How to Graduate High School in 4 Easy Steps!

How to graduate high school in four easy steps Step 1: Go to class Get credit for attendance and learn a thing or two Take good notes and become familiar with your teachers Step 2: Read your notes When you get home from school, review the notes that you took that day It will help you retain more information than returning back to it the night before an exam Step 3: *sigh* Have your heart broken—not just broken, but pounded into a million pieces You start to remember how you met him in math class when Mrs. M asked you to tutor him Then you remind yourself he’s probably already with another girl You should have known from his lifted 2002 Yota and fat chain he only used you to pass math You join a club, council and track Mondays are GEAR UP club meetings during lunch Friday’s are council meetings after school and your excuse to skip practice because track got you running four miles a day Club meetings scare you because you’re the only senior there that isn’t a club officer You feel so ashamed that you wait until everybody in the room leaves before signing your name to the volunteering event You start to go to volunteering events. The first volunteering event reminded you of him It’s a school-wide campus beautification You walk home after a long day It’s hot and you just saw a lifted yota pass by so you start reminiscing about how he used to give you a ride home You start to miss holding his hand Then you get home and start crying on your bed Your grandma knocks and asks if you want to eat You ignore her and fall asleep and you wake up in a puddle of your tears and snot It’s 9:00 p.m You cry again and you’re hungry The next day you go to school you pretend everything’s okay when your friends ask how you’re handling the break up It’s lunchtime and you’re eating chicken tenders when he passes by with his new girlfriend She looks at you. You start comparing yourself to her She has eyelash extensions and you don’t She has a better body and nicer clothes That night you practice using makeup You keep making mistakes over and over Then something different happens Come back to club meetings next week. You meet a new friend. His name is Mark He asks if you wanna grab boba You say yes You start noticing him more You sign up to volunteering events together He waits for you after practice He even offers to carry your duffel bag One day you’re walking after practice and see I-Quad Can you believe it? He says It’s our last Arthur’s You say yeah, that went by quickly. But it makes you sad It’s nearing your last year of high school and it’s been great. But now it’s coming to an end You reminisce about all the cheers that took place in that field 2016 Arthur’s Awards 2017 Arthur’s Awards 2018 Arthur’s Awards A few months later, you pick up your cap and gown and realize it’s already been a year You think of all those miles you’ve run and the clubs you’ve joined And the people you’ve met along the way You realize high school is not just about getting a diploma or counting the days to the end It’s about making your days count. Step four: Do your homework and turn it in. It will help you study for exams and boost your grades!

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