How Did Science Get Neanderthals So Wrong?

Let’s be real, guys, Neanderthals get a
bad rap. We think of them as primitive and less developed
than us humans with our smooth brow bones and tall posture. But the field of hominid development has been
telling us for some time now that this is probably pretty far from the truth. And new research tells us that Neanderthals
could have been…just as sophisticated as humans! Why have we been wrong for so long? A lot of our prejudices about neanderthals
come from our somewhat mistaken interpretation of the fossil record. When the first neanderthal skeleton was recorded
by scientists in the mid 1800s, the conclusion they came to was it must have been a bowlegged
Slavic person whose brow seemed furrowed because he was in a lot of pain. [incredulous hmmm face here]
Yeah, that’s how they explained the pronounced brow on the skull they found. And nearly every neanderthal skeleton discovered
since then was marked by some gruesome injury or violent cause of death, particularly around
the head and neck. A small sample a few years ago originally
found that significantly more Neanderthal remains were marked by this kind of violence
than the other non-neanderthal species that were alive at the same time. I dunno, maybe they just played a lot of football? This seeming discrepancy between species led
the anthropological and paleontological communities to guess that neanderthals must have been
different from the other hominids. They must have been more prone to violence,
which could have due to hunting large, dangerous game…but some scientists also perpetuated
the idea that Neanderthals must have often been in conflict with one another. That theory was tempting because it gives
us a logical explanation for why Neanderthals aren’t around anymore and we are–maybe
they just had it harder and couldn’t hack it. But this view of Neanderthals as brutish thugs
was building from already shaky place. William King was the first to think that maybe
these skeletons were an extinct form of human, which was insightful of him, and he gave the
species their name. But then he kinda backtracked on that brilliance
when he compared our early relative’s skull with its protruding brow to the skulls of
living humans. This in itself isn’t bad practice, but coming
to conclusions about a whole group of people because of their skull shape is a pseudoscience
called phrenology that was popular during King’s time, and has been used in the past
to justify extremely racist and unscientific ideas about the differences between humans. King’s opinion was that the Neanderthal
skulls were similar to the skulls of living indigenous populations that he already deemed
to be ‘lesser’, and so he declared that Neanderthals must have been very primitive
indeed. This first deliberate misunderstanding about
the character of these early upright mammals, rooted in someone’s personal bias, has stuck
in the public mindset about Neanderthals, perpetuated by the gaps in our data about
them and the popular representations of them in the media. And the fact that we may not have looked at
or questioned the first ideas about Neanderthals too hard until recently. But recent work challenges us to unstick those
assumptions from our brain…and provides the science to back it up. As paleontology advances, we simply have so
many more skeletons and artifacts to work with–there’s more of the picture to see. And the more we see, the more we realize that
our earlier ideas may have just been due to sampling bias. A new study, the largest of its kind to date,
has looked at large samples of all kinds of early hominids and come to the conclusion
that Neanderthals weren’t special–they didn’t experience that much more violence
than any other early hominid…life back then was pretty brutal for everyone. And this just adds to the chorus of evidence
that’s come out recently to combat the negative view of our departed cousins. Thought Neanderthals were just banging rocks
together? Experts now believe that Neanderthal tools
were just as complex as ours. In fact, early Neanderthal tools show a sophistication
that human tools don’t until humans migrated to Neanderthal territory…indicating that
they probably shared that tool-making knowledge with us! The world’s oldest cave paintings were also
just discovered in modern-day Spain. The art dates back 65,000 years, well before
any of our human ancestors were hangin’ out there, meaning….it had to be the Neanderthals. Painting up a storm before we even arrived. If you’ve got grunting and pointing Neanderthals
in your head, then think again. They could probably talk like us and most
likely even had culture like ours. Recent work has revealed that they buried
their dead, intentionally and ritually–part of a culture that also may have included decorating
themselves with brightly colored paints, feathers and shell jewelry. And they also used medicinal plants to treat
their aches and pains, so…that’s sounding pretty sophisticated to me. All in all, this shifting field is helping
us learn so much more about our past and our fellow ancestors, and hopefully these insights
could give us some clues as to why the neanderthals went extinct–which is still one history’s
biggest mysteries. All of this is also making us examine where
a lot of our scientific assumptions come from. It’s always good to look critically at why
a field has believed what it’s believed for so long. And with areas of study where it’s just
impossible to see all the data, we have to check ourselves and be careful not to fill
in the gaps with something just because of an assumption or preconception we’ve had…especially
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keep working on thinking critically about science and its history together. And fun fact, neanderthals actually had bigger
brains than modern humans…they just may have not have packed as much into it. Thanks for watching.

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100 Responses

  1. jebes909090 says:

    I knew it, white folks killed those neadrathals. cause raaaaaaacism!

  2. David Lazo says:

    Soon as white people find out they were part Neanderthal all of a sudden Neanderthal is a smart intelligent being

  3. tOnySi says:

    This is fake news and a propaganda by white people who wants to stay relevant in an ever changing diverse culture and globalization. It's just another way for Trump supporters to insert their dominance since being white men gunning down schools, churches, restaurants is not enough for their manhood.

  4. yamouf1 says:

    they changin the narrative cuz white people descend from neanderthals.

  5. Daniel says:

    its probably very simple to explain what happened to neanderthals.. the same as humans always did in the past when we find a new race.
    we explored new lands, met neanderthals… pretended to be friends, learned their skills that we had a use for, and then killed them all or used them as slaves.

  6. Micah Philson says:

    I've always thought, imagine traveling to a new area and meeting an entirely different human species!
    Not just a different culture or race, if you will, but an entire species unto its own, so different that there could hardly be any mating between the two.
    I mean, for one, imagine racism today and how that would be then. I imagine our current proclivity to racism has its roots in feeling different from other groups of human like that. But imagine if being so different also caused us to be so tolerant and together, like the Neanderthals may have been, to share all that with us.
    It just can hardly be imagined. All humans today, different as some of us may be, are all the same animal. Meeting another human that was similar, but truly different, is unthinkable!

  7. oku_jumu says:

    Let me guess …your studies showed that they where gender neutral

  8. Nats J.v.R says:

    It is a known fact that the bones of the skull continue to grow all through our aging process, especially the brow bone… these were just people of great age.

  9. Casanova Eires says:

    Here's a thought. What if, like history repeats as always, the Non-Neanderthals were threatened. Neanderthals being the superior species. The Non killed off what they could and bread out what they couldn't. This is a fair idea that has been thrown around and some evidence does show breeding and death. Maybe it's more the other way around. Neanderthals being the Non and the Non or "Us" are actually Neanderthals.

  10. M6BrokeMe says:

    I believe anything Maren says. Something about her is extremely convincing. Subscribed.

  11. The Truth Channel says:

    Because they placated 300 year old Victorian superstition until they couldnt get away with it anymore. How did they get evolution so wrong? Answer. Same thing. They didnt. They know evolution is bullshit. They ALL know it but they will placate to it until they can no longer do it.

  12. 21EC says:

    Scientists claim that there is some small percentage (1-4%+- or so) of Neandertal in every non African person on Earth, but most of our DNA contains Homo Sapien genes so it doesnt matter that much.

  13. 21EC says:

    the % of Neanderthal is very small tho (1-4%+- or so), were still mostly Homo Sapien in our DNA.

  14. MrBusItDown says:

    Black people been telling white people they come from Neanderthals

  15. Razvan Mihaeanu says:

    Neanderthals = the original victims of "let them in" multiculturalism.

  16. Razvan Mihaeanu says:

    Get off your high horse, girl!
    Standing on the shoulders of previous generations of scientists and their cumulated discoveries responsible for the way we see Neanderthals today doesn't make you morally superior.

  17. D Man says:

    They where very undeveloped. Its why they went extinct. They lacked communication, there tools stayed the same for thousands of years. Their tight nit ways of staying small and independent kept them from learning from each other and evolving. Majorty of them probaly ran for higher ground when the africans came. The smart ones stayed, learned and turned to white people. The rest died out. Not smart at all.

  18. eze bentivegna says:

    Maybe the natural instinct of human race to destroy everything that we interact with, we did in the past with other species like the dodo, tazmanian, etc..

  19. El Ram says:

    A few questions: how many neanderthal specimens have been found? Is there evidence to support there were enough to say…produce organized tribes, ie large social groups, or is that just our conclusion that they did? Did they founded any villages/towns? I know, this last one is probably impossible to answer, conclusively.

    Anywho, I'm thinking they could simply have been our fellowmen but we're cast out just like we used to do with those suffering from lepracy. Therefore, they were humans like us but deformed and cast out. They then perhaps, banded together for survival in small groups. These groups reclused themselves for safety away from us in the tough and far-flunged areas they're usually found on today. The rest of us humans, having larger numbers and being more mobile, pushed them out and took advantage of them – taking away their goods, for easy pickings through raiding and betrayal…just like we did with the native Americans. Easier that…than fighting fierce, wild animals. Rinse and repeat the process wherever they may be found and bingo…we killed them all.

    All of us humans carry genetic mutations and imperfections. Plus, apparently, we're also losing genetic code every generation. So, could it be that: through the breeding and isolation of certain human ethnic groups; that 'neanderthal' gene got (for lack of a better word) produced…through that inbreeding. There would be a lack of genetic diversity within those group pockets which would then produce those mutations. Perhaps this is why the specimens are mostly found in Europe and about 2% of them, apparently, is said to carry those genes.

    Perhaps, it was what we now identify as "white" people, back then, simply carried a certain trait, that, while they continued procreating in relative isolation and 'same' genes, that "neanderthal" trait came about – whereas in most other parts of the world, that trait did not materialize as much…given that whoever they mated with, just didn't produce that trait. Or something like that.

    Anyway. Fascinating topic. It's good when science realizes they had it wrong.

    What do you think? Let me know but be nice; it's simply something that popped into my head just now…and I'm hungry for some tacos.

  20. Andreja Calibri says:

    Maybe Neanderthal skulls showed signs of violence because they were killed off by Homo Sapiens. Maybe the more violent species is the one that survived.

  21. The Truth Channel says:

    I want everyone to google what Neanderthals were portrayed and drawn as in 1975. They were Planet of the Apes rip offs.
    Now google how they are depicted in 2019. They dont even resemble each other. Remember this the next time your Biology professor starts droning on about Natural Selection (something that is COMPLETELY and INTENTIONALLY misrepresented by 'science') Dont get me wrong. Science exists. There are real scientists. Just not very many. Scientists survive by following the pack. The min. you buck the status quo you are seen as a rebel and a threat to the herd. And really they dont care if man came from an ape ancestor or a sack of rocks. Its not about that for them. They ONLY get money if they maintain the status quo. Its about MONEY. Not about science or truth or any of the things they REALLY TERRIBLY want us to believe they are interested in. Sorry guys. Reality is a bitch. I know. Lucky for me i have college professors in my family and I was educated starting at age 4 about the academic cabal and whats its really about. Its about generating income. Period. Its 98% about generating funds and 2% about doing science. Think about the next time you get 'Climate' Change shoved down your throat. Do they care? No. Not at all. They dont have time to. Theyre too busy shoveling someone else's turds so they can get their shells.

  22. Thapelo Afrika says:

    Racists strike again LMFAO

  23. Sulli11 says:

    If I remember right, Homo-sapiens actively hunted Neanderthals because their territories were overlapped. I took a look at an article from a few months ago that spoke about how neanderthals happened to take head trauma before 30yrs more often than Homo-sapiens. Then looking at some skulls they look like they are from items that are more like bludgeoning weapons than animal attacks, however this could be conformation bias on my part. <- Article I read (does not have skull database or any confirmation on second claim)

  24. ljuc says:

    But do they both share the same ancestor? Because they would not be able to interbreed otherwice.

  25. Bundle of Perceptions says:

    It's probably a sad fact that Neanderthal was by far the more deserving species, but Homo Sapiens proved to be a more ruthless adversary (the lack of a moral compass for most can do a lot of harm). I'll bet Neanderthals wouldn't have destroyed the biosphere as we have been doing.

  26. Darryl Martin says:

    More racism by a phenomenon called: "Post Black US President Heebie Jeebie's syndrome". I know……it's a long one . Don't worry big pharma will have a designer drug for it before the end of 2019 .?

  27. Dagnabbitz19 says:

    Look at black people today. You can tell how stupid they are just by looking at them. Its obvious.

  28. sprinter768 says:

    Maren <3

  29. Ducky Darkstar says:

    0 % Neanderthal ?

  30. Michael V says:

    Before meeting Neanderthals, Homo Sapiens made 100000s of years nothing more than variants of spear heads. Afterward Homo Sapiens started cave painting and buried their dead people. Finally domesticated animals, built temples and developed agrar revolution. Context?

  31. nicollettenyob says:

    Hmm. Time to change the Neanderthal narrative now that it's known that that's what Europeans are! Typical. Sounds like a different species altogether who need to be locked up in a zoo.

  32. Badgerrr Lattin says:

    Real science is based in eternal doubt. There is no "settled science". Science always gets things wrong, but hopefully time and study take us closer to the truth . This is only possible if we reject this absurdity of settled science or faith in science. Faith is for religions.

  33. Toaster Bath Challenge says:

    Anybody else wonder how she looks naked?

  34. Rawmatt says:

    How Did Science Get Neanderthals So Wrong? Easy, they assume their version of history is correct. They are wrong.

  35. Mark Jacobson says:

    Neanderthals had a larger brain case than us. While they had art, they did not have writing. So, I wonder if this larger brain was used to memorize the thousands of names of ancestors, in order. This would be on the cultural order of how the Old Testament provides a history of who begat whom for generations and kingdoms.

    Otherwise, why would they need a larger brain than what we have now?

  36. TallCoolDrink says:

    Scientists don't know much about anything past 10,000 year of history.
    Most of this type of stuff is pure speculation.

  37. Jax Nean says:

    We shouldn't get ahead of ourselves. It takes a lot of fossils to build a comprehensive picture of the past.

  38. Esharido says:

    You got the science wrong because you're realizing how much of them is in your DNA and you need to start doing damage control and start spinning their narrative in a positive light. If they were truly comparable in intelligence with humans they wouldn't have gone completely extinct.

  39. All Abored says:

    Stop lying cave beast

  40. Mystomachhurt says:

    They didn't just go extinct, we eat them

  41. chinchenping says:

    my bet is that neanderthal went extinct because they had a breeding season while we don't (totally and absolutly speculative)… We basically reproduced like rabbits, piggy backing on neanderthal's knowledge and overwhelmed their population.

  42. Nicolas says:

    we are not wrong, they are dead and we are not 😉

  43. William Overton says:

    Neanderthal would have been more integral if they were equal.

  44. William Overton says:

    My opinion about entire groups is 140,000 is not enough to nationalize and it causes diseases. Whether Indians Islanders or Jews biological exclusivity with a pretens to culture is immoral.

  45. 02337755 says:

    This will make the Geico Cavemen happy.

  46. Tim Possible says:

    If science can't see it or touch it they'll usually be wrong about it

  47. teren teren teren says:

    No. It's just because whites found out they're part Neanderthal themselves, hence the change in sentiment. It is what it is.

  48. Helen Valles says:

    Neanderthals and homo sapiens coexisted for a while. The Earth child series by Jean M Auel makes for fascinating reading.

  49. William Overton says:

    I think Neanderthal were advanced enough to cross the Atlantic from North Africa to the brittish isles

  50. NATHAN M. says:

    Imagine how good neanderthal women where in bed.

  51. Aaron Wright says:

    The skulls were damaged because a surplus of Neanderthal NDA caused individual Neanderthals to resurrect as zombies after death and eat the flesh of those close by. The only way to kill these resurrected persons was to significantly damage their skulls and let the brain swell and finally die on its own or damage the motor portions of the cerebral cortex.

    This phenomenon eventually led to the development of an after death ritual where the brain and skull were intentionally damaged to prevent resurrection, and the bodies were deeply buried “just in case.”

    Indeed, this ritual proved to make resurrection virtually impossible. Over time, Neanderthals noticed “hybrid” sapiens were less likely to resurrect after death (people still died on their own), and made it a social policy to both continue their ritual (skull damage and burial), and breed with groups demonstrating “non-zombie” traits like smaller foreheads, thinner builds, and other obvious markers of ‘homosapien’ ancestry. Over time, the policy of “interbreeding” worked to reduce and finally eliminate zombifcation after death. This eventually led to the aging-out of ceremonial skull damage before burial, but to this day the burial ritual itself persists as a social remnant of our more chaotic past – and our ancestral war with death and the dead.

  52. SpikyTuber says:

    Science gets a lot of things wrong look at vaccines

  53. Reyginald Aarestrup says:

    We ate them…thrust me.

  54. James Flames says:

    Of course neanderthals were smart, peoples that interbred with them have higher IQs.

  55. Caracajou says:

    This dumb broad is full of shit. They were more primitive than us and that's why they went extinct. We outcompeted them and out-reproduced them and in the end they got squeezed out of existence because we got to the resources more often than they did.

  56. Veselka says:

    Neanerthals had behaviors like Czech politicians ?????

  57. Andrés Bautista says:

    Now that whites know they have Neanderthal DNA, suddenly Neanderthals were high class.

  58. ANUJ PRADHAN RAW says:

    Maybe we the humans were so evil back than that we wiped out their existence and took over their culture and all…

  59. The Jackanapes says:

    I can imagine proto-racist early Humans slaughtering Neanderthals because… "different than me = bad."
    Because Humans are the best at rationalizing hate and violence. That's what separates us from the rest of the animals, really.

  60. Leggo Entertainment says:

    Seeker is a political channel posing as science, in the words of you’re president “fake news”

  61. Dire Darlings says:

    ouu do one on the alpha wolf theory

  62. Kawaii Stefan says:

    If they were so smart how come they're dead?

  63. Vegeta says:

    Who's cares

  64. Sean 2002 says:

    You ask how? It's easy! It's called academic arrogance! Pure and simple, it's all over the place, and is stronger today then ever! Neanderthal was absorbed, that's why your skin is white, your hair strait, and why your cheeks get rosy in the cold, also depression. All from Neanderthal, are you white European? Your descended from Neanderthal, it's a fact! There's some others as well….

  65. Marc Frank says:

    answer: scientist are biased by evolution and they were in fact normal humans
    their sculls were deformed over time

  66. Paulina De Luca says:

    Africans have no Neanderthal in their DNA and Europeans do. Europeans have created the successful society that we live in today, and whatever the Africans have, they destroy. I think a complete assumption would be that homo sapiens straight up killed all of their "competitors" I mean if you want to look at pure physical capabilities, Africans dominate Europeans. But where they thrive, on the opposite they dive, and vice versa. If Neanderthals happened to dominate, society would be a lot more different today. For better in my opinion. I would guess that our lives today would be a lot less chaotic and psychotic.

    Think about it. When they really want to kill someone.. black people run up to their target in the heat of the moment, wherever, and whenever. White people are more calculated, that's why white people tend to be serial killers.

    After all this thinking, usually what I get as an end result, when trying to figure out the perfect end result of nearly every situation , I always come to the conclusion of there having to be some sort of balance. Just like how our lives are even possible to begin with, because of our planet being situated right in the goldielocks zone. Not too cold, not too hot, it's just right. And maybe that's what has ended up happened between the first people. We've ended up adapting, and the most resilient DNA complexities thrived and reproduced in life. So we got the best of both worlds. We got some brains and we got some muscle. At the end, things will always end up balancing itself out. After all. It's not up to us. It's all up to existence.

  67. truckboattruck says:

    this entire video feels like an excuse to pretend that biology and genetics end where sub-species of humans begin.

    sorry goy, race is real.

  68. Golden Derp says:

    oh btw you pronounce Neanderthals Neandertals, not thals

  69. KiLO reality Bender D.D.G says:

    I just got an idea play football like normal but you rocks I'm not stupid I'm just bored

  70. TheIronWolf2018 Z says:

    What if they got extinct because of a virus harmless to humans got into the Neanderthal communities and caused them to be very violent.

  71. NordicNostalgia says:

    What if neanderthals were smarter but didn't have as great a body for survival?

  72. José Francisco Candido Filho says:

    The application of terms not related to science like "racism" and other that invoke politics or feelings are totally unacceptable. His ideas didn't come from a sense of superiority based on race. It came from the know theories and facts. This is very evident reading the text produced at the time.

    The new theories have nothing to do with combating the 'negative views' on neanderthals. It is purely to understand better and fix the existing models to work and to seek the truth.

    Science IS NOT politics.

  73. Name Last Name says:

    seems humans already were working on their ethnic cleansing skills back then

  74. Damain Lopez says:

    the human race was rested 14 thousand years ago confirmed by this?!?!

  75. Ruben Galarza says:

    We destroy them after inmigrating to europe, we did not mix we were separated long time ago when neanderthals migrated to europe and pass many generations untill sapiens get to europe later,
    It's like tiger geting in africa he wont mix with lion thats what hapen to all other familys erectus,florensis etc

  76. johnny llooddte says:

    they cant and didnt.. newest report oct 2018.. they were incompatible gene wise..
    2ndly math.. if they ever did it was no more ONCE every 80 generations.. give me a break.. try to keep up

  77. johnny llooddte says:

    i love the millions of science geniuses that continually spout 1950s WRONG science

  78. johnny llooddte says:

    ahaha lets see WRONG 100% so lets trust them with this one.. no this one.. no this one..
    really folks we re right this time.. believe meeeee

  79. Samatha Blaine says:

    This is nothing but feel good fiction. Check out CARTA videos. They actually present data from their research not illustrations and half truths misquoted from other pseudo scientists.

  80. Sergio Solórzano says:

    why they disappeared:
    1- there was a massive extinction all over Europe caused by a volcano in Italy, only leaving small populations and Spain (it didn't reach Spain).
    2- assimilation, most people in the world have some percentage of human dna in their genome (except African people), this makes our skin sturdier and our hair straight between other things, Neanderthals breed with Homo Sapiens Sapiens, but from Africa also could come sicknesses Neanderthals weren't used to so their already small population could be further reduced with only hybrids with modern human dna surviving.

    3- we have to remember that the North of Africa was full of tribes, trees and the biggests fresh water lakes of the world so it was easy to cross to Europe from Africa (it will rain in the Sahara again in the future, but don't worry, our generation won't see it(when the rain shifted it also lead to population accumulating near bodies of water to avoid the droughts, this could also lead to the creation and prosperity of the Egypt civilisation near the Nile river)).

  81. Edward Gomez says:

    So Neanderthals aren’t dumb like everybody thought and the were just as native Americans

  82. Frank L. Ludwig says:

    I have made many of these points in my article about Neanderthals at I am convinced they were much more advanced than Homo sapiens and entirely assimilated, and that it was this combination that created modern humans and led to the Great Leap Forward and our current brain organisation and size.

  83. dwayne carpenter says:

    I am Neanderthal man! Now get me a sammich byotchhh

  84. dwayne carpenter says:

    They kidnapped our woman and ate the men in front of the kidnapped bound sex slave woman. We went to war 70,000 years and killed them all probably raping their woman..

  85. LeftyVek16 says:

    Why can't we just call neanderthals humans cuz that's what they were the only difference between them and us is the thickness of their bones. Dven today there's people with thin bones and thick bones. But we are all people I hate that word "hominid"

  86. tiki taka anki says:

    How did they shit tho?

  87. B B says:

    Science is always wrong

  88. 0192123 says:

    "Nearly every neanderthal skeleton discovered since then was marked by some gruesome injury or violent cause of death, particularly around the head or neck." she mentions as a joke they probably played a lot of football but why are they avoiding and not admitting the possibility that the humans that arrived in Europe probably hunted and killed them all into extinction? humans also placed great emphasis in the execution of a creature by decapitating it or a fatal blow to the head especially ancient humans. Also killing neanderthals and then raping some of the women makes sense when you put nearly all the DNA of neanderthals comes from women of that species as a factor. the first humans to arrive in Europe probably committed the first true genocide but they try to hide this and paint them in a good picture saying they shared knowledge, ate and interbreed together. that simply does not make sense for early humans in the past.

  89. Niels Lund says:

    Because Science is run by the "Funny Hat People"…that simple

  90. Larry Putra says:

    I always thought they looked more humans than some reptiles i cross over while walking in the street

  91. LifeUnder TheMicroscope says:

    Modern science has failed, pick a field. The neanderthal were people exposed to radiation from a solar catastrophe cycle. The writing's on the walls. Pun intended.

  92. FishizzleBoy says:

    Prehistoric racism is a growing problem that must be addressed! Wake up people! #AllyOfNeanderthals

  93. Burhan Ellahi says:

    simply Gog & Magog who somehow got released and intermingled with us. Now babies of Gog and Magog live among us, plus European countries are the most blood thirsty, resources snatcher, most violent to such an extent that they worked for total domination of the world. Europe, US, Israel, Saudi Arabia. Plus as u say their skulls was bashed, these shits love violence after all ?

  94. Mr.knowitall Rants says:

    ? The Narrative change once it was discovered Europeans are Neanderthals and humans aka Africans are not. You discovered you are a hybrid and not human, So you all had to change the narrative from being dumb brutes, to your new fallacy

  95. david noone says:

    Australian Abos look more primitive today than European Neanderthals were then.

  96. Joe McGarrity says:

    Oh Christ, just shut up.

  97. Paully Peanuts says:

    What if aliens came here and bred with the Neanderthals and came out with us? That could explain why Bob Lazar says the Government unearthed an anchient ufo that still is operational.. look it up before you call me crazy. I’ll put my tin foil hat on now lol

  98. Vivian Gray says:

    Interesting that people want to look at Neanderthals through a more positive light now that the science has proven that most people are 1-5% Neanderthals and only sub-Saharan Africans are pure humans. Nothing has changed, the propaganda against Africans continues.

  99. xxxdieselyyy2 says:

    They were extremely tribal like right wing chaps on cocaine when it comes to tribal nationalism. Such species always get wiped out by a more superior species. They could not organize beyond tribe. We could organize in regiment strength even back then. That's cos we were more chill with race mixing and our communication biology is more evolved also.

    U can find folks with tribal genes in right wing Europe and USA and Saudi.

  100. L 7 square says:

    Neanderthal were white people. LMAO…..!!!

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