High school seniors under pressure ahead of exam day

It’s that time of the year again… when the
pressure is on the nation’s high school seniors and other college hopefuls. One month from today, planes will stop flying…
stock market will open later than usual… local churches and temples will see a surge
of middle-aged women. Yes, every year on the second or third Thursday
of November… all high school seniors in Korea sit down to take a make-or-break college
entrance exam With four weeks to go, how are they getting
ready for a day they have been preparing… all their lives? Our Lee Unshin takes us through the day of
a typical high school senior. At the break of dawn on one chilly autumn
day, Kim Se-eun is busy getting ready for school. She has a strenuous day full of classes ahead,
but can’t forget the most important meal of the day. On her way to school, she may also try to
squeeze in a ten-minute nap. “Imagine spending eight or more hours at this
desk every day, cramming for the big exam, all the while trying to figure out not just
the field you want to major in at college but also what you want to do for a living.” Like the other 600-thousand high school seniors
in Korea, Se-eun is preparing for the annual college entrance exam — now just one month
away in November. “I try to study whenever I get a chance. I have a tutor who helps me focus on the subjects
I’m not very confident about, and I often study with friends, either at school late
at night or at a cafe. I’ve been working hard throughout the years
and now I have an idea of what college I want to attend and what I want to study, so I want
to do my best in November.” The test is often described as make it or
break-it test because not only is it the deciding factor in college admissions decisions…
students have to wait a full year to take it again if they don’t do well….so the pressure
is intense. Se-eun’s homeroom teacher shared some of her
advice. “This is a time to review what you’ve learned. We encourage students to prepare several months
or a year in advance by taking prep tests, so they can remain calm around this time. It also helps to talk to classmates who share
the same anxiety.” “Spending the last two and a half years here,
Se-eun made a plenty of friends at high school. And now, with just about 30 days left until
the big college entrance exam, her friends are by her side, enduring the pressure together.” “I’m getting nervous as it gets closer to
the exam. But I’m so thankful I’m not alone. My classmates and friends motivate me when
I feel exhausted and lonely.” “Instead of trying too hard to learn new information,
I’m focusing on reviewing what I’ve been studying. I’m also prioritizing my health, so I stick
to a study schedule that I know works well for me, which includes getting enough sleep.” While the students are nervous, many of them
have sat through six prep exams this year. But no matter how well prepared the students
are, it’s still a stressful time, because the year leading up to the test is known as
the most difficult time in a students’ secondary education. “At this point, it’s important to stay positive
and follow your usual study schedule, rather than trying to do something dramatic, such
as over-cramming or cutting down on sleep.” Experts also say that while standardized tests
matter, students should take heart and remember that they don’t determine a person’s worth. Lee Unshin, Arirang News.

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    anyway cheering for them!

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