Gym Stereotypes

wait oh dude I’m almost out of gas I don’t wanna get you straining after run home I really wanted to working out today so cute lay these at least in about 45 minutes I’ll Drive oh dude I can’t go I got a mo what mo it’s winter time tomorrow [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] what does hey why would I ever go to the gym when I get one of these for [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] my mom jock with eight-pound ladies me certainly a senior dog yoga class through those ways and then you know with these dude just like 15 more minutes of those and I’ll be done but you got a nice I remember you got the room shirt I got you dog yep thanks I’m done are you taking that [Music] [Music] well I have it summon I saw you here last week I think what were you here last week we’re going out yeah yes are you gonna go grab lunch after last week when Jeremy came over to my house you know my friend years yeah no I know yeah just like a quick sandwich oh no we’re playing Mario Kart we’re playing rainbow road I think I’m done I’m gonna head home yeah I’m pretty tired too you just got here we don’t dude you know what I’m really grateful a double cheeseburger extra bacon dude we just worked out exactly I think when I had a milkshake you I deserve it [Music] it’s good really good water it’s to look at protein goes into the mouth and then goes yeah and this into the Mustang you eat your proteins like this right got you dude yeah um d-day put it inside your arms hello folks just cruising on a treadmill hope you enjoyed our video if you would like to buy some awesome do perfect merchandise including this shirt this shirt or sweatshirts puppy love blankets backpack all kinds of cool stuff click up here in the corner if you’d like to share a lot of stereotypes video click up here but that do you like to check my phone game click straight in the middle comment share like favorite everything that’s good do it [Music] what’s all over your face protein mainly

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100 Responses

  1. Zenai says:

    I am the Rage monster

  2. Jack shilling says:

    im to young to work out

  3. Briana Perez says:

    Who noticed at 0:10 the músic was from smooth criminal

  4. Manjit Kaur says:

    The sweaty guy

  5. Dom Dynomite says:


  6. D Alvarez says:

    There's always the rage monster

  7. Maria Martinez says:

    my freind is panda and cory and coby

  8. aiden vu le says:

    The rage monster on this episode that place is probably dude perfect head quarters that they have now

  9. RA Vlogs says:

    Anyone watching this in August 2019?

  10. Franny Cat says:

    I'm the one that doesn't go to the gym cuz it's too much work

  11. Dr Liz says:

    One like = one dollar to fix the thing on the fence by the rage monster

  12. Consuelo Jurado says:

    So the gym just has an ax laying there

  13. Mainly Aquarium says:

    2:54 I think what that weigh did is weird

  14. mike Willitts says:

    I'm going to rage if you don't get the pickaxe out of the house!

  15. Matthew Marin says:

    3:08 that hammer disappeared ???

  16. Isaac Fontes says:

    Cody: I can’t cause I need to mow
    Ty: It’s winter!!
    Me: why are you wearing no sleeve shirts?

  17. Tyler Holdeman88 says:

    The justifier

  18. Matilda Hatton says:

    My name is Matilda Hatton
    My friend is called Harvey Leigh

  19. Cayden Riley says:

    I would be the guy in the corner eating a pickle because i dont work out

  20. rushil tallakokkula says:

    y u spend soooo much on rage monster
    i always get scared

  21. r o c k y t u l says:

    4:38 is my life

  22. ana judeg x says:

    Who is you friend?


  23. Melissa Galm says:


  24. Conal Kelly says:

    Anyone watching in 2019

  25. Rocky Record says:

    The pickle one is also translated to when you run out of idea’s

  26. Gaming with Travis says:

    The protein guy

  27. Cancer Dank says:

    Anybody notice at 3:08 the hammer just disappeared

  28. UltraMegaZorus says:

    I wouldn't mind the singer in my gym xD

  29. Hardcore Henrik says:

    What do you mean the picke guy is not a real thing?

  30. DarexH says:

    Sauna suit??? Perkele ku meillä käyään saunassa, nii helevetti ollaa alasti

  31. gaming with Tim says:


  32. landen White says:

    neatmike 5:20 ??????

  33. Valdrin Jajaga says:

    Im all of them

  34. Axel Vazquez says:

    1:03 I didn't know I came here to be disrespected

  35. Beaver Nation says:

    I am definitely the gallon of water guy

  36. Unknown User says:

    0:43 lol

  37. Choo Briant says:

    3:06 The Disappearing Sledgehammer

  38. ExoticBeast 22 says:

    Woah 44 mil subs and 93 mil views (these are soooooooo funny please keep doing them)

  39. Reja Ahmed says:

    I'm reja

  40. Raunak Singh Sehgal says:

    I was the talkative and now justifier

  41. Diego Cartaya says:


  42. Andrew Han says:

    This is how many things Tyler broke as rage monster


  43. anjana sinha says:

    Coby and cory

  44. SD productions says:


  45. jevun nahar says:

    My friend is Tyler,Cody,Coby and Cory

  46. Andie R says:

    Me da sweaty guy

  47. Hayden says:

    who sets their alarm for 9:37 am??

  48. Absolute Lamb says:

    I couldn’t finish this, idk who’s more cringey y’all or female comedians

  49. tyler durden says:

    wheres the black dude?

  50. 2good 4me says:

    1928 "there will be flying cars in 2019"
    2019 "fortnite season 10…"

  51. The Le Epic Destroyer says:

    If the rage monster is strong enough to through weights into some sort of desk why is he at the gym

  52. Frances Calibo says:

    I am a human and my friend too

  53. Chinmay Rath says:

    I'm the one who keeps his mouth shut and does his job. Not shown here

  54. Anuruddha Weerasekera says:

    I don't go gym … ??

  55. Repent_And_Follow_Jesus World says:

    Seek jesus and Repent of you're sins

  56. Biniya Shinoy says:

    The rage monster

  57. Simon Andersen says:

    I’m all of these

  58. AlpahaMale34 says:

    I'm a mix type , shadow boxer guy, sweaty guy, gallon water guy, mirror guy, and talk to ladies guy

  59. Soccerhorse3 says:

    I am the Creepy Guy gnawing on a pickle in the corner…

  60. KALNEYMAR _YT says:

    3:59 thats me on the gym

  61. Alex Scott says:

    Who are you

  62. Zane Johnson says:

    Just think about how much laundry they do in a week

  63. Anoop Chhina says:

    Why do they just have a pick axe and slege hammer in a yoga room

  64. Charlie Cash says:

    Who's randomly watching 5 years later
    Even though they've watched this video 50 times

  65. DaviGamer says:

    How did you get permission to break the gym

  66. alen Chavez says:

    They missed the guy who skips leg ? day

  67. roly poly says:

    Who are you

  68. roly poly says:

    Who is your freind

  69. dogger nation says:


    What if I am a creepy boi cronching on a pickle in the corner

  70. Robbie Deguia says:

    I am the creepy guy

  71. I’m Zach says:

    I’m the guys eating protien and pickles

  72. gian3730 gian3730 says:

    3:06 – 3:10 R.I.P Sludge hammer

  73. Rolf Brauer says:

    I'm the guy eating the pickle in the corner

  74. MineBlox Studios says:

    I’m the Creepy guy that sits at a corner eating pickles.

  75. Trystan Weeks says:

    Guy I the back eating a pickle would be me

  76. InternetMunchies says:

    You know who thinks this is funny, people that have never ever been to the gym

  77. Andrew Joyce says:

    1:34 had me crying ?

  78. finally out fishing says:

    3:07 ty is a magician he can make this hammer disappear

  79. Joshua YEE says:

    Thats want for insurance is for

  80. Gears Of Tech says:

    Out of so many videos in "watch later" DudePerfect always makes it way to top when arranged by Popular!!

  81. Mohammad Omar says:

    How about the guy who negates everyone and provides workout guidance council AKA "The Philosopher".

  82. Daantje says:

    Watch 1.03 at speed of 0,25

  83. Alpherr says:

    The I've been to the gym once and I think I'm ripped

  84. Dymon Power says:

    by the protein guy, everyone who knows how to sport knows that protein helps to grow up your muscles and you can eat also meat and get protein from it, everybody needs protein if you are a atlete or not

  85. Unverified Playz says:

    Why is ty always the rage monster

  86. Moksh Lucky says:

    Ty is the best

  87. king L says:

    You forgot the guy thats always sitting on one of the machines and just using his phone.

  88. Heather Cartwright says:

    who are you?

  89. Noah Johansson says:

    I am the creepy guy gnawing on a pickle in the corner

  90. Дмитрий Шведов says:

    2:50 накрыло по полной??

  91. Game Selection says:

    The train hard guy?

  92. Game Selection says:

    The knowing all and sayng tips too all?

  93. Rolf Brauer says:

    How do you make the rage monster like he destroys stuff that expensive can you tell me that

  94. Narelle Beutel says:

    This Is how many DP fans there are

  95. Maja Božinovič says:

    Team ty

  96. GoLego369 says:

    I can't be the only one who's eating right now.

  97. Marika Windahl says:

    3:01 was the most satisfying scene of all your videos

  98. Alan—A says:

    Im the protein guy and i am proud of IT : O

  99. Phina West says:

    “ It’s winter time!” wearing tank tops

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