HESES19 guidance – how to download and upload to the OfS portal

Hello, my name is Sioned Forwood and I am an analyst at the Office for Students. This presentation gives a guide on how
to obtain and submit your HESES19 or HESF20 survey. This session will cover the Office for
Students portal, the deadlines for submitting the HESES19 and HESF20
surveys, how to download your workbook and finally how to complete and submit
your workbook. We recommend that you have a basic knowledge of the HESES or
HESF surveys before watching this presentation.
You should know which survey you have been asked to complete and have
consulted the relevant guidance for the survey. The guidance can be found on the
OfS website. This presentation is part of a series of videos. It is recommended
that you watch the other videos alongside this presentation. I will now
take you through the various stages of the HESES and HESF processes. The first topic that I’m going to cover
is the Office for Students portal. At the OfS we need a secure way of transferring
data between providers and ourselves. We use the OfS portal to do this. We will be
using the portal to distribute and collect the HESES19 and HESF20
surveys. The portal can be accessed via the URL on the slide and through the
link underneath the video. It’s important that you maintain the HTTPS at the start
of the URL so that you are able to access the portal securely. For each survey that we collect we
assign an area on the portal for the survey. You are then able to download and submit your survey workbook within this area. Every colleague at your provider
that will be working on the survey will need access to the survey area. Access is
granted via the OfS portal user administrator at your provider. If you
don’t have a portal user account one of the portal user administrators at
your provider can set one up for you. You can find out who they are by emailing
[email protected] If you already have a portal account
you can find out who the portal user administrators are at your provider
through the portal, which I will go through on the next slide. Firstly, log on to the portal as normal.
Once logged in you will see the OfS logo with the yellow banner underneath it.
Click on my account to the right of the banner. You will then be taken to the
manage account screen. Even though the HESES and HESF surveys don’t require an
access key, you can click on the activate an access key button on this page to
find out who your portal administrators are. You will then be taken to the
activate key screen. You can ignore the four input boxes for the access key and
look at the list of user administrators below this. In this list
you will see the name and email of the user administrator or administrators at
your provider. Contact one of them and ask for access to the relevant survey,
either HESES19 or HESF20. The survey areas will be made available in
mid October. You will be contacted when this happens, at which point your portal
user administrator can grant you access. In late October we will release the
workbooks on the portal so that they can be downloaded. You can then start
completing your survey workbook. If you are completing the HESES19
survey and are a further education or sixth from college or academy, then the census
date for the data submitted to us is first of November 2019. You will need to
submit your workbook by noon on Thursday the 14th of November. For all other
providers completing the HESES19 survey, the census date for the data
submitted to us is 1st of December 2019. You will need to submit your workbook to
us by noon on Tuesday the 10th of December. If you are completing the HESF20 survey, then in order to receive funding in the spring grant announcement
you will need to submit your workbook by noon on Tuesday the 10th of December.
Once you have been granted access to the survey area you can download the
workbook to start completing the survey. Log in to your portal account. You will
need to navigate to the survey area called HESES19 or HESF20 depending
on which survey you are completing. Click on the survey area. There will be some
text with important information about the survey you are completing on this
page. Please ensure that you read this text periodically as it will be updated
throughout the process. To download your survey workbook click on the download
button. Your workbook will be contained within a zip file. Save your workbook to
a memorable place on your device. The blank workbook will be on the portal
throughout the process so you can download this blank workbook as many
times as you like. Open your workbook and ensure that
enable editing is activated, you will need to do this if you see the yellow
bar in Excel, as displayed on the slide. More cells in the workbook are formatted
as numeric please ensure that you only enter numbers in these cells
otherwise you may not be able to submit the workbook successfully. We recommend that you don’t copy and paste values into the workbook, however if you need to
then please make sure to use the paste values option when right-clicking on the
cell you wish to paste into. The workbook is password-protected to ensure that it
can be successfully submitted. Some cells are locked within the workbook – you will
not be able to and do not need to edit these. It is important that you do not
attempt to unprotect the workbook. If we find that you have unprotected the workbook we will not accept the workbook as a valid submission. Please use the guidance documents
available on our website when completing the workbook. Detailed instructions on
how to fill in each table of the HESES19 workbook can be found in ‘Completing
the HESES19 workbook’. Definitions can be found in the HESES19 guidance. The
HESF20 guidance gives both instructions and definitions for filling
in the tables. If the validation check box shows a list of tables in red text
you will need to review the validation checks on these tables and fix the
errors. You must ensure that the validation check is displaying no
validation errors in green text as we will not accept your submission if it is
invalid. Please note that any workbook submitted before the census date will
show as invalid in the results workbook. If you submit your completed workbook
before the census date please submit again after the census date for the
workbook to be valid. Once you have reviewed the checks on the information
tab of your workbook you can then submit it to the portal. Log onto the OfS portal
and navigate to your survey area. Click the upload button located underneath the
download button. On the next screen you will need to locate your workbook on
your device by clicking ‘choose file’ then selecting the file and clicking open. The
file name will then appear next to the choose file button. You can then click
upload. As the OfS portal can only process one
workbook at a time you will be put into a submission queue and the survey area
will appear on your screen. There will be a new box under the information text
informing you that your file has been submitted and is waiting to be processed.
This should take no longer than a few minutes depending on how busy the portal
is at the time. You can leave the page and return later on – you will not be
taken out of the queue. Please be aware that the portal will be busier closer to
the survey deadlines so the queuing time will be longer. Once you have reached the
front of the queue the status box will change informing you that your file is
being processed. Your workbook is now being submitted. This will take no longer
than a couple of minutes. Once your workbook has finished processing, the status
box will change to a green successfully completed message. This means that you
have submitted a valid workbook for the survey. Even though you have now
completed your submission there are a couple of additional areas that you
should review. If you scroll down on the survey area page you will see a history
of submissions heading. A box will appear for every upload you make to the portal
with details of the upload. You should check that the outcome shows as a
success and the comment shows that the workbook was processed successfully. You should then check what is known as the results package. A new button will appear
below the download and upload buttons called results. Click this button to
download the results package zip file. The zip file contains your processed
workbook. The workbook is a recreation of the same workbook that you uploaded. It
contains an updated submission number and the date of the submission which are
displayed on the information tab. We will refer to this workbook during the data
verification phase and to ultimately sign off your data. If your workbook has failed validation then a validation worksheet will appear which lists the
validation errors that have failed. Please amend the workbook to resolve any validation errors and re-upload. If you need to make any amendments to your
survey you should edit this workbook rather than the one that you uploaded.
You can then submit this workbook to the portal once you have made the amendments. Guidance documents and information about the survey can be found on the OfS website. You can get in touch with us via
email if you have any questions about any aspects of the survey process. For
specific queries about the portal, you can email [email protected] For HESES queries, email [email protected] For HESF queries, email [email protected] Thank you for
listening, please keep watching for more videos and further information.

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