How to make healthy eating unbelievably easy | Luke Durward | TEDxYorkU

Translator: Maurício Kakuei Tanaka
Reviewer: Adam Fitzgerald My little brother was very good at a few things
from a very young age. The first thing he was really good at
was making everybody laugh without trying. Like the one time I told him he should have a little bit
of protein after a workout. He got all excited
because he thought I said “poutine.” (Laughter) The second thing he was good at
was eating large quantities of food. Come dinner time, it wasn’t uncommon for him to outeat
most of the adults at the table. Now, as you may have guessed,
as a five-foot-nothing little boy, there is, in fact, a downside
to regularly outeating full-grown men. At just 11 years old, I could already see
that, if nothing else changed, my little brother was headed
for an adolescent life littered with teasing
and unhealthy eating. As his older brother,
I wanted to do something about it. As a nutrition, or kinesiology student,
with an intense interest in nutrition, I knew that I had to do
something about it. Initially, I wasn’t sure how,
but I was determined to find a way. Now, in March of 2013, I broke my leg while I was
walking to class, and I slipped on some ice. Yes, that is the whole story. I was walking, there was some ice. Poof, broken leg. No lives saved. No purses returned. No cool story to tell. Little did I know as I lay there
in that quickly melting puddle of ice, waiting for the ambulance to arrive, that this moment would forever
change the life of my little brother. After I had a surgery to attach a small titanium plate
and a few screws onto my fibula, I was given two crutches, and told not to put any weight
on my leg for two months. This posed a unique problem, as there was still plenty
of snow and ice on the ground. And I still had two months left of class, spread out over one of the largest
campuses in the country. So, with that in mind,
I made a decision that any hard-working student
in my position would do. And I obviously decided
to stop going to classes. (Laughter) Now, with all this free time
from studying at home, I had finally figured out
how I was going to help my little brother. I knew that what he needed to do
was very simple in theory, but very difficult in practice. What he needed to do
was change his eating habits. From experience I knew the things that he needed
to change, and the things that he didn’t. The problem was that communicating
this through somebody else would most likely just end up
like the childhood game of telephone. The message gets passed along, but with little misunderstandings
and misinterpretations along the way. There’s not much left
of the original message, and everybody’s just left confused. And my little brother’s eating habits
are left unchanged. So, keeping that in mind, I made
one of the best decisions of my life, and I decided to move back home
for the next two weeks, and make every single meal
that my little brother would eat, educating him about proper
nutrition along the way. While I was at home, in the kitchen, I often found myself
awkwardly trying to maneuver holding on to two crutches,
hot pans, and sharp knives. It wasn’t very easy. I also had to make sure to take
little breaks every few minutes to make sure that the swelling in my ankle
wouldn’t become unbearable. Now, after just two weeks, not only were the results phenomenal, but they were as a result of a strategy
that anybody can use. The reason we were able to see
such dramatic and positive results, which I’m very excited
to share with you later, is that we changed his environment
to match his goal. We made his environment work for him,
instead of against him. This simply meant replacing
all of the bad options with healthy ones. Making this uncomplicated adjustment enabled us to easily
transform his nutrition, from the standard American diet, ironically referred to
from its acronym SAD, to wholesome and nutritious
without a hitch. Because of the planning this
wasn’t the least bit difficult to do. When you remove the unhealthy options, wholesome and nutritious food
becomes both plan A, and plan B. The beauty of this solution is that it takes willpower
almost completely out of the equation. Quite simply, if it’s not there,
you can’t eat it. An added bonus to this strategy is if there’s no chips
on the counter calling your name, it’s likely that you’ll just
forget about them, and completely avoid the feeling
of deprivation all at once. Little bit of a brain block. This may sound a little bit
too simple to be true, but I assure you it’s not. When you remove the barriers
to your success — in my little brother’s case,
unhealthy food — and you replace, or you pave
the way, barrier-free, the road to success
becomes a much smoother ride. So set up your environment so that it works for you,
instead of against you. This works well for any goal. For my little brother,
I was the environment. I made all of his food,
gave him the right snacks, and answered all of his questions. But what would that have
looked like if I wasn’t there, and how can you make this work for you? Well, to be successful, you have to minimize
the difficult decisions being made. Say, for example, you walk into the lobby, and, on the left of those tables,
is delicious chocolate chip cookies, squares, and everything you like. On the right side,
is fresh fruit and vegetables, vibrant colors, chopped up nicely,
they’re crunchy and juicy. You’ve been sitting in here
for two hours, so you’re starving, you have a choice to make. Should you choose option A on the left, or should you choose the wholesome
nutritious broccoli on the right? Given this scenario, I think it would be very hard
for most of us to resist the temptation of option A. This is a real-life situation, and it’s one that happens all the time. It’s very important,
because of that reason. So when you remove
the barriers to your success, it will just become a little bit easier for you to not have to make
that hard decision in the first place. Here’s how you can make
this strategy work for yourself. Start off by finding out
what your personal trigger foods are, and make a promise to not keep them
in your house anymore. So that when the time comes, the decision has already
been made for you. Now, that’s not to say you can never
have these foods again. If you really want one, you can always
just go to the store, and buy one, or you can keep it so that you’re only having them
at special events, such as this. Just don’t keep a stash
underneath the cupboard if you know that they’re going
to be an issue for you. That’s how you make your environment
work for you, instead of against you. That’s how you make healthy eating the default, and not the exception. So if you have a personal goal
of eating better, go home, find all of your junk food, and a neighbor that you’re
not particularly fond of, and give it all to them. The basis of this strategy worked
for my little 11-year-old brother, and it can certainly work for you too. Let me just finish off by sharing the final results
of my little brother’s lifestyle change. Let me also just point out, that I had one main rule
that I wanted to follow with the change. At no point, did I want my 11-year-old brother
to feel hungry, or deprived. Here’s how that worked out. After the first seven days,
he had lost five pounds. After the second week,
it was eight pounds. But it didn’t just stop there. I went back to write exams,
and he kept going. After 20 days, it was ten pounds, and, by 36 days, he had averaged half a pound a day to top it off at 18 pounds lost. (Applause) [Make your environment work FOR YOU] If everybody had their environment
working for them, instead of against them, my little brother’s level of success
would be the norm. My hope is that one day it will be. Thank you. (Applause)

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100 Responses

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    Not very informative lol

  2. milford halligan says:

    8:08 his irish accent came

  3. JONminiminiME says:

    I just saw a hot guy in the thumbnail and clicked. I was hoping he'd take off his clothes to show his healthy eating but I now see another hot guy in another related video thumbnail which I'm about to click. TTYL

  4. Momma O says:

    yep don't let your tongue be the boss

  5. *Theresia * says:

    Even when eating healthy, i still overeat.

  6. Damo Roden says:

    A wonderful example that the future is in good hands . A very brave young man to stand up and talk in front of all those people. And obviously a truly good natured individual to share his story .

  7. Lance McGrew says:

    Like my mom always said "just don't eat anything that tastes good".

  8. August 94 says:

    He is handsome, but the speech has not much to say?

  9. Etency says:

    This must be one of THE MOST BORING Ted talks I ever seen.

  10. Michael Alba says:

    What do i do if i got a parent who WON'T STOP BUYING DAMN JUNK FOOD!!!!!!!!!

  11. Molly Mae says:

    Okay but what happens when you drive past your favorite fast food place? Or you aren't in the mood to cook? Or you don't have someone to sit there and do it for you… My boyfriend has been eating awful food for 28 years now. We don't have ANY unhealthy food in our house. I cook for him when I can, but if I am not there, he doesn't like to cook.

  12. slash2jimi says:

    The most boring speech giver I've ever herd.

  13. Philip Schroeder says:

    After almost 6 minutes all he said was, don't buy unhealthy food, that is exactly why I hate video tutorials, that and people who need to prepare stuff on the video, because they couldn't set the stuff up before, and those people who think their annoying useless introductions, logos and AMVs are an upgrade to your life.

  14. Purple Noodles says:

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    The picture of his little brother at the end just touched my heart.

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  22. Astrea Kaito says:

    And then you starve.
    I lost 15 kg without meaning to, or needing to. You can't just buy healthy food in stores, that basically doesn't exist. You have to do everything yourself from scratch. This is worth it but it ain't "easy".

  23. Chris martin says:

    Their team was quiet, professional and most helpful.

  24. Otto Green, Jr. says:

    Great work!!!

  25. Mohammed Shadab says:

    He looks like a cartoon on thumbnail

  26. Katie Motter says:

    He is 100% right. I purged as much unhealthy food all at once that I could and slowly but surely replaced things I used up with the organic /whole food replacement. I started with just buying a fluoride free / organic toothpaste instead of my normal crest brand. Then I replaced all my seasonings, condiments and now everything I have is organic / whole.

  27. Fiona says:

    I think Tedx is not the same as TED talk. But this really makes me thinking, maybe I will also go on Tedx talk one day, and TED talk eventually. I love public speaking LOL I know I am weird hahah

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  33. Leshreddur Mitchell says:

    Great wisdom in this idea. However, it was possible because the little brother didn't have the money and transportation, and probably permission to go to the store to get them junkfoods. Strength of will, you might have taught him on accident as well as the idea of, create a healthy atmosphere, become healthy. But with all strengths, you must practice and exercise, a true master never acts like he is the master and doesn't need to practice, a true master, makes the practice enjoyable, and ever tries to do better, or something new. Good man for turning a disadvantage of a broken leg, into an advantage for your brother. Heart warmed. Great story.

  34. JosephCecilHorne SmithJunior says:

    ?Love ALL A+!‼️FOOD Cleanliness and More!❗️

  35. Zeli Ce says:

    So true ! Thank you for sharing your thoughts. I will definitely try it!

  36. portia violet says:

    its a bit hard when your parents buy oven food -_- but ill try!

  37. acan thus says:

    Are you saying that people who don’t see chips and chocolate all day at work won’t start crawling these by 4 pm on too many days ?? This young man should read a few more books and listen to more case studies

  38. Imran H says:

    Thank you, Luke. A brave young man and one heck of a good brother ??

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    Good motivation . Not sure why that "Red Carpet'? Looked like a Bath room rug ! so worried that he was going o trip and fall again ! Can the YORKU have a decent carpet please?

  42. TheTripstraps says:

    i have zero will power so i agree with him. im changing my eating habits and i have also changed foods that i have home. no chips or candies etc, only healthy snacks. and also portion sizes. i eat everything, but not so healthy foods not so often. it has to be balanced. oll obese ppl should go to learn to eat and move camps for couple of weeks. introduce healthy foods and choices to their life

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    What u have done with ur brother is great
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    In this case eating junk food.
    It’s great advice with many applications, great job!

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  64. Nimo Ali says:

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  73. Sandy Heesom says:

    I am a plant based health food reformer, we "veganize" all the old unhealthy American foods we used to love. I make most everything from scratch, soy sauce, butter, plant based ranch salad dressing ect …make other "vegan meals" as well. It takes time to adjust the tastebuds but it is well worth it. In just 2 yrs, at 50 yrs old, I feel much better than ever and with a low thyroid. Am NOT taking the pharmacy junk med for low thyroid anymore but all natural medicines and feel so much better than when on the pharmacy chemical junk with a junk food diet.

    Now I do not have to worry about clogged arteries from meat and cheese….

    In time we will enjoy the healthy foods more and more and add to the list more of our favorite very tasty meals that we love!!

    No animals were tortured for our tastebuds and plates of food.

    It is a WIN WIN!!!

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    Well, yes, he basically said that you shouldn't keep junk food at your house. But it's just one facet of an infinitely bigger idea: "make your environment work for you instead of against you". And this can be used for so many other situations and goals!
    For example, if you want to move more throughout the day, enlarge distances between the places you usually move between at your home or workplace. Have your bathroom upstairs, so that every time you need to go, you have to climb the stairs. Put the filing cabinets in your office as far away from your desk as you can so that every time you need something, you have to get up and get it. If your goal is to drink more water, make sure you have a bottle at hand everywhere you go. Want to read more? Make sure your book is in your bag wherever you go. Make it easy to choose the right thing. This rule can be applied to many, many situations!

  87. DZ Author says:

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    Regional, ethnic food? Local dialect of a well-recognized food? Also, food anecdote is a good speech starter, kudos on the organization of thoughts and ideas.

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