How To Hydro Dip ANYTHING

Hey guys, I’m Nate, and welcome back to the workshop! Today, we’re going to try our hand at something called hydro dipping. Hydro dipping is a process by which a tint is sprayed onto the surface of a fluid, usually water… …and then the object that you’re trying to paint is passed through it! All the paint or ink gets applied evenly to the surface of whatever it is you’re painting… …even if it has an uneven texture or little bits of in’s and out’s to it. We’re going to see if we can replicate the effects of hydro dipping by using spray paint… …and a large bucket which we’ll fill up with water. To start off, I’ve got this little squirt gun, and we’re gonna see if we can change the colors of it to something entirely different. If there are any parts that we don’t want to change the color of, we do want to mask those off using some tape. On this gun, I think I’ll mask off the trigger and just the opening where the water squirts out. Our gun is now taped off in the spots we want to be, but before we start dipping into spray paint in the water… …I’m gonna hit it with a layer of primer to really help make sure that all of our colored spray paint is going to stick to it well. All right, the layer of primer on our little plastic squirt gun has now dried, so I think we’re ready to try dipping it into the water after we add some paint. So I think the first thing we have to do is choose a good color scheme. For this gun, we’re gonna try using red and yellow and the general idea of how to do this… …is to spray one color in and then spray the other color down inside the sort of circle that we’ll have formed in the water. If you want the effects to have a lot more layers and lines in it, you can switch back and forth several times Alright, here goes! That looks pretty good. The paint will now coalesce a little bit more into the center. And I’m gonna just try and dip it right into this area with all of the stripes. Let’s see how this goes… Keeping the gun pushed slowly down through the paint, and now that it’s all the way under the water… …I’m gonna swirl away all of the extra paint on the surface so that as I pull it out… …It’s not gonna pick up more paint as that would ruin our finish. There we go now, this is a squirt gun so it filled up with water. It’s got a lot of hollow spaces in it. It likes to leak out the handle, looks like… [Laughter] But thats pretty cool! Look at that. It’s like a marbled red and yellow. It does have some spots that look pink… …because I’m using such a large container, the paint does like to sort of spread out to the edges. And with the amount that I used, it wasn’t very densely packed together, so the parts that look pink are where it was red.. …but sort of a spread out weaker red. Overall I think that turned out really nicely! Very cool marbling. I wear gloves pretty much all of the time on this show… …but this is one where I DEFINITELY recommend that anyone trying it wears gloves …because this stuff will get all over your hands as you’re dipping stuff down into the paint! Normally spray paint will dry in as little as 15 minutes… …but this stuff having been in the water, can even have little bits of water trapped underneath the paint, and so to really let this dry off all the way what we really want to do is give it up to 24 hours in a room-temperature area to completely dry off. And then we want to hit it with a clear coat to make sure that the paint isn’t gonna chip… …and wear off too quickly! (Gahh!) After dipping our squirt gun. There’s still quite a bit of paint left on the surface of our water. But we don’t have to pour it out and fill a new bucketful! We can clean the paint off the surface of the water pretty easily just using some paper towels! You can see that at this point the paint is sort of a plasticy film… And it doesn’t stick to things as well in this state. Which is why we want to spray and then have everything prepped: So we can just dip it in immediately, because it won’t grip as well if the paint isn’t as new! I’ve got another little squirt gun that I’ve primered up. Let’s choose a couple other colors and try painting this one. This time we’re gonna try purple and pink see how that gun turns out! It’s interesting Our pink is responding a little bit differently than other paints have, but we’ll see how this goes on. Hmm that pink color went on really oddly it sort of formed into that plastic sheet that I was explaining about Immediately as soon as it hit the water the purple did a really good job So I like how that turned out But the pink you can see Like this is just thin sheets of plastic And it didn’t like to spread it all so it didn’t stretch going over the contours of the gun It’s not a terribly ruined effect, but it doesn’t work as nicely as some colors So you may have to experiment with which colors are gonna work the best We’ve had one successful test with a squirt gun and one less than successful test with the squirt gun Now we’re gonna move on to trying something else. This is a phone case that I’ve taped off and painted with our white primer We’re gonna see if we can give this a nice swirled marble texture I’m gonna see if I can get three different colors to work all at once of this one alternating, which one I spray bit of an experiment Ooh There we go, I’m liking the look of that quite a bit missing Stringy bits, but I think those are all attached to the tape not the case itself I can we’ve got some good swirl patterns going their. That is a neat phone case pattern, i think That phone case works, so well. We’re gonna try one more I have another case here, which has a little bit of a texture to it, and I’m not sure how that’s gonna change How well the paint bonds to it, but I have taped this off and hit it with our primer So let’s try a different pattern. I’m gonna go for red and black on this one Ooh Hmmm a little bit of mixed results that this red really seems to like to spread out overall. I like the look I like the switching between colors, and it still kept most of the texture beneath our paint which is pretty cool. However You can see that. We’re getting sort of a Pinker look over here, and I was hoping for a little bit more red But overall I think this is still a pretty sweet design I did want it to be all red But if it couldn’t be all red I at least liked that the thinner spot is almost centered around the camera hole So it looks like it’s all radiating out from that point One more thing that we’re gonna try grant wanted me to see if I could Successfully use this hydro dipping method on the slide of his Glock So we’re gonna try and give this a sort of snow camo look using black gray And white and we’ll see how it’s turned out I’ve tried to tape off every bit of the surface that I don’t want painted It’s still going to be a bit of an experiment Hopefully it turns out well All right there we go we had a bit of an ordeal Getting our paints to really work the gray was doing the same thing as the pink and that it would kept just turning into sort Of a plastic film as soon as it hit the water I think the solution was actually just to keep Shaking the whole can up a lot so the paint inside was much more evenly mixed that seemed to fix it with the gray I’m I wanted to do another test with the pink and see if it’s doing the same thing overall though I think we got a pretty cool swirled snow camo effect on this slide So we’ll let this dry and then we’ll attach it back to the gun and see how it all looks there we go the pieces that we hydro dipped have now had plenty of time to dry out and Completely cure, so now we’re gonna Do is hit them with a layer of clear coat and hopefully that will make it so that they’re safe to handle And we won’t have any paint chipping or coming off There you have an at-home method of Hydra dipping using spray paint and water We don’t mean to imply that Guns and phone cases are the only things that you can do this with there are all sorts of materials That would work great for Hydro dipping and some of them would actually get handled less than squirt guns and phone cases so the spray Paint may hold up a little longer on there if you try this at home. We want to know about it Let us know down in the comments or tag us on Instagram hashtag the king of random Thanks for joining us for this video and remember to come gear yourself up with hats shirts and other cool merch at the see you there Sometimes you can swirl them around a bit you can get a little bit more of a marbled texture, which can also look pretty neat Five guns, and two phone cases no other examples Subscribe to The King of Random, check out other videos, and NEVER miss an upload. See ya later!

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