How to pass the PERT test – (Quickest PERT Test Review Tips!!!)

Hi everybody, I wanted to tell you a little
about the PERT exam. PERT stands for Post-secondary Education Readiness
Test. It’s a college placement exam used by colleges and universities in the state of
Florida to determine what level of college courses a student is prepared for in Math
and English. Students who do well on the PERT can take regular Math and English classes,
while those who don’t will have to start with basic or remedial classes. There are three sections on the PERT: Math,
Reading, and Writing. Currently, a score of at least 114 is required on the Math section
in order to skip basic and remedial classes, while a student will need to achieve a 103
on the Writing section as well as a 106 in Reading in order to qualify for regular freshman
level English classes. The test is not an easy one, which means you will need to be
adequately prepared. You must check out Mometrix. They are one
of the better test prep companies out there. Study guides, flashcards and practice tests…they
have whatever you need. Visit for more info. They also have lots of free
video tutorials on their academy site, Check out the links below, and I wish you
the best of luck on your PERT exam.

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21 Responses

  1. Nirav Mehta says:

    There's so much to look forward to through the pages of this guide. There will be secrets, strategies, tests and a tip or twenty. Sounds intriguing, right? It should because all of this information is packed in a fast-moving bundle that leaves you full of knowledge and tools for acing any test going forward.

  2. Frulo says:

    Thank you for your PERT review, it got me more ready to take it soon.

  3. LuckyRatTerrier says:

    Pert test sounds good for students

  4. Preston Laws says:

    How do I contact Mometrix about setting up test prep for the PERT exam?

  5. Preston Laws says:

    Love the video. Great ideas on PERT exam test prep!

  6. darkside stargurl says:

    i got a question. what if i do well on the reading and writing but did bad on the math? would i have to take over the math? or the entire test all over again, and if not would they pass me with just the reading and the english?

  7. Fritz Flex says:

    How much do I have to pay to take the pert exam????

  8. Lonna T. says:

    Can this replace that SAT and ACT test?

  9. David Perry says:

    I recently took the practice test and got a 92% what score is that equivalent to the real exam?

  10. blueflamenco says:

    I've taken the reading pert section twice and I keep failing to reach or surpass 106.0 points. The first attempt I received a 97 and the second a 100 what can I do to reach my goal. I've purchased the book and I am starting to study intensely any tips to pass this exam. I'm hoping to apply SAS program for next year.

  11. cherrybloosm minaj says:

    If you already did a college readiness course in high school, would u have to take remedial class in college or if you already took the test it high school…?

  12. Kayla Perkins says:

    When you go take the test will they have a notepad to write on or can i bring my own or are you not allowed to work out problems on paper??

  13. Drachir says:

    If I only have enough money for one
    Which one should I get?
    The flash cards? Or the book?

  14. Sanique H. says:

    can they flag a pert test

  15. Covensky Roudsen Pierre says:

    Where is the link

  16. Mometrix Test Preparation says:

    Hello Everyone 🙂 Thanks for watching! I hope this helps with your PERT test review. Don't forget about:
    PERT Math Practice Test:
    PERT Study Guide:

  17. Theemikebell says:

    How is the flash cards and study guides free when on the site they are $72.00 dollars?

  18. Helena Garcia says:

    If this is a college test, why is my sister taking it when she is 14 and a freshman in high school? She is a very advanced homeschooled student, but she is still taking it in her freshman year in high school…

  19. Egg says:

    The fact that I failed this test right before starting junior year (I still haven't retaken it yet due to fear) makes me feel like a failure.

  20. SleighveDriver says:

    I got a 96 TWICE BUT I NEED A 97 PASS ME

  21. Guy McLachlan says:

    Who else came here looking for exponential growth functions?

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