enough than he/she doesnt need the Government or the Industry to solve the Crisis of Education .
    In Reality is we need to overcome the Government and the Industry with Education  and leave this behind and create a Peacefull Civilization just as Dr Steven greer and many other people wants to achieve without the need of the Government or the Industry.

  19. Brett Wallace says:

    So corporations control the schools. That's essentially what he's saying. 

  20. 10K2HVN says:

    You want better teachers and higher pay for good teachers..?

    Fire bad teachers!

    -Demand for teacher will rise
    -Pay for teachers will rise (due to demand)
    -Only good teacher stay in the system
    -Kids get better education

  21. Rand Huso says:

    The problem is religion and the idea that "god loves you the way you are" and "god will take care of you" or "girls don't need an education". Eliminate religion to improve education. Without a sky daddy to coddle them, people might just see the need to improve themselves.

  22. 10K2HVN says:

    Department of Education has only been around since ~79 -believe it or not, we had a working education system before then.

    DOE has turned into a massive lobby group in favor of teachers, not the children.

    Private unions are fine. People can naturally associate with whomever they please. But lobbying to use the force of the state to mandate changes creates a power that will always grow corrupt

  23. Rensune says:

    Disappointed in you, Big Think.

    You're called Big Think, not Groupthink

  24. M6Alex7871992 says:

    People Come on , Dont waste your time on this Government and Industry need  to solve the Crisis of Education thing we would already have solved this problem if we would leave the Government and the Industry behind . You must think outside the monkey box they put you in . Instead of this watch Dr Steven greer Forbidden truth Hidden knowledge part 1 and part 2 on youtube and Dr Steven greer CTS Tutorial and Dr Steven greer Free energy  video on youtube available

  25. Geist452 says:

    this isn't even a third of the equation. To fix the education system, people have to change and that's not likely to happen in our lifetime. Your education crisis was never mine; i would've liked some help developing a thought process that could make me and my companions more constructive, more adept in our daily lives and in our political system. The amount of work we make for ourselves will never be any less prevalent then workplace innovation; not in our lifetime. this game has run its course, people need to wake up and see that the tools are already in our hands. most everyone has the ability to be thoughtful and collected; if you waste that potential, then you'll continue to waste every other skill that could be put to use in a meaningful way. 1% of us are the product of 41% of the worlds wealth and resource. 10% are the product of 86% of the worlds wealth and resource….and what do we have to show for it? 

  26. Kunschner says:

    You'd think with India's past he'd realize that government was the problem in the first place.

  27. fox71racer says:

    Yes of course! Government and industry getting in bed together always works. The only reason industry would want to dip it's hand into education  is so they have enough wage slaves and indebted customers for the future. Oh wait, the schools already do that. "But we need more of this! Common Core!" Spare me.

  28. The deck to the 16th power says:

      A new form of a "Government Name" needs to be made to describe his truth. Oh wait there is one, it is called Democracy. Everyone thinks they live in one but do they really? What is a Democracy…..anyone? I think it means doing what it takes at any given moment, in time, to achieve success(life). The rules would change every day to compensate with change, to deliver Liberty for all. The blood in the veins of Democracy needs to run freely and not be pinched at anytime. It is very important to everybody and the World right now. Most of all it matters to you!

  29. Iñaki Silanes says:

    Food for thought for those berating "the government", in general: compare education in USA and Europe, better yet Northern Europe. It is undeniable that the weight of the private sector is bigger in USA in general, and education is no exception. As a result, it is true that some of the greatest Universities are North-American (and private), maybe the best in the world. However, the amount of illiterates, under-educated and general morons is far larger too. That's what more Industry means: larger gap between the favored few and the miserable rest.

    Governments (good ones, at least) promote increases in the average well-being, resulting in global increases in it. Corporations, on the other hand, promote the increase in well-being of some, at the expense of the well-being of others. The global well-being could well be much lower, or even not lower, but so unevenly distributed that life is unbearable for the less favored. But still, if I am part of the ones who see their well-being increase at the expense of others, I will count it as success.

  30. M6Alex7871992 says:

    ..People Come on , Dont waste your time on this Government and Industry need  to solve the Crisis of Education thing we would already have solved this problem if we would leave the Government and the Industry behind . You must think outside the monkey box they put you in . Instead of this watch Dr Steven greer Forbidden truth Hidden knowledge part 1 and part 2 on youtube and Dr Steven greer CTS Tutorial and Dr Steven greer Free energy  video on youtube available

  31. Benjamin Studebaker says:

    If we're talking building private schools in developing countries, those schools will only be profitable if they cater to rich students or if the state overpays on the students' behalf to avoid the short-term construction costs (I take it this is what he means by "state support"). If we're talking charities, voluntary donations aren't going to be large enough to close the gap. What we really need are states that prioritize education and commit to spending vast sums of money on building public schools rather than hosting say, the World Cup and the Olympics, as Brazil plans to do. The model that worked in the US and Europe in the 19th century will work just fine in India and Brazil.

  32. alex bro says:

    Khan Academy

  33. George the hacker says:

    well it is inevitable that we will have a murderous problem that will reduce our population like disease, asteroid, pollution, global warming …etc. the developing countries will be affected more so the problem will solve itself. the bigger problem is what we teach our students there needs to be more choice, like if you want to do science or law you dont need history geo ethics other languages.., ect you just need law and english or science math and english. to make your goals work. you are getting a dislike from me

  34. Swagrific says:

    = fascism.

  35. Swagrific says:

    = fascism.

  36. Unclenate1000 says:

    If you want to talk incentive, The government only really has incentive to create dependent sheep. The market on the other hand has AT LEAST SOME incentive to actually bring about success in students…

    This issue affects me personally. If  liberals (socialists) had their way, i'd be forced to attend my local school which was rather dangerous. But if free-minded libertarians had their way, I could've gone to a private Catholic school where many of my real friends went. Not the best education (like it made a real difference to me) but certainly better for social development (would've made the biggest difference to me)

  37. MedoryK says:

    laughs Well Government and Industry are working together, but they aren't /helping/ your average citizen! Big Naive is more like it!

  38. babu OO says:

    necesitan un mejor sistema de certificacion de la disiplina o educacion recibida de cada persona que se pueda educar por medio del internet y hacer un sistema de certificacion mas global de tecnologias necesarias para encontrar trabajo. y la educacion civica o humana es cosa del hogar desde lo mas pequenio es la mas practico que hay y no nay formula para saber como va ser el alma o como educar la formacion de alma personalidad de uno la mayoria de los manzos se dirigen su vida a lo manzo y los que no no van hally. lo que mata es el detalle del impacto y no es la intencion en si de nada ninguna intecion tiene que ir necesariamente aconsta de otro este mundo se rige por lo concreto de los detalles no las intenciones. 

  39. gamevalor says:

    Private schools perform significantly better than government schools in academics — and they spend half as much per student.

    School choice programs consistently produce similar or better results for much less money. Indeed, in a 2009 review of the global research literature, the Cato Institute’s Andrew Coulson found that every study to measure efficiency in education returned a statistically significant positive result for markets.

    Meanwhile, the U.S. has nearly tripled the amount spent per government school pupil in inflation-adjusted dollars in the last 40 years while test scores have remained flat and internationally unimpressive. Perhaps it’s time to give private schools their well-deserved chance?

  40. Christos Rymenidis says:

    Why this guy, and not only, insist so much in x vs y?
    Can someone help me understand it?

  41. citizen762 says:

    No thanks.  We'll take our chances without the Fascism.

  42. Gabriele Cimolino says:

    I'm not sure what was more flowery, his language or his tie. At no point did he address why government and industry "must" work together to tackle this issue. 

  43. MrShodan91 says:

    please stop giving people like this time on your channel.  this is really embarrassing.

  44. Kyle Tilley says:

    Um. No. Government does not need to be in education at all. At the moment, it is subsidized and that is what is driving up prices and creating the mass debt that each undergraduate receives when he/she graduates college. This guy has no clue what he is talking about. Can we please bring back Penn Jillette? That guy is more knowledgeable than this clown. 

  45. joe.public says:

    this is very amusing as the reality is that it is government and industry in the western world who have completely fucked education and transformed our youth into debt slaves 
    it has been a great strategy to force compliance and obedience to the point of becoming psychopathic 

  46. ゆい714 says:

    Government and industry are pretty much the only two things in the world that aren't doing a good enough job. Both will abuse anything they legally can in order to get the results it wants.
    Science, intelligence, social acceptance is all progressing wonderfully. All our problems come from government and industry. Despite the existence of pop icons from Jersey Shore and mainstream music, I believe people are getting better overall.

    The problem is that a government is a cancer and figuring out how to cure it at this stage is impossibly difficult. You can't chop the head off your king when you have to go through the king's army. Democracy is SUPPOSED to mean that the government is controlled by the people, but just try to make big changes. You can't. Nobody can. I believe that some of our brightest have to design a better government and then people should cooperate as we implement it. What we have now is just a mess of something that kept mutating the longer it stuck around.

  47. PeopleMustAct says:

    liberalism makes me sick! Down with the big governments, the're only good for wasting money, corruption and making wars out of thin air. 
    Stop blaming religion already, the atheistic massive governments of the 20th century engaged in the most hideous massacres in human history.

  48. M6Alex7871992 says:

    ..People Come on , Dont waste your time on this Government and Industry need  to solve the Crisis of Education thing we would already have solved this problem if we would leave the Government and the Industry behind . You must think outside the monkey box they put you in . Instead of this watch Dr Steven greer Forbidden truth Hidden knowledge part 1 and part 2 on youtube and Dr Steven greer CTS Tutorial and Dr Steven greer Free energy  video on youtube available

  49. cleveland216man says:

    Education is basically based on social class. Someone's has to be smart enough to own the McDonald's (high class). Someone has to be semi smart enough to run the McDonald's ( middle class) and someone has to be dumb enough to flip the burgers (lower class)!

  50. Daniel says:

    You make a valid point, Dino. I don't see why this video is getting so many dislikes.

  51. Yuri Yanu says:

    Why couldn't the private sector alone solve the problem?

  52. Brad Steeg says:

    Industry is already in education. That's why teachers don't teach through and contribute to open source school books that are free for everyone. 

  53. Denis Goddard says:

    A fascist and an educated moron.
    Big Think, you can do better than this

  54. joeybcannon7 says:

    Good to see people don't buy this crap. They've already screwed up education. This guy probably got govt grants. Only reason he spouts this bull

  55. Doeboy Fresh says:

    I just read your title. But to better education, you need educated people to teach first. And not just any teacher. I mean that can really teach you step by step and explain things better. You want to educate people? Then get the students to become curious and WANT to learn. Not force it upon them. Not everyone likes the same subjects. So why waste their time on things they don't want to learn once basic teachings have been taught?

  56. simian504 says:

    There are two solutions that could change education for the better, permanently. The first is a cap on class sizes at 20. The second, national board certified teachers.
    The first solution's impact would be instant. The second would take a decade to sort out, but would be routine after full implementation.

  57. Nathan Pen says:

    Total bullshit … government  is busy enough screwing everything else up.

  58. RW Wilhelm says:

    What a fascistic piece of garbage.

  59. keep it 1000 says:

    aren't they already working together to take all our money and our life away from us?…
    I got to go to work!

  60. Fernanda Alves says:

    Yeah, seeing people as resources to be molded into products could work. 

  61. John Fitzgerald Kennedy says:

    Government should stay away from education.

  62. Arcade Charlie says:

    It is true that students aren't getting all the skills because how cookie cutter the education we have currently have. The education system needs to be more flexible. Our current governments can't help because, some of the people in charge are clouded by greed and war, or lack foresight, but I do believe that a future government will be able to aide this process.   

  63. 211Anon says:

    All the best education systems in the world are government-led programmes that respond to the needs of industry, but are detached from them, and that's a fact. I shudder at the thought of my son or daughter being taught at a (no-doubt fee-paying) school owned by the board of directors of McDonalds or something. 

  64. Be Enlightened says:

    1) Begin integrating adolescents in to working life, using work-experience (in a range of industries) as part of their school hours in later secondary school. This will enable them to figure out what industry they want to work in, rather than the current system of almost nobody having a clue unless their parents hook them up. Work/responsibility is also a great way to mature people.

    2) Scrap higher education (University) for all or virtually all professions and replace it with apprenticeships I.E. stop getting people to force abstract facts in to their heads to pass exams just so that they can forget them within 2-3 weeks and instead have people learn on the job, using the apparatus involved in the job, being trained by the people who do the job, learning the facts that are relevant to the day to day job.

    The above seems almost painfully obvious yet nobody wants to rock the boat. I could make numerous further points in support of point 2 in particular.

  65. podcastbard says:

    education can be so expensive for college courses, basic courses can be given for free. some colleges charge big prices for simple courses.

  66. podcastbard says:

    we need action.

  67. ilikechoco888 says:

    The private sector has enough money to build another earth, the government on the other hand is collapsing upon itself.

  68. DBroncs18 says:

    government run education has failed.

  69. reachforacreech says:

    yeah,we dont need government and industry deciding what we know ,or dont know which is what they really want (stupid masses for the government,stupid consumers for the business).we have the internet and its freedom.thats what we need.we need places where people can come together to share their common interests for thinking and developing innovations and understanding freely.not controlled freedom

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