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  1. mgem1200 says:

    27 men not 24 saw the Earth in its entirety- Apollo 8, 10-17. 3 men on each flight.

  2. A Celery Stick says:

    The more you know

  3. POPTOONS Skaff says:

    Kind of discomforting but alright

  4. doobiescoo1 says:

    Excellent , as always, thanks! Flat earth clowns should watch this video.

  5. Michael J Smith says: Flat earth Discord

  6. Mr. Hipster says:

    Wait this isn't the D!ng channel!?

  7. Mamelukkikala_ says:

    2:17 I didn't come to this video to be hurt like that.

  8. Josephine says:

    So… what happend to the earth seen from the moon…? Earth's diameter is 4x larger than Moon's. Shouldn't the Earth appear 4x larger when viewed from the Moon then the Moon viewed from Earth?

    Btw, the lens distortion explanation when viewing entire Earth from ISS… really?

    Other than that, interesting presentation.

  9. Hector Rodriguez says:

    Yhis guys putting me to sleep

  10. ღAshley playzღ says:

    Me: OK so this video proves I exist.

    Vsauce:or do you?

    Me:*having existential crisis*

  11. Rob Setters says:

    did i just spot oiler's disc? 6:00

  12. Sidi El Karchi says:

    level and flat water on a ball? what kind of liquid bends around the outside of shapes?

  13. black steel says:

    A atom called stupid! .

  14. 1000 сабов без видосов says:
    0_o it's you clone??

  15. hope good says:

    Ocean is the flatest

    Ohh.. cmon people's give me 1k likes for telling the real thing

  16. Gabriel Taylor says:

    Thank you for these links. Especially these two:

    Distance to horizon calculator:
    Earth curvature calculator:

    This will help me with finding ways to prove conclusively the Earth is round (or flat). I believe it's round but I'm going to put my beliefs to the test.

  17. yoiboiegg says:

    On July 17, 2017, we received this question: “How much of the Earth can you see at once?”

  18. Carson Archibald says:

    Actually you can only set your render distance to 64, michael

  19. Chico from Phoenix says:

    Only 24 Freemasons have seen Earth from outer space😂🤣

  20. No says:

    triggered flat-earthers have entered the chat

  21. No says:

    Every time I think I’m getting close to understanding he whips out another question or an, “oR iS It”

  22. Devon Lancaster says:

    All the dislikes on this video are flat earthers

  23. Josh Orton says:

    0:43 is exactly what happened to Krypton.

  24. Josh Orton says:

    Also, we need a poster that just says: “Earth is made of stuff” -Vsauce

  25. Patrick says:

    jesus christ

  26. Ignacio Resendiz says:

    Your mom is impressive
    Vsauce :or is it

  27. Ignacio Resendiz says:

    I have the same toy

  28. Fortnite sucks lads says:

    1:20 M A P P O R N

  29. Criptin says:

    How can people look across shorelines and see things hundreds of miles away if their view limits them to 3.1 miles? Yeah, that makes no sense.

  30. Criptin says:

    I like how you avoided showing to scale what the earth would look like while standing on the moon. It would show just how much BS those apollo pictures of the "blue marble" really are.

  31. Sky Dreams says:


  32. Grant Trotter says:

    3:54 for real?

  33. forlorn says:

    Look at earth from far away use a giant mirror in the back and boom yes

  34. Shardul Parthasarathy says:

    flat-earthers:so is the earth flatter than kansas and is it flatter than a pancake?
    michael: well yes but actually no

  35. LVL 100 GAMING says:

    u can make a hole buck of balls jokes

  36. LVL 100 GAMING says:

    'next time u see a ball get close to it'

    me o..k

  37. nikola poyukov says:

    Americabs are fucking weird. Who the fuck makes pancakes 3 cm thick? Pancakes are supposed to be no thicker than 5mm

  38. Lucid says:


    Google Earth: Am I a joke to you?

  39. TABC says:

    All of it if your far away enough and wait

  40. Jacob says:

    Florida: you are now confirmed, flatter than a pancake.

  41. Kafin Neo says:

    Duh ….. Atheis flat earth people

  42. 2 rainbow Kittens says:

    I need one of those😱😱😱😃😃😃

  43. Bifocal Gaming says:

    Wait, why was he looking at map porn?

  44. Chay Stevenson says:

    Clown video so funny

  45. Star Silver says:

    Flat earthers hate him, see how this man bought 6 round globes

  46. VOID 8K says:

    Flat earthers: am I a joke to you?

  47. Grekzzz _ says:

    MapPorn??? Rly?

  48. Un Usuario says:

    6:08 Does anybody know where can I buy that?

  49. Petar Mikulić says:

    So what is the minimum distance from which one can see 49% of the Earth's surface?
    I assume it's about 6400 km – or a leghth of the Earth's radius.
    Or is it?

  50. Michael T says:

    Why you gotta do that to all the poor flat Earthers?

  51. divegabe says:

    26 mins of video to tell us we can only see about 50% of the Earth, which is coincidentally exactly the same amount that anybody guessing would say. (I am clearly an optimist)

  52. One Random Potato says:

    For a minute it sounded like he said the earth is flat 😂😂😂

  53. gamer girl says:

    i was listening to this while looking at insta and he was talking bout the flattest states and i was like oh fl not in there:( and he said florida and I jumped like hell yeah babey i was right

  54. Wash Abyss says:


  55. Blowjob Barbie says:

    Hey vsause. Any advice you have about climate change?

  56. J1407 B says:

    Top 10 plot twists 11:46

  57. Federal Bureau of Investigation says:

    What I learned watching this video:

    Earth is made of stuff

  58. Mark Schultz says:

    17:30 How many tabs does he have open?

  59. Nod Boss says:

    An island in a lake on an island in a lake on an island.

  60. UNUSUAL :D says:

    Хэй висес, Майкл хир

  61. Sebisac3 Wolf says:

    Well I can see everything because you know tHE eARth Is fLat

  62. Ricktards says:

    i like how vsauce addresses flat earth arguments without actually mentioning them. the way it should be.

  63. Myrrh Greenwich says:

    The misconception is about moon versus earth i'm sure as we're part of it!

  64. Opal Shiraz says:

    Roses are red
    The apocalypse is near

  65. Vortex says:

    Flat earthers grew up in florida confirmed

  66. Robert Johnson says:

    This is my first Vsauce video and holy shit this nigga likes to say “Or is it?”

  67. Man, I’m gay -furry btw- says:

    Ever think about how he says his intro?

    “Hey! Vsauce, michael her”

    What if we are Vsauce

  68. BtSandAnImEy says:

    That hey Vsauce, Michael here never fails to make me burst out laughing

  69. Marco Stott says:

    funny how so many believe this nonsense

  70. cody spencer says:

    I really love the way you bounce around on subjects that all tie into it one thing and that you always inspire greater thinking

  71. E.T.B.A Gaming says:

    Look at his face at 3:54

  72. Богдан Седин says:

    Lol guy just change your view setting to 360°

    Aw.. It won't help.

  73. Ahmed Seckinov says:

    All of it because the earth is flat

  74. Ahmed Seckinov says:

    So when I turn to Mecca to pray to God (I'm a Muslim) I have to actually lean forward to actually look at it because of curvature

  75. sign543 says:

    There are so many facts in this video…I had to reboot myself when it finished.

  76. Aldo Zotkaj says:

    8:29 from 10 in a power of 34 to 10 to a power of 37 there are 1000 thousand times more atoms… 8:45 from 10 in a power of 27 to 10 in a power of 37 there are not 10 billion times more atoms, there are just 10 billion more atoms..

  77. VOXL FOX says:

    Flat earthers it is a disc

  78. J K says:

    OMG, what is this blather?! STFU already. Bye.

  79. Nova RL says:

    "Most of the balls we experience are really small"

    Damn right… 🧐

  80. GameDragon 35 says:

    Michaels wife has a baby
    Doctor: It's A Boy
    Michael: Or Is It?

  81. GameDragon 35 says:

    At First:Eh Just A Normal Rubiks Cube

  82. Tony Leva says:

    Haven’t you heard? We’re not in Kansas anymore!

  83. quiet noobz says:

    Does he ever go over the Pythagorean 8" curve per mile and inability to detect curve over far distances? Or does he stick with overly complicated mathematics to confuse the masses and deter us from actual observable fact? Sheer propaganda this has 10m views and contains a confusing babbling in attempt to enforce a false reality indoctrinated since youth.

  84. Baruch Hashem says:

    The next time I hear someone use the word "zillion" to exaggerate a figure – I'm going to smile confidently and say nothing.

  85. Elena Ne says:


  86. Michael Owino says:


  87. lygophile says:

    and how far can Shaq O'neal and Warwick Davis see?

  88. alexbeeperoni says:

    17:27 why do you have 63 tabs open?

  89. hi there says:

    come back michael

  90. XianPalJed pop says:


    Michael: Ground Gr Gra GRAVITY

  91. Tyler Gust says:

    So I can coat the earth in the blood of my enemies?! 😀

  92. paul。 says:

    On a globe, Everest is a bump 2 mm high.

    Michael: feels good

  93. Random YouTuber says:

    17:05 From what i see… No one has talked about how this explained how the Kilometer and Mile was created…

  94. Dutra XD says:

    I have a feeling that vsauce and oney lorcan are twins

  95. levente Demeter says:

    how far do i have to go to see the 50 percent if i can rotate my head u stupid fuck because i can rotate my head u r talking shit

  96. levente Demeter says:

    fuck you shirt

  97. FBI AGENT 420 says:

    When your balls are too big to see the whole thing

  98. Justin Charles says:

    Just use a giant mirror to see that other 50%

  99. J Cooper7 says:

    We give Nasa 58 million a day.. they supposedly send rovers to Mars. What is the problem sending a camera far enough for a full scale photo ? Food for thought

  100. Tiago Cheregati says:

    +Vsauce Great video, man. Congratulations. Could you tell us what software you used to simulate travelling away from the sun?

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