How To Make Round Tissue Paper Flower – DIY Paper Craft

Correction :10x32cm Tissue Paper

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  1. İsim yazmak gerekiyomuş says:

    Good job ?????????️?

  2. Rina Sunar says:

    Thikai xa

  3. Piyush Kumar says:

    Wow so amazing you crafts I love this flower

  4. vivek sharma tutorial says:

    Plaza tell me you tear these papers play reply tomorrow is my activity in school

  5. Art simplified says:

    Amazing art work..

  6. Being Artistic says:

    Watch Beautiful Tissue Paper Flower Stick Making Video:

  7. Jacqueline Alvarez says:


  8. Jacqueline Alvarez says:

    Que mono

  9. Bareera Babar says:

    Excellent good job keep
    it up

  10. Sa Ksa says:

    Very nice keep it up ?☺

  11. sharmila begum says:

    Mashaallah superb?

  12. ايه محمد says:

    I like it ????

  13. mirza Zafeer says:

    Very fantastic job I like it

  14. Malki Rajapaksha says:

    I like the background ?music …

  15. elizabeth mongcopa says:

    wow very nice like to share

  16. Oladele Abiola says:

    Amazing, so beautiful

  17. Shadab Mirza says:


  18. gold drigger says:


  19. fairy world says:


  20. Mohsin Amir says:

    So beautiful

  21. Mohsin Amir says:

    Is this crepe paper ?

  22. Sudhir Shelar says:


  23. Chithra Ambujakshan says:


  24. مع هوبا خليكى لهلوبه says:


  25. හිතුවක්කරි මමද මමද says:

    හිතුවක්කාරි මමද

  26. Rasul Haser says:


  27. Himali Sugath says:

    supiri patta

  28. narti sunarti says:

    im werry like

  29. Asim Rasia says:

    Nice bgm

  30. Meghana Gowda says:

    Nice music…..????

  31. Gurtej Singh says:

    ????????wow this is a very simple and very beautiful decoration idea in house

  32. Anna Bedevian says:

    Is there anything else we can tie it?

  33. حمودي الملكي says:


  34. محمد رضوان says:


  35. Deepa Hegde says:

    Super ??????

  36. vedika jassal craft says:


  37. Rajan Sk says:

    Beautiful flower…

  38. faizan alam says:

    the stick would not go inside flower

  39. SiPri Art says:

    Suprb , fantastic.??….u can check my channel too

  40. riya riyana says:

    Very Beautiful and easy

  41. Extensive Knowledge says:

    Very easy ????

  42. Marwa Fares says:

    انا بعمله وانا صغيره معروف عندنا تقريبا من 15 سنه سهل جدا

  43. Sissi Suzuki says:

    What beautiful flowers,

  44. sreerag kt says:


  45. Sangeeta Tiwari says:


  46. Gajen Barman says:

    Very nice

  47. Maya Choudhary says:

    wow ??

  48. Jesna jamsheer says:

    I dont know what to say. Its amazing??


    Can we make it with a bigger sized tissue paper??

  50. Suneetha Ammulu says:

    Amazing,,,,,, brother no word's to say

  51. suraj sarswat says:

    Very boring

  52. Ismiha Islam says:

    where will we get this tissue paper

  53. قناة ابداع المراة العربية says:

    I hope you come

  54. himanshi Kaushik says:

    Thanks , for so cute idea ??

  55. Manhor Manhor says:

    nice ?????

  56. Hasan Farhad says:


  57. Iordanka Boyadzhieva says:


  58. Mahendra Shiv says:

    Nice video ????

  59. varun Paudel says:

    Very nice

  60. Ramesh Kumar says:


  61. Namrata Mondal says:

    4 inch or 4 cm??

  62. S S says:

    Beautiful, simple and makes the world a liveable place !

  63. Bhudeb Mondal says:


  64. best friends says:

    So nice

  65. Shubhi Supriya says:

    wow loved those flowers
    ??#graarttex ??

  66. S SP says:

    Its fantastic..thanks for it.

  67. Azeem Malik says:

    It is sobeautiful

  68. Archana Das Adhikari says:

    the music was so soothing

  69. صرخت حزن says:

    كم واحد عربي يحط لايك ??????????❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  70. Muhammad Yusuf says:

    Like ?

  71. Riad Rifath says:


  72. huong nguyen says:

    Rất đẹp nhưng bạn dùng giấy gì vậy cho mình hỏi

  73. Zemmel Art & Craft says:

    Beautiful work

  74. Thị Thắng Nguyễn says:

    Giấy này mua ở đâu thế

  75. Nitu Devi says:


  76. Preeth preeth says:

    Size of paper is 8x 32 cm..not 4..

  77. Nilmika Gunasekara says:

    Beautiful ??

  78. linh phanthithuy says:


  79. Dance with Me & Mom says:


  80. Aldilene Ferreira says:

    Qual papel vc usa?

  81. Hobby Diah says:

    hai.. i love it…:)

  82. sridhar Kumar says:

    In our school they told us to make a bunch of flowers….but I am not having the idea that how to do flowers then I searched in utube and I saw this video….after seeing this I seen magic in this video…and I also did it and it is very easy to do….and once again THANK YOU SO MUCH to showing this how to do because of u I got first price in school…once again THANK YOU….and god bless u always with joy and happiness

  83. Arts Crafts Creativity BB says:

    Beautiful Sir.

  84. Thuankhamei Phaomei says:

    Simple and beautiful, I did it and it's awesome thank q so much

  85. vikas kumar says:


  86. Sunethra Samaradheera says:

    It's very beautiful

  87. Dydiddeheo Ddudofjf says:

    oh,o ocam idea

  88. Rajkumar Kumar says:


  89. Danielle Fonseca says:

    Que delicadeza! Lindas flores!

  90. S. Majumdar says:

    Which background music is this? It's not the same in description box.

  91. Rose Bud says:


  92. Miss Elmyra says:


  93. Maria Aparecida says:

    mui bela

  94. yazmeen Ali Warren says:


  95. Junel Miah says:


  96. Junel Miah says:

    Thank you so much.

  97. Anjana Biswas says:

    so niece

  98. Kailash Designer says:

    Excellent very nice art?

  99. CRAFT IDEAS BY ME says:

    Cool ,I will try this by my self.Thanks on video.?

  100. Dilip Kataria says:

    i simply love it…………………………………………..

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