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One certificate can get you a good job,good salary package And that certificate can get promotion for a job holder So today we will talk about free certifications How to get free certificates? Hello friends,my name is Sahil Khanna,you are watching Intellectual Indies and today we will talk about free certifications Skills don’t have any value. If you cannot afford to learn a skill or you don’t want to tell your family about this,then to learn that skill lots of effort is required There are many courses online from where you can get free certifications There are some paid certificates too But I will tell you about paid certificates that how you can get them originally from paid site See friends,I have more than 50 certificates today And I didn’t pay anything for that You can also do the same What you have to do? We all have LinkedIn profiles You have to open LinkedIn learning and Lynda You have to subscribe to its membership for trial period They will ask your card details. Fill your card details there For verification 1$ will be charged ie around 70 or 72 Rs which will be refunded in a week So you will get that course for trial basis They all have different trial period. Lynda’s trial period now is may be 7 days When I did it,it was for 30 days LinkedIn learning still have it for 30 days Their time priod may change depending on when you are watching the video Most important is how to progress after enrolling in that course? You have to do research in advance that what skills do you want to learn If you are a marketing student,you have to learn sales. If you are designer and want to make career in that,you have to learn photoshop,illustrator,etc If you want to be a Youtube-er you must know a video editing software Or you must know any audio editing software You must know the ways to record using camera All these you have to think in advance before taking the certificates After that whichever skills you want to learn,give your 100% to learn and get those certificates within that trial period A course is at max of 12-14 hours. So if you have a week you can learn a complete skill in a day There are many similar platforms from where you can get certificates I would recommend you to get certificates from LinkedIn learning or Lynda as they get integrated to your LinkedIn profile And due to which you get edge from recruiters is outdated now, now recruiters find for good candidates via LinkedIn So you have to work on your LinkedIn profile if you want a job fast I will share some ways to get a job tomorrow So friends,this topic ends here If you liked the topic,please like,share and subscribe and don’t forget to comment

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  1. market satellite says:

    Good job bhai.

  2. J. M. Pérez says:

    Why the hell is the title in English when the video is in prruprruish? This is so stupid.

  3. Bashar BinHimd says:


  4. tahsif uddin says:

    Hello sahil bhai, Maine International institute of computer science and administration se course Kiya hai and mujhe waha se certificate Mila hai. Kya woh certification kaha ja sakta hai and Kya Mai use certification ki jagah dal sakta hu LinkedIn Mai. Aur Kya Mai use course me dal sakta hu Kya LinkedIn Mai?

  5. Bibek Das says:

    Sir Lynda se trial period me certificate lene ke liye koi exam sena parta he..???

  6. Aman karma says:

    Very helpful video thank you subscribed ❤

  7. Indu Chouhan says: trial period main certificate mil jyegnge ya nhi ?

  8. irfan ali says:

    this guy started like,"EK CERTIFICATE KI QEMAT TUM KIA JANOO",jk great video

  9. Ajay Kumar Gupta says:

    very nice video

  10. Sameer Shirsekar says:

    Liked it

  11. Jasraj Limbu says:

    Bhaiyaji, annkh toh blink karo bhai

  12. Parkavi Chakkaravarthy says:

    Worst of time idiot

  13. Akash Khatri says:

    Sir can we get certificates of courses which are completed on trial period..??

  14. Hassaan Tariq says:

    Bhai moustache to kato, moo me jrhi ha

  15. Utkarsh Sharma says:

    bhai hass bhi lo

  16. Md Harun says:

    hello sir how to get certificate please tell me. have any exam. i need only certificate. please help me

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