Hit that subscribe button as well as enabling notifications on my brand new channels on blocks There’s a link down in the description below and a card on screen. Hey, what’s going on guys? It’s zombie welcome back into our awesome. Minecraft video and today. I am here at the At this awesome zombo labs, and I’m gonna find out who I’m gonna become today, but before we find that out guys I need you to slap that like button down below you guys got three seconds leave like three two One I leave it coming down below what you guys want me to become in the next video here at these zombie labs But anyways though guys. I’m gonna walk right in find out. What potion is here. Hello science zombo. How you doing buddy? How you doing good old friend? I’m gonna check out what the potion is here, and it’s a Mick potion, I’m a mick potion um that sounds like something that me Arnold So maybe this potion might make me become ronald McDonald now. I am on a diet right now So I do want to be a bit careful with the McDonald’s food But I do want beef Donald so I won’t have it anyway three two one and gooooooo Alrighty guys as you guys can see I’m actually Ronald McDonald I’m like my childhood right now guys cuz I love McDonald’s. I really do love McDonald’s guys leave a comment Below you guys love McDonald’s leave a like if you guys do also leave a comment down below who is better? Wendy Sook dolls or burger kings let me know down in the comment section down below But I always though guys now that I’m Ronald McDonald I think I should probably do is go out and play some bad wars as Ronald McDonald, I’m actually really excited to do this. So here. We go guys let’s go place up bed wars it’s wrong McDonald Alright guys So we’re here at bed Wars and as you guys can see I’m actually Ronald McDonald and I’m super excited to this and there’s a hamburger I need to eat him, but he you could draw a hamburger anyway, so let’s get right to this guys Let’s go 3 v 3 v 3 v 3 we have a good time as Ronald McDonald It’s Gonna be the greatest time of my life we’re having such a great time so slap that like button down below if you guys like McDonald’s, so slap that like button um below let’s get right into this alright 6 seconds until the game starts guys here We go 3 2 1 and let’s go all right here. Go guys let’s go. Let me just get get these blocks here there we go Just get all these these Items yes, cuz I’m gonna build right to middle right away, all right We have enough items to go the middle now, so I’m gonna get these blocks get the wool We go the middle and a we’re yellow team which means that were the McDonald’s colors now which I mean I guess red would’ve been McDonald’s colors too, but I don’t know that’s what I think a big Donald’s I think I’m yellow instead of red I don’t know if you guys think the same way, but I I think of yellow instead of red leave a comment below do you guys think of yellow more and you guys think I’m red more when you think of McDonald’s let me know down in the comment section down below Anyway, so let’s go guys here. We go We are about to storm this place And we are gonna get this guy off the map get off the map buddy hit off the flipping map. Okay this guy’s fighting Hey, hey, buddy, you get off the mat. Oh, you’re gonna do our base. We’re gonna do our base No, no get away from her base. No. That was my fault. That was all my fault. Oh, no. Oh, no That was all my fault um whoops yeah. I’m I’m out now. That was all my flippin fault oh Alright, let’s try this again, okay. How about this? We try this again. Okay? Here. We go ten nine eight Seven Six five It’s not six never mind apparently alright when can I go the middle will it be in a complete disaster? Every somebody follows me when I go the middle like you don’t need to follow me. I’m already there they get the emeralds What do you think I’m doing don’t know why people follow me, but hey, we’re on the red Team, too Which is also a McDonald’s color which is good alright? Let’s head over the middle of now guys Hopefully, there’s a sin event guys don’t follow me I’m going to middle to get the emerald there’s no reason for you to follow me. There’s legit No reason don’t be like the other teams follow me think you’re doing a good job because all you’re doing is just having one last Person to help out at base. That’s all you’re doing that’s all your flippin doing if you would stop that I’ll be greatly Appreciated alright anyways though. We’re here guys. We made it here. We’re here at island of treasures here. We go alright. Let’s see here There’s a chest here not a chest and emerald here Don’t mind if I do it already looks like green team is building over this one Which if they are I’m yeah, I’m they are okay. I’m getting out here. Goodbye good boy. I’m going back here I got an emerald I’m happy. I’m gonna go this way now Don’t mind if I do I’m gonna just drop this in here there. We go there we go Just drop that in there awesome. All right Let’s head back in the middle again, and I took more stuff because I can and I will So let me go do that. Let me let me go up here there. We go and oh hi You’re on my team right never mind. I was about to kill you, but I can’t cuz you’re a my team You’re a friend. I can’t kill a friend friend is a friend and nothing less or nothing more scream tea No, green team did not build here yet, okay, so far so good then so far so good We have three emerald at base guys so far so good. I have no problem with what’s going on right now. Hi guys here We go, I got some more emerald you want some emeralds there you go we have for emeralds now We have the most emeralds out of every team ever in the whole wide world We have all the emeralds Every single one of them alrighty we have all the emeralds you could possibly think we’re why you just have them all we have all The emeralds you know, it’s just a preach show place. You know having all the emeralds come here Give me your emerald each stupid generator. Give me your stupid emerald well, everyone else is fighting. We’ll be making our own team stronger That’s what’s going on right now. Well everyone’s killing each other we’re out here making ourselves stronger. We got to go on to the oh Whoopsie Daisies, hopefully they’re building to the Daad diamonds. You’re building a diamonds right yep, you are okay. Awesome. I just Accidentally killed myself with emeralds that is probably the most nubia thing I’ve ever done in my entire life all right Let’s let’s never bring it up ever again guys. Okay. Do we have a deal? We’ll never bring it up ever ever ever again. All right which one am I gonna blow? I think I’m gonna blow blow up blue team because they seem to have no protection against tnT Whatsoever which leaves them vulnerable So I’m excited to do this let’s go guys let’s go blow up blue team and excite the blow blue team. Let’s go Let’s go all right. Hopefully they don’t do anything about me cuz I want to go by this peaceful without death Thank you very much, so hopefully they don’t do that. Brett is an eye-popping color I was hoping for maybe like blue or even green but no you had to be red Oh, he said, I’m not yellow yellow is like the brightest color so like that would have been worse all right? Well, we’re good though. I filled over okay. We’re gonna build over them, and we’re Gonna pull them up We’re gonna blow them up for that being a McDonald’s color guys I know you could have blown up green, but I don’t feel like blowing up green right now. All right here We go guys let’s go let’s pull up blue team guys. It’s at least build a bridge so we can blow them up and Yeah, alright here. We go guys. Oh, no. They’re already one. Step ahead of me guys. They’re already one step ahead of me They’re already one step ahead of me folks. They’re already they’re already ahead of me. Let’s go. Oh no No, come on there. We go. We just won’t died together. That was beautiful. That was flippin beautiful That is probably the most beautiful thing I’ve ever done and ever will do in my life oh my flippin goodness, okay um I need to get Tnt now so let me go do that. Yeah. Thank you alright. Let’s go. Let’s go guys We got this we got this we flippin got this let’s go. I need the weight again now. Oh my flippin goodness Oh my flippin goodness. Yo, just give me the flippin gold. I want the team t already I want to blow up their base. I want to blow up face like big all right guys We ready to blow up their base. I’m always I’m ready to do it right. So now is the perfect opportunity to strike I don’t know what they’re doing guys, but it’s okay for you off. This we got this guy’s alright So here’s what we’re gonna Do okay guys see this guy right here this guy’s gonna jump down and try to hit me but you know what that’s okay? That’s okay. You can do what he wants. It’s a free country free country. You know alright, sir If you would stop that I would kindly appreciate you. Thank you. Thank you for your cooperation sir I would really appreciate if you were to stop that oh my goodness. This is bad actually guys. This is actually pretty bad alright Let’s go. Let’s go after this guy knock him off there. We go knock him up oh No I wish there’s no fall damage though. I just want to build over them and kill them. What’s so bad about that I just want to Myrrh them. Why is that such a bad thing nowadays? I don’t hope and understand whatever while there focus on that thing. I’m gonna connect to the diamond. That’s what I’m gonna Do that’s what I’m gonna flip into I’m gonna connect you to diamonds And then they’ll have the view of that know how the deal with that you know that it will be Ob a grand old time, it’ll be a grand slam guys will be a grand slam. Oh here. We go guys We’re almost there. I think right. Yeah, we’re almost there all right. Let’s go get some more bread here we go Let’s go get some more wool. We’re good. It’s okay. Get more. Wool there. We go items shop a let me get wool there We go, we got some wool. That’s great. Awesome. I’m happy all right. We’re gonna go over them and just steal their diamonds That’s what we’re gonna. Do we’re just gonna go over there feel their stuff. It’s Gonna be nice Somebody once told me the world was gonna. Roll me. I ain’t the sharpest tool in the Shed but we all wait for this guys here. We go. Let’s wait for it five more seconds here We go five more seconds or at two more seconds there. We go. All right. Thank you very much for the diamond I’m gonna use these to my advantage? I’m gonna use these down to my advantage to be a great diamond be a wonderful time it will be the best Diamond in the world we go over this one too. Okay, never mind. I’m going back the other way all righty There’s a guy coming ok never I can’t spell yeah, we’re probably gonna lose if you want me to be completely honest We’re probably gonna lose so yeah bed destroyed yep, be washed gg. JJ. We already lost okay. Yep I blame it on this guy this guy is the blame all right? I don’t know why my I’m blaming you Okay, let’s go guys we gotta do this we gotta flip and do we got I did it for McDonald’s Yeah, I do this for a big dog. Come on. Let’s go. Let’s go We got to I’m taking this by the way item shop may buy a diamond sword there. We go. Yeah, this is mine I’m up great trap. I don’t flipping care all right. You know what you know what I’m winning for a suicide mission I’m going in first suicide mission. I’m gonna come over here. I’m gonna. I’m just gonna run away. It’s what I’m gonna Do I’m gonna run away run away, well I meant to do was I’m gonna go back to my base, and oh he just murdered my friend. That’s wonderful I’m gonna go back to my base right get the heal pool cuz why why not you know who murdered my friend? He was my best friend who costed us the game boo murdered him I demand answers without murdering me all right That’s how I demand answers. Well me being murdered or this guy is on his way. I don’t know what he’s doing Oh he thinks there’s still a bed buddy. I hate to inform you but there’s no there’s definitely no bed buddy Just just wanna let you know that there’s no bed. Yeah, I just want to get my my flipping Gold already cuz I always want to blow up somebody that’s what I always want to do before we go out I want to always go out with a bang all right That’s what I want to do and if that can happen that would be great I went out with a bang that would be like 10 top 10 anime right there all right Let’s go items shop a G&T all right. We got the tnt. We’re good. We’re good All right, build up pull up. They’re coming they’re coming they’re coming okay? I have nothing but to go against them guys I am dead if they come near me so I better march my my defense is a quarter in link um okay Well, let’s go. Let’s get outta here guys we gotta go like as soon as possible. They’re using my stuff guys They’re flipping using my stuff what the heck that’s mean That just mean using my own stuff to the your gain that just mean why would you do that? Why would you do that? That’s just that’s rude alright. I’m gonna build over to my little thing I built here I’m gonna try to build and not die. I don’t know what I’m doing right now I’m gonna try to build over and not die so here. We go me job back, okay? We’re good. We’re good. Everything’s fine everything’s fine My that guy’s gonna probably try to come back and murder me, so I’m gonna be a little careful what I do here But yeah, we’re gonna go back here right? We’re gonna go build up now build up there we go We have nothing to lose at this point guys. It’s just me nobody else It’s just me so I gotta be a little bit careful here alright. Let’s go. Let’s go. Let’s put down at single it continuer G&T guys here we go, okay this guy’s watching this guy is watching guys. He does not expect this boom I’m gonna blow up your face I wasn’t gonna bang. I want to go with bang no no no no no That was not a bang that was not a flippin bang. I did not go out with a bang what the heck man I am so disappointed in myself like I I am so disappointed guys Oh my God dang good dark, and give me the polacks there. We go. Let’s go. Let’s go build over now guys here We go be nice and gentle about this nice and awesome. That’s this let’s go guys targeting an organ we got this we got so if you just gonna build over it’ll be nice and Simple you know just build over like this there we go feel old over yes, like that. That’s how you build over guys That’s how you flip and build over we just gotta go and build up this guy is Why are you why are you following me? Why? Why are you doing this go and go and protect the bed and build the Bed go and build a bit. What are you doing? Okay? Whatever this guy wants the louise apparently look I don’t know why you’re up here. I got it already. I don’t know why I already have it okay I don’t know why you decide to do that, but you know whatever, whatever. It doesn’t matter. I don’t flippin care all right I don’t flipping care go this way oh, hi. This is a guy here. How you doing buddy? How you doing? I’m just gonna go this way okay? Is that okay? That’s okay. Yeah, it’s fine. It’s fine. Everything’s okay now everything’s okay? Hey, hey hey hey, hey, buddy. Stop it. Hey. No no friend Why’d you come here for not helping me see now. We both died wow okay? All right. Well that happened okay, apparently he’s just Okay, guys guys guys yellow team they’re on their way. What are you doing? You’re gonna kill me. What’s the flip all right? Uh, I don’t know what to say about this team I honestly don’t know what to say yeah, we lost guys We flippin lost gee gee gee gee I don’t I don’t I don’t even care anymore. I don’t okay We did it you lost. I don’t care okay. Just we lost. That’s all that matters so that matters in the end Okay, we lost in it, and that’s what happens That’s what happens when you lose you lose the game, and then it’s just it’s just bad okay. He died he died That’s good. All right. What about this guy? There’s a guy up here. Where’d he go? You just run away, okay? I think you just ran away yeah. I’m gonna legit cry like I’m not even joking guys. See games make me furious And I don’t know why they do. I’m just gonna I’m gonna go back over there, right, and I’m gonna have a grand old time. I have a grand slam of a time I was trying to build up and that clearly didn’t work out for me You know cuz I I just died right there, so it clearly wasn’t really that effective But whatever. I’m Gonna go back there, and kick his butt. That’s what’s gonna happen right now I’m gonna go back over there kick his butt and it’ll be it’ll be wonderful. Hey, buddy were you at oh dang? Oh snap for emeralds for emeralds these are mine These are mine now by the way just to let you guys know that these are mine No one else is having these, but me okay I’m getting I’m yet myself the best thing anybody can ever get with these emeralds alright I just put a very special item in my ender chest because I am going to get myself a super sneaky strategy here So what I’m gonna do guys is my plan is I’m gonna get myself invisibility I’m gonna Teleport somebody blow up their bed And then what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna break their bed and hopefully murder them in the process That’s what I’m gonna try to do alright greet this guy is okay. How’s that say my friend needed my help No, I do Friday I was gonna help you what the flip I went to go help him right and then he did it But then when I was in danger, he didn’t do squat about me wow talk about your friends ditching You well he would you just ditched me, whatever I just need one emerald anyways So I don’t really care that much yo my friend. Just legit ditched me guys my friend Just legit dish me hey. Come back here. Come back here buddy. Hey hey, hey you silly little tree You still a little tree you silly I couldn’t I couldn’t I just my friend ditched me my friend would been ditched me I just I don’t understand whatever whatever. I I don’t care anymore if these are mine, these are mine Whatever, you know what you know you wanna know what guys I’m gonna get this right, and I’m gonna get this get this block right here, and I’m gonna just I’m just gonna teleport over there while they go after my bed, and I’m gonna I’m gonna try to blow up their stuff like like this like watch me They just destroyed my bed what they don’t understand is I’m about to destroy their bed so watch this guy’s ow I just destroyed okay. I’m I’m Confirmed idiot guys maybe I’ve been losing these games because of me yeah, I just I just killed myself, okay, alright guys So I’m gonna hand out the video here Hopefully you guys did enjoy this video if you guys didn’t make you guys slap that like button down below If you guys knew my channel Please be sure to hit that subscribe Button as well as checking out my second channels on block where helpful with Daily Roblox videos There’s a link to that down description wall or a cart on screen Don’t be the follow me on Twitter and Instagram at real Zombie Smt and follow me on Snapchat Zombie Wars 29 I’ll see you guys next video. Have a great day and peace for everyone bye-bye

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