How DANGEROUS Are Strict Parents?

Hey there! Welcome to Life Noggin! Whether or not we like to admit it, our parents
have a big effect on us – and I don’t just mean genetically. How they raise us can influence everything
from our future social relationships to how much fruit we eat…yeah. It can also have a large impact on our brain
and development, which is why it’s important for parents to be involved in their kid’s
lives. But what happens when they are a little, well,
too involved? A common theme among overprotective parents
is to shield their kids from anything that could hurt them physically, emotionally, and
even academically., The parents that take this to the extreme are often referred to
as helicopter parents, and that sounds way cooler than it actually is. But their efforts don’t seem to have the
desired effect. A 2014 study on college students found that
those with over-controlling parents had significantly higher levels of depression and less satisfaction
with life due to their lack of autonomy. Generally, these parents want to help their
kids through life. But removing all stressful situations from
their children doesn’t seem to actually help them at all. Several studies have looked at how stress
affects brain and social development in rats. As opposed to chronic or sustained stress,
which stems from things like neglect and violence and is agreed upon to be harmful to children,
these studies tested how acute or short-term stress from activities like playing and competitions
affected the animals. For example, one study found that rats that
weren’t allowed to play-fight as juveniles grew up to have social problems like hyper-aggression
and anti-social behaviors as adults. Overall, these animal studies have shown that
brief, controlled amounts of stress during childhood can be beneficial for the development
of the brain, social skills, intelligence, and even the immune system., An authoritarian or strict parenting style
doesn’t produce the desired effect either. Take triangle bob for example, As opposed to becoming well-behaved and avoiding
dangers like drinking, drug use, and other RISKY ADULT BEHAVIORS , children of strict
parents tend to be more rebellious, suffer from low self-esteem and emotional problems
like depression, and often become bullies. Despite their popularity, the data shows that
corporal punishments like spanking also have a negative impact on children. Around the world, around 80 percent of parents
report using physical punishments like spanking to discipline their children.,, Which is scary
when you look into what effect spanking has on them. A 2016 meta-analysis combining the results
of 75 previous studies found that spanking results in more aggression, more antisocial
behavior, more mental health problems, lower cognitive abilities, lower self-esteem, and
more negative relationships with parents. The parenting style that has been found to
have the best impact on children is called authoritative parenting. It combines discipline and guidance with warmth
and support – something I think all of us can benefit from. Thank you for being a loving parent, Animator. I appreciate you. As much as science has told us about different
parenting styles, people have lots of different experiences, we wanna hear yours if you’re
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Life Noggin, don’t forget to keep on thinking!

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100 Responses

  1. Worm String says:

    My parents aren't very strict.

  2. Fisher Silverado says:

    so ur saying, parents should let their kids be spoiled little bitches???

  3. Geometry Dash Arcticat says:

    “you get a C? YOU GROUNDED FOR 99 YEAR!”

    Every asian parent ever.

  4. Trey Tube HD says:

    #dearblocko how is A.D.H.D caused

  5. Unknownnn SH says:

    horrible parents their saying that there discipline is correct hmm lets chEcK that (cussing at them-hitting them with different type of wEapOnS such as BELT-BROOM-BELT WITH METAL…etc and sOMe parents are saying because of VIDEO GAMES there kids are violent and if your one of the KIDS-TEEN u understand this VIDEO GAMES MAKE US HAPPY and because of some or most of us became violent IT CHAINED REACTION TO BULLYING at school AND FOR THAT WE GET SCOLDED BEATEN UP AND MORE and so it is true Don't Judge a book by its cover people need to understand why we are like this Rebellious-violent and more and if some parents read this i bet only 2% out of 100% will understand

  6. Jennifer Isaacs says:

    Well serial killer parents exist too. Some are quite nice to family members.

  7. raeley antonio says:

    Parents: *watch this vid*

    Parents: no it’s those darn video games!

  8. Frosty Hila says:

    Actually my parants never smacked or swore around me, though every time I fail a test they take my computer and phone, which I think is still better then smacking, but it always annoyed me.

  9. Diochne Dione says:

    72% of parents would die for their kids bc they love them BUT That doesnt make them good parents…sorry

  10. Chicken Nuggets says:

    Who else has a strict parent?

  11. Delaney Cook says:

    I have a suggestion for your next video

    Climate change

  12. Code:smirk says:

    Pulls out la chancla*

  13. Leaf says:

    Hispanic parents has left the chat

  14. pikminbro says:

    Me stooped

  15. milkest milkshake says:

    Yes my mum doesn’t spank? my dad doesn’t tho but she doesn’t live in the same country as us

  16. Prosamis says:

    My parents divorced when I was 4, and neither of them had the time to raise me properly

    So I ended up antisocial, depressed, and always longing for love and attention from others to the point where I easily get clingy and possessive

    It took me to the age of 14 for me to get my first hug from someone outside my family, and I have yet to ever date/be in a relationship as a second year college student

    Life's pretty lonely

  17. Shamima Islam says:

    Ok i have stirct parents

  18. Mohnish the steam engine says:

    #dear blocko can you ask the animator to make you use a train all the time or I'll steal all your pizza bagels from mohnish the steam engine

  19. Bluey Faxt says:

    There a point when it become abuse.

  20. The Titanium Dog says:

    What if Minecraft was IRL

  21. Starry Song says:

    Look, I understand that some parents can take physical discipline too far. But for a lot of kids, the only way they learn is the hard way. My parents spanked when I deserved it, and I know that has made me a better person and adult.

  22. Super x'7 Gamer! says:

    I think that spanking your kid or eny other kid should be illegal

  23. _XxlazymoexX _ says:

    My mom ask me "why are u always mean to me"

  24. Fried Chicken says:

    The thing is, I know they are trying to help but the things they do are just making me more sad each day

  25. Guest Buke says:

    Whoever is grounded can like this

    If I steal your comment that means I didn’t see it

  26. That1Banana9 says:

    #Dearblocko What does it mean to be actually dead BUM BUM BUM

  27. naruto rene null animator says:

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  28. Hasnain Ali says:

    Basically Asian parents…
    It's very surprising to find genuinely good parents…

  29. Pedro Soto says:

    Life nogan how do our bodies grow

  30. Anonymous Doggo says:

    Asian parents be THE WORST

  31. Baginda says:

    Wow , my parents are rare…

    Better sell them

  32. AttackDog 136 says:

    I was raised with openness to situations and my parents asked me my opinion so they supported my independence and helped me get there so I feel normal in adult life and don’t freak out when a stressful situation presents itself and they spanked me growing up and it didn’t negatively affect me

  33. Marcos Castillo says:

    Bruh i don’t really care what parents do bruh im doin what i want even while getting spanked and told to do something i know the difference between right and wrong

  34. Zaphy says:

    Haven't watched, guessing it severely affects your mental state.

  35. Davork says:

    I was raised by the internet

  36. Queue Zynx says:

    Dear Blocko: if you're drunk and slept what would your dream be like?

  37. TheAnonymous says:

    So it wasn't normal for my dad to spank me with a meat hammer? Jeez your generation have it easy

  38. Tundra-Dragon says:

    Glad to finally know solid science behind why physical punishment is bad. I and a few others I know were punished physically, some of us more than others. None of us can remember what we did or why it was bad, just being scared to death of our parents afterwords for any minor mistake. We knew it was bad, but no one likes to listen to 'inexperienced children' say "this was our experience".

  39. Turbo Playz says:

    Long story short just remember how you are now and how you were before and try to raise your future children the way you would like to be raised. My dad almost never bothered to teach me anything abd the time he did teach me something ( swimming) he just pushed me off the boat and said u can float then procceded to go a bit far so i would swim. I did learn how to swim but at the cost that i can now never enterthe sea with people.

  40. Squeakertard Gomez says:


    Where do are texts go when we delete them

  41. S Kurt says:

    Damn, 80% of children face physical abuse from their parents? This is only teaching them that violence is the answer

  42. Darrick Cole says:

    Dear blocko what happiness during a heart a-take

  43. Yellow Stompher says:

    What will happen if we ate our poop Instead of normal food

  44. TheLordKiller_YT xxShadowMinecraftxx says:

    So if Im already destroyed by my dad at 14 , soooo uuh im goimv to be sad all my life?

  45. Rhea Anchan says:

    The comment section is actually happened

  46. Junior Master says:

    can you make a video of this what would happen if you eat your own feces

  47. FuturedPanda Hi says:

    I'm good at arguing. Go figure

  48. Karen Dougdeen Gokool says:

    My dad is strict

  49. Mako says:

    What happens when your drunk

  50. kryptic edits says:

    lol y’all get beat? i beat them ????????

  51. Princess Gnome says:

    Dearblocko what will happen if it never rain

  52. PyRo Stormzy says:

    I’m gonna show my mom this video, I’ll let you know if I survive

  53. PyRo Stormzy says:

    At the doctors office:

    Doctor: What do you want to be when u grow up?

    Me: a video game maker ?

    My mom as soon as we get in the car: gets her iPhone charger and tortures me with it

    Then she asks why I have depression and why I have no passion

  54. Chub Chubz says:

    My parent: BELT BUCKLE

  55. Dr Cringe says:

    #dearblocko sorry.
    What school did you go to

  56. Kroc vlog says:

    If i go out today cant go out tmr?‍♂️?‍♂️

  57. Peter PH says:

    I have a strict babysitter.

  58. The Realit says:

    Me: Needs to have surgery.

    My mom: iT's bECauSe yOu ArE oN YoUr PhONe AlL dAY!

  59. Mateo Nicolas says:

    I just realized your island at the start of the video is a brain.

  60. XRT: Xaviour says:

    I wish I had the guts to show this to my parents

  61. SwagingMc SwaggingTon says:

    Nah you need to spank kids, they'll just turn out spoiled if you don't

  62. Ruben Reis says:

    I think I am proof of how correct this is, while I did have an abusive father too (more emotional with me) my sisters had way more abuse from him both physically and mentally, the results are quite clear unfortunately…

  63. Important gamer says:

    Dear blocko.

    Why do we speak like the characters in cartoons or In YouTube videos we watch?

  64. iCanHat says:

    I accidentally got addicted to this

  65. p creeper Zhou says:

    I’m vengeful cuz of my parents they are very strict and my dad spanks me sometimes but my dad is fun so I like their NON strict side

  66. iCanHat says:


  67. alex spirtu says:

    #DearBlock is killer bee honey dangerous?

  68. Taesty says:

    having 95/100 mom: spank

  69. EpicGamer 008 says:

    Me like:
    I got a D- on an exam

  70. Sam Is Ham says:

    Once my dad was using the belt (folded), it unfolded and the metal part hit my hand, my dad thought I was being dramatic for screaming and thought it was just a bruise, i got a hairline fracture and I can still feel the lump whenever I touch that part of my hand.

  71. Sugarbrine Doesn’t Post Vids says:

    Me: wants to send to mom
    Mom: comes home
    Me: nevermind-

  72. Hani Awazem says:

    Kids watch too much TV and use actors or singers or athletes as their role models. This creates brainwashed society and selfish individuals. People strayed from religion which left emptiness inside their souls and the Media encourages that to devid people so that can be easily controlled. Kids need to know to respect their parents and listen to them and care for each other and appreciate what they have and be thankful.

  73. Skyforce 213 says:

    Not to be stereotypical but most Hispanics fall under this category

  74. Skyforce 213 says:

    These parent comments are hilarious

  75. XxKiara GachaxX says:

    Who dares me to send this to my parents? ?

  76. Plushies Slashers says:

    What if you are out side for to long at summer

  77. eshaal emad says:

    #DearBlocko what happens when you get an ankle sprain?

  78. Riel Marwin Marciano says:

    I will be a parent so i can be a helicopter

  79. ANDY RODRIGUEZ says:

    Blocko why do we get shocked

  80. Ashleymweed says:

    I was spanked and after I made a dumb decision and got spanked I knew not to do it again

  81. The Gamer says:

    If I had very strict parents, after seeing this video I would call cps

  82. god says:

    Damn like damn

  83. NathanZPlayz says:

    Poor kids who were abused

  84. Mr.BigWilly says:

    Me: Gets depressed due t-

  85. Evil Paragon 4 says:

    I never see studies that show the effects of both positive and negative reinforcement.

    All the studies are like "We asked people and a lot of people said they hit their kids, shocking! We then looked at the results of a few families who only hit their kids and we had these terrible results!"

    A majority of parents however, don't just hit their kids, they reward with praise, treats, events like going to the movies, etc. I haven't seen any studies that show the effects of kids who receive both.

  86. Ana Rios says:

    my life with a chill parent:

    only gets phone taken away when “grounded”

    only has to clean room and kitchen

    can hit my brothers without them hitting me


    My parents expect a lot of from me because all my siblings are either assholes or dumbasses

  87. Carlo Bayani says:

    mom: UR GROUNDED???????
    sin: i hate u mom

  88. MewCanAnimate And Game says:

    All my strict parents did was make me antisocial and have suicidal tendencies

  89. The witch Doctor. says:

    It is true.

  90. Nurul Fathiah Abd Razak says:

    I never get to have my own life
    and my perents are very strict

  91. Element says:

    #LifeNoggin I got two questions for u
    Does poison get expired if so the if poison gets expired does it get more poisonus or less poisonus KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK ???

  92. SA.11 Ok says:

    Hears that over controlling parents causes more depression

    Me: Turns the sound on full

  93. Autorium says:

    I have a question have you seen any stars lately? I haven't seen one since i was 8 and now im 13 Life Noggin why can't i or we see stars anymore?

  94. Aurora Abregana says:

    I'm still a child

  95. Olilolaf says:

    What whould happen if Shadows didn't exist?

  96. ꧁꧁ lilac ꧂꧂ says:

    Me: has super strict parents

    Me: sees video

    rushes to parents to make them see the video

    Parents: after watching video

    Me: gets bruises all over

  97. CG 745 says:

    What happens if you dont pee for a year

  98. muna Abdul says:

    What happen when we sleep in one side for too long????!

  99. Roberto says:

    Ok so this is my story

    My parents is strict especially my dad because hes a trained maritime engineer so discipline is in his mind.. when we were kids together with my siblings when we do stupid things or fight each other he do hit us with broomstick,belt,slipper and the most painfull is the whip.. yes a whip.. (btw were from philippines so its part from asia were parents hit theyre kids) he hit us that but not that hard.. the time i get older (currently 21) i once talked to my mom that why did dad hit us with such weapons Haha.. she said that my granddad(fathers side dad) hit theyre sons and daughters brutally because triggered.. and now i understand my dad why did he do those but sometimes he is caring like a motherly figure one.. but more of a barbaric way.. i do feel depress and unsatisfied in my life.. i do feel stress about them until now but i still love them tho.. but thanks to them im here now

    Sorry for bad english im sleepy if you have any question about my story of having strict asian parents feel free to ask ty

  100. Reddin T.V says:

    T H A T D A M N P H O N E

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