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JACOB SOBOROFF: What’s up, guys? Happy Memorial Day,
unofficial start of summer. But more importantly, today is
the day in the United States where we honor our
fallen soldiers. And we’re going to do a little
bit of that through video. CARLY: We’ve curated
a ton of stuff. And it’s just going to
walk you through what it’s like to be a soldier. [MUSIC PLAYING] JACOB SOBOROFF: First video is
what happens when you show up and you want to enlist
in the Marine Corps. This is the Marine Corps Recruit
Depot in San Diego, California. These guys have just shown
is the Charlie company. They graduated in
December of 2011. CARLY: Oh my gosh, look
how young they look. -Shift forward [INAUDIBLE]. [INTERPOSING VOICES] CARLY: Imagine how
nervous you would be, going away from
everything you knew for this. This is super amazing,
because I feel like we only see this kind of thing in the
movies, and this is real life. JACOB SOBOROFF:
Like they’re going to go into the recruiting depot. And for many of these
guys, their lives will never be the same. CARLY: This has really
made us appreciate and very, very thankful to every
single recruit in this video. Viewers, do you think
you can do this? Be honest. How do you think
you would react? If you were one
of these recruits? JACOB SOBOROFF: I
would pee my pants. [MUSIC BEAT] CARLY: Jacob, I think you’re
going to remember this video. It’s from a young
Australian filmmaker. His name is Tom Abood. And it was one of the
finalists in the Tropfest Film Festival, the largest short
film festival in the world. And it follows the day in the
life of an Australian soldier. -Hey, mom. Thanks for your letter. You and dad look good. Who would have thought,
just over a year ago, I couldn’t buy a round
of beers for me mates. But I could sign up
to die for me country. But one thing I’ve
learned is, I’m not fighting because I hate
what’s in front of me. I’m fighting because I
love what I left behind. JACOB SOBOROFF: When I saw
this video for the first time, it was really
haunting, in a way. CARLY: There are very few
things shot from a first-person point of view, and showing
what a war is really like. JACOB SOBOROFF: One of the
things about this video is you see what
you would normally expect to see in a war video. But you also see humanity. You see normal people. War doesn’t always
look like war. War doesn’t always look like
fighting, and bombs, and blood. -I keep reminding myself
there’s a bigger picture. That’s why we’re here,
fighting for human rights. CARLY: It was shot over in
an eight-month deployment. It was created for soldiers
who are having such a hard time readjusting to life back home. Try not to cry,
because you will. [MUSIC BEAT] EARNEST: We’ve already seen
what it’s like for a soldier to get into the military. But what’s it like when
you’re out there in the field? These Canadian
soldiers are going to show us how you make coffee. -We’re going to take this
[BLEEP] heater packs. We’re going to heat
up the water with them and make some [BLEEP] good
coffee, because coffee is the [BLEEP] lifeblood
of my [BLEEP] job. -And you can use
the [BLEEP] coffee that they issue you in
the [BLEEP] beef macaroni Chinese style. Or you can have people that
love you send you Starbucks Via. MILES: I feel like
a lot of the jokes are really aimed at people who
have the experience of being in the field of combat. There’s a lot of smaller
jokes that they’re laughing at that I wish I knew. -You remove the first heater
pack from the package like so. -And remove your boot band. -Yeah, I know you’re supposed to
have your [BLEEP] boots banded, but coffee is more [BLEEP]
important, isn’t it, [BLEEP]? You always want to shout
out what you’re doing, so that your fire team
partner knows the condition and ready state of the coffee. MILES: This is why I give
credit to the Canadian people, because they always
have a sense of humor, even when you’re
in a combat zone. You’re like, let’s make
a funny video right now. We know what it’s
like in the field. We know what it’s
like to be trained. But there’s a part of experience
of being in the military where you learn little
things that you can draw from and be humorous about. And this next video’s called,
“”[BLEEP] Fighter Pilots Don’t Say.” -Anybody seen my
reflective belt? -Hey, the coffee pot is full. -That is some really
good marshalling. -I feel like I didn’t
have enough maps today. -Man, I really hope I go back
to Korea on my next assignment. MILES: Why? What’s in Korea? -Aww, no thanks. I’ve had enough. [BRRRRRRRRR] -Ah, I hate my job. -I love PowerPoint. MILES: When you watch
it, you realize, maybe we do have a lot in
common with fighter pilots. I don’t really enjoy PowerPoint,
not a big fan of maps. EARNEST: I don’t even know when
the last time I used a map was. This guy has maps
all over the table. MILES: Obviously, the
“”[BLEEP] People Say” video meme was huge
a few years ago. I think it’s clever that
they sort of spun it. And it’s not about
what they always say. It’s about what you’ll never
hear someone in the Air Force say. [MUSIC BEAT] LIZZIE: We’ve seen what life
is like in the military. And now we’re going to see
what it’s like to come home. MIKE FALZONE: Yeah. And we’re going to cry in
front of all these people. LIZZIE: The first one
we’re going to watch is a military brother surprising
his little brother at school. -Yo, that’s my brother. -You going to come
give me a hug or what? LIZZIE: I can’t handle
little kid tears. MIKE FALZONE: Yeah. -Oooooh. [LAUGHTER] -Oh my God. LIZZIE: This has
almost 90,000 views. Obviously, it’s a
pretty popular video. MIKE FALZONE: And the
way deployment works is basically you
sign up as a soldier. And then you get
your orders to just be shipped out however long. Your family doesn’t know when
and if you’re coming home. And as it turns out,
he’s just down the hall waiting to embarrass you in
front of all your friends. LIZZIE: I know. This video we’re about to show
you is a surprise at a wedding. It is, of course,
every girl’s dream to have their father
walk them down the aisle. It’s a very important moment. She doesn’t think he’s
going to be there for her. But he has a little
surprise in store for her. This is her mom walking her
down the aisle right now. She doesn’t expect to have her
dad there with her because he is supposed to be
in Afghanistan. I’m actually nervous. I don’t know if I’m going to
be able to handle this one. [MUSIC PLAYING] LIZZIE: No, I can’t keep
it together for this one. This is the one that got me. [MUSIC PLAYING] LIZZIE: He’s cried
off all of her makeup. Thanks, dad. [LAUGHTER] LIZZIE: I paid a lot
of money for that. MIKE FALZONE: South
Carolina Gamecocks. Football game. 85,000 people
crying hysterically. Make that 85,002. They get a heartfelt
message from their dad on the big screen. And that’s emotional enough. They’re thinking
that’s the thing. But that’s not
the thing, Lizzie. [CHEERING CROWD] [CLAPPING] MIKE FALZONE: You see the
mom tug on the daughter? She does the soccer jersey. Yeah, she’s like,
I met him first. LIZZIE: So they haven’t
seen him for an entire year. MIKE FALZONE: He’s
been gone in Kuwait. LIZZIE: And Afghanistan. MIKE FALZONE: I’d
like to sit down with the 300 plus people
who dislike this video and ask them why their
emotions are broke. LIZZIE: As we all know,
families aren’t just humans. They are also animals. -Let’s go outside. [LAUGHTER] MIKE FALZONE: Right now,
he suspects something. [WHIMPER] [LAUGHTER] -Come here. You don’t recognize me? LIZZIE: Awww. MIKE FALZONE: Is that
a dog or a dinosaur? LIZZIE: Awww. MIKE FALZONE: That
thing is gigantic. The dog, at this
point, has completely run out of dog emotions and just
resorted to human being hugs. -It’s just hugging him. This has like six
million views, guys. Again, like 300 dislikes. MIKE FALZONE: Yeah. LIZZIE: Who disliked this? [MUSIC BEAT] JACOB SOBOROFF: If any of
you got through those videos without crying, I don’t
know how you did it because, yeah, that is– I
mean, that is ridiculous. CARLY: Yeah. JACOB SOBOROFF: And
most importantly, thanks to all of you who have
served our country as members of the Armed Force. CARLY: Well, all of the
videos from the show are on a playlist after this. JACOB SOBOROFF: And
now, to play us out, a video with over
200 million views. JACOB SOBOROFF AND
ME”] CARLY: They’re just underwater
attacking each other? JACOB SOBOROFF: Yeah. I guess.

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  1. Barbara Garrett says:

    Home is where the heart is. check out the Universal Rug Rake, frees our time to spend with loved one. God bless USA 

  2. Hayate Gekkō says:

    holy shit 2160p?!

  3. Felix Nerdrum says:

    im not ridiculous and i didn't cry….. I don't cry for stuff like dat but i gave it a thumbs up

  4. jessica cepeda says:

    …im in the us army in korea haha 

  5. Jeff Marple says:

    Thank you guys.

  6. Jon Drake says:

    narrators need to talk less i can't look at the video without the female one mocking me.

  7. Uplifted says:


  8. Broghan Mullowney says:

    I think I could make it through marine boot. Maybe if I was in 1st battalion bravo company, platoon 1033. just maybe. oh wait.

  9. Jose Corletto says:

    verry good

  10. Juni Knytt says:

    Soldiers are replaced and forgotten, they sacrifice there worthless life (from the most people's point of view) for t̶h̶e̶i̶r̶ ̶c̶o̶u̶n̶t̶r̶y̶ money and oil.

  11. OmarRPG says:

    3:33 WHAT! i loved Korea! My dad was stationed there for a year when he was in the US Army and my brother and I visited him for the entire summer 2011 and 2012! Some of the best times in my life!

  12. jwnavagus says:

    If I had the time  I would write a script to create gcounts just to like this video. Great job. SHC (sitting here crying, no thats not a thing I just made it up)

  13. Aiden Quintavella says:

    i did not cry

  14. Coldheart19 says:

    i mean i didnt cry. never do usually unless it personally affects me. dont be offended lol

  15. Bryan Wheeler says:


  16. ajr993 says:

    I get so tired of all the millions of identical carbon copy videos about homecomings and the emotional indulgences associated with them. People obsesses over meaningless patriotism  and ignore the fact that most of the wars we fight are unjustified. Many of these people are volunteers in unethical acts of aggression that kill thousands of innocent people. It's disgusting that murder over oil should be supported with open arms. PLUS THESE PEOPLE ARE GETTING PAID FOR IT.

     I can't believe how blind most of the people on this video are. Patriotism is stupid–it leads to war, segregation, and self righteous fury (it's okay to go fight in some random war because it's for my country!). We are all humans; it doesn't matter if you're from Iran, or China, or wherever. Borders on a map mean nothing except that people want them to mean something. It's time to grow up people, and realize the world is more important than your idiotic preconceptions about patriotism. We need to reject war an military on this planet if we want to align ourselves with utilitarian principles.

    And then you have the idiots that claim they are "Fighting for FREEDOM!!!!" What they're really doing is fighting for the NSA to illegally monitor and wire tap the entire country, the internet, and the rest of the world. It's all bullshit in an attempt to convince simpletons and peasants to fight for ridiculous causes.

  17. devin bob says:

    i cant cry

  18. michael almaguer says:

    no youtube video will ever let you know what its actually like to be in the military, nice try though

  19. Mohamed jeilani says:

    you are so cool

  20. TheStewieOne says:

    I think the reason people don't like the honor our troops is the stigma of the Vietnam War. The hundred of people out there who said that are troops murders thousands of people is because of the stigma of Vietnam that we are still wearing stand then. I just was to said that. It is war… people are going to die. It just the way of things go.

  21. Tex Kcreeper says:

    WHO DISLIKES THIS!?!?!?!??!   D:

  22. West Pie says:

    i kinda want to go dislike those videos just to piss u off.

  23. F L says:

    5:57 Uh, maybe because this has been done about a thousand times already and as they say: ya seen one, ya seen them all! That's why. Surfer man.

  24. Suli MetalHead says:

    I'm honestly one of those "dislikers" and the main reason behind disliking those videos is because i hate things that makes me cry even if it was beautiful and i liked it.

  25. Alex says:

    I am in navy cadets just came home to day

  26. Freddy apex says:

    Memories, btw i wasn't nervous i was exited. 

  27. Nerses Tatintsyan says:

    tipical american police state then they wonder why tna is getting shot fuck the police state the mases are waking up and the powers that be better start learning how to run 

  28. Nerses Tatintsyan says:


  29. Nerses Tatintsyan says:

    fuck tsa they took are freedom its time to take there lives

  30. Irvin Garcia says:

    The trick is to put your eyes in front of a cooler,ac.or fan.

  31. John Lee says:

    marine corps recruit depot parris island is where its at!

  32. Zac Franks says:


  33. Unactive Accnt says:

    I leave for Army Basic Training in January of 2015!  Future 11X (Infantry) soldier!! HOOAH!!

  34. John kwolf says:

    that is why i'm signing up

  35. Leo Carlsson says:

    i did not cry

  36. Carlos Maldonado says:

    MURICA !!!

  37. Cynthia says:

    Please go and check out my last video and maybe subscribe! and don't forget to leave a comment for any suggestions that you guys think I should do for next week and other upcoming weeks of the future!? plz spread the word!!!!!!!!!!

  38. Natali Juliette says:


  39. noemie bauta cuba says:


  40. Kershaw 14 says:

    he fought for nothing but government ideals

  41. The Clown Prince says:

    I dont THINK I can do this, Im GOING to do this.

  42. The Clown Prince says:

    The dog made me fall apart. Puppy.

  43. Richard Bell says:

    That is cool

  44. ETP3300 says:

    i feel that i could last physically, but the mental part of it would screw me over the second i showed up, thank you to all of our soldiers who risk there lives every day to protect us, i wish i could do more then give them a simple thanks though 🙂

  45. eli says:

    The katy perry one was like the next thing will be HEADSHOT +15

  46. Allie Moon says:

    my dad was in the army and in the 4th grade he came to my school told my principle to put me on the announcement and i am rlly shy so bad mix anywho he did that and straight after i did wht i had to do he popped out and i ran up to him with my cousin and we were crying >.<

  47. Thomas theTrain says:

    Why did this video pop up when I typed in Thomas the train?

  48. Malachi says:

    Who the fuck dislikes this stuff?

  49. Wub Wubz says:

    i got through this without crying because its happened to me at least twice

  50. Elf Pyro says:

    i could do it its in my blood 🙂 brother int he army uncle a veteran from air force you know 🙂 and mom being born on a base 😛 

  51. Di Dxpeo says:

    oh hohoho, look at their face, suck typicle jewish faces, hey guys, jewish demons calling you to battle with other innocent people so they can make money again.

    LOOK OUT…….. 

  52. Di Dxpeo says:

    These days American soildiors don't kill for justice anymore, they murder innocent men and women who were simply trying to defend their homes, isn't that nice, and who benefit from all those shit???  well, you know who~~~ :))

  53. jonathan238247 says:

    i hve its fun so stop plz

  54. Bill Hughes says:

    i love civilians actual what they are doing is, numbing their brains and conditioning the mind to take orders that involved bullet flying into them.  I didn think our country would do that to it citizens. You stop worrying about yelling and think it good thing until you find out you cant laugh either, or cry. it like making a person sociopath. 

  55. phicao12 says:

    now seeing getting off the bus to get in the military scares me what if i mess up man im scared at age 14!

  56. evan morlet says:

    ummmm 555 faggots 

  57. Tris Sadowski says:

    That marines MARPAT uniform looks odd

  58. Kampfhund says:

    The wedding one got me, one tear, that counts 🙁

  59. Kaes Drumheller says:

    Watch the documentary Restrepo, it's on Netflix and its about the korengal Valley.

  60. MikeRoePhonicsMusic says:

    "I support everyone's troops." – Death

  61. Owenater07 says:

    hehe soldier. look at my pic

  62. Viking119 says:

    err… no thanks.

  63. Will says:

    I'm going into the Navy pretty soon! HOOYAH!!

  64. Teagan Borwege says:

    i got through it without crying because my uncle is in the army

  65. li trinh says:

    558 people are commies

  66. Amanda Love says:

    dude I could do this and im 11

  67. Robert Patrick says:

    Marine boot camp?I think I could have back when I was in Army basic training,which was quite easy for me.

  68. mARKUSeichmann says:

    ☺ ☺ ☺Extremely calming ☺

  69. Leah McPeak says:


  70. madilyn lyn says:

    I think the people who dislike videos like this are so stupid. I think youtube shouldn't even have a dislike button it just makes the person who created the video sad. Unless its something terrible then you can dislike…

  71. kindermarmeladen bergwerk says:

    First of all some of the comments here are stupid racist crap againts other religions like from JohnnyModzz1. I am pretty sure he's american and he believes that is totally okay that the usa play's world police everywhere. From what I have experienced so far some of the US forces give a sh_t on human rights and they are proud of what they do. For me it is fine that America is celebrating the memorial day.

    But why is never anybody doing a video or creating a bank holiday to think about the fallen people killed in wars that were done by america or a video for the people misstreated in Guantanamo?

    What I want to say this could be the reason why some people dislike this video and it is their opinion.

  72. Sydney Lewis says:

    I would start crying as soon as I get off the bus

  73. Toxic says:

    "Why are your emotions broke" 

  74. TheKittysCall says:

    I was smiling, i thought they were happy moments 

  75. Josh Nielson says:

    nope i couldent

  76. Keith Liam says:

    omg iwached so many of them i cryed my mom asked me wahts rong

  77. X says:

    i will enlist

  78. Emily Monti says:

    Can't wait to receive my ship date. ARMY NATIONAL GUARD!! 🙂

  79. conner kendrick says:

    i haven't seen my brother in 5 years because he works at the air force

  80. Kevin Brown says:

    You Tube Nation, Thank you soo much.  I'm a 5 year vet and man this was greatly appreciated.  Thank you thank you thank you.

  81. Kevin Kedrovsky says:

    I am a fat slob, I couldn't really do that.

  82. amanda bee says:

    I balled my eyes out

  83. James Mendiola says:

    11B infantry, 26 August, Ft. Benning GA. Can't wait lol. 

  84. james gilmer says:

    who ever dis liked this is stupid

  85. klouise18 says:

    been there done that and it was one of the best decisions of my life thank air force

  86. Hunter Skowronski says:

    that is wrong there is actually a lot of film in the first person's pov. For example Funker

  87. Reilly Deleon says:

    My brother is enrolling this august 11th, ill miss him 

  88. HHM567 says:

    they should've put only american soldiers, not being biased, just that its a american holiday, but all soldiers should be honored and the video selection is great. Maybe more of these kind of videos.

  89. MrStormchaserman says:

    The 2nd one is the one that gets me every time

  90. Town Of Accents says:

    If I was one of those recruits I would probably shit myself and cry, exclusively in that order. I don't know how my brother does it

  91. Jorge HD says:

    aniram al ne etatsila!

  92. Khalid says:

    For people hating on Arabians, Afghanistan is NOT an Arabic country
    the real Arabian people are from Saudi Arabia, UAE, Yamen etc.
    Afghanistani people don't speak Arabic ( technically they speak arabic with horrible accents)
    Islam is just a religon even some americans are muslim
    So please stay away from Arabians…please.
    (sorry about my English, i'm from Saudi Arabia)

  93. Kelly Russell says:

    omg who did not like this video

  94. AmphibianDog says:

    just remebered my dad he didnt come back and my life sucks but not always. i miss my dad

  95. AmphibianDog says:

    im just happy that youtube exists

  96. jocelyn teoyotl says:

    I'm in the army J.R.O.T.C ,I would like to join Air Force when I graduate 🙂

  97. Denis10022 says:

    why do you take this like / dislike thing so seriously?

  98. Emma Tokita says:

    didn't cry, mainly because I had to train myself to make it through the first four songs in the Story of Evil.  If you can make it through that you can probably make it through anything. You have to watch it in order though.

  99. Cupcake 154 says:

    i could DEFINITELY not do that

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