Inside a Home DMT Lab Run by A Chemistry Teacher

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  1. VICE says:

    Warning: there are flashing lights and images throughout this video.

    WATCH NEXT: In 2013, we met a guy named Walter White who actually cooked meth —

  2. iso says:

    i wanna try dmt now…

  3. Techis God says:

    SHAME ON YOU!!! Using your Science Degree to hurt people.

  4. Arthur Severgnini says:

    Thanks for sharing, 'Bob'!

  5. Julio Macotela says:

    Joe Rogan has joined the chat.

  6. Bonnie says:

    Ayauscha ….

  7. Leonardo ॐ says:

    DMT is legal here in Brazil, I think the whole world would be a much nicer place if the use abroad was common.
    If anyone has the chance of coming to South America and attending a xamanic ritual with Ayhuasca that will chance your life for ever (and you’ll see life goes beyond what we think).

  8. m. says:

    some guy i knew did DMT and went into a coma :/

  9. koeny007 says:

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  10. Old wave says:

    Gimme Gimme

  11. FujinWater says:

    3:14 And this my son is the theme song of Taco Bell.

  12. Jasonm Gavitt says:

    You can get there on a fat dose of ketamine and k is gentle compared to dmt.

  13. ACIDvICTIM says:

    Don't ever buy DMT off a clown like this… If he was preparing DMT in a safe way he would not be using plastic containers and such in the process

  14. Philly says:

    Discount breaking bad

  15. Joel M says:


  16. linclip says:

    Messed up at the moment? when was the world in complete harmony? Are you sure that wisdom means achieving total zen, or is wisdom knowing that life will allways have it's ups and downs, allways.

  17. Appple Gay says:

    Who heare because of spiritual so

  18. legalise nature says:


  19. Jack Bagnall says:

    5:46 what is this machine for ?

  20. M. Le biberon says:

    Hehe this drugmonger is a genius, selling us shit to escape consumerism. yeah right.

  21. Shawna Brookes says:

    The music is distracting you morons

  22. Marp Beebop Chickenpox Kaij says:


  23. Marp Beebop Chickenpox Kaij says:

    If you could get in touch Bob I'm in lancash) contact my email if you can get a sale going,
    Sir's of the world.
    Mark Philip W.

  24. Jake Garner says:

    Ok so how do I get some? Really would like to try it !!!

  25. Overwhelmed Selfcare says:

    Nile red

  26. Wyatt Smith says:

    What's even better is peaking on 4-600ug lsd and then vape 80 to 100mg dmt or ingest 90mg of dmt fumarate crystals. Will bring you on a amazing journey then slam you right back into your lsd trip. Very profound experience to say the least.

  27. Gregory Sevigny says:

    Where can I buy DMT in NY Long island

  28. Gregory Sevigny says:

    Going to a rave and want some DMT I'm in NY Long island hmu

  29. King Me says:

    Not q lab..Just a kitchen

  30. Benjamin Nagy says:

    It doesn't take a chemist to make DMT. It's way too easy lol. People do it all the time and everyone I met that has used it made it themselves lmao at least around here you dont just go out and buy DMT

  31. Anz Boii183 says:


  32. VeRnSquad5611 says:

    Doing Gods work

  33. John B says:

    Joe Rogan probably couldn't cook rice 😐😒
    Highly Improbable

  34. Casey Abbott says:

    Where is Hamilton

  35. Rewster Fewd says:

    Warning: there are flashing images in this video
    The flashing lights: tHEre ArE FlAsHIng LigHTs iN tHIs vIDEo

  36. Jack Graham says:

    Not experiencing DMT. Is similar to never experiencing sex in life.

  37. Eco Geek says:

    For a chemistry teacher, he doesn't know much about what he is doing. He does plenty of things wrong.

  38. xtraderpysquid says:

    When a drug makes you lose your ego it's the best thing ever because you have no dignity yh but you feel so good about yourself and others you just open up

  39. Danielakojas says:

    Insert Breaking Bad joke here:

  40. Hokus Pokus says:

    Can I take private lessons from you 😉

  41. Radical Hippie says:

    That’s lit asf bro I love dmt

  42. MatMAT says:

    I think one need to use sep. funnel 2-3 times.
    He skipped that?
    also why not destill it at end to be sure impurities are rid off?

    so emulsified, its scary.
    Wonder how many other toxic substances are on board this one. with they had dome some analysis

  43. Awakening Enthusiast says:

    The girl with him is totally one of his students!

  44. Derpy XD says:

    Hes not a real lsd dealer 200% sure

  45. Infinity Carts says:


  46. Jan Urban says:

    Just wanted to note, that this is simply an extraction – which really anybody with half a brain can do – and not something like an alice-synthesis

  47. Fearlicia F says:

    it is the reason i am studying organic chemistry

  48. Alexander Cipher says:

    I should have studied organic chemistry instead of theoretical physics…
    Too bad that after 7 years I'm too broke to afford it.

  49. Smeagolypuff says:

    Joe Rogan wants to know your location.

  50. Ali Rasheed says:

    Joe Rogan has entered the chat*

  51. Checkmicheren says:

    Now i want to take dmt haha

  52. Kim Runic says:

    Yes – the first couple of minutes is on the money. The prevailing idea that what you are striving for is an amazing car or a wonderful house is completely undermined by psychedelics. Under the influence all that stuff just seems ridiculous, which of course it is. Your attention is diverted to the incredible situation in which we find ourselves and the wonder of our surroundings.

  53. Tenskawat says:

    I wish this was my teacher

  54. theZeni says:

    Do NOT use plastic while making DMT!!! That's the rule #1!!!

  55. TheDHM3007 says:

    Joe have you tried DMT Rogan

  56. Achilles Hridaya says:

    Great video. Does anyone know where to buy good quality DMT in Sydney / Australia

  57. OpiatedBliss says:

    RIP silk road

  58. Selina Temizsoyoglu says:

    the flashing lights ruined the whole video -__-

  59. xyz zyx says:

    Joe "DMT" Rogan has joined the chat

  60. John Doe says:

    How tf are you meant to get DMT if you're not dark web proficient or a chemistry wiz though??

  61. Bodhi B says:

    Why cant I share this?

  62. J says:

    Who’s here because of Joe Rogan ?

  63. DubTech Tv says:

    I wish I new the guy.. This stuff is hard to get hold of sometimes

  64. DubTech Tv says:

    I wish I new the guy.. This stuff is hard to get hold of sometimes

  65. Alexander Lobov says:

    best drug ad ever))

  66. MemeBoyExtreme says:

    First time I did dmt I seen mathematic symbols everywhere for equations I have never seen or even known that’s when I knew their is more to life then the society working code

  67. tapioca says:

    These people are critical in our society. Thank you Vice for this wonderful documentary . I have always wanted to try DMT.

  68. Michael Allen says:

    Is this guy really using plastic bottles and bowls? WTF

  69. Franceska Tha Queen says:

    High and mumbling.

  70. Chris OConnor says:

    i dont use deionized water…just distilled…and vm&p naphtha…not lighter fluid… mason jars…32oz..or maybe 64oz sometimes…lye…sometimes also bestine..

  71. d jay says:

    No man is safe from the war going on outside!

  72. Mark Spencer says:

    Where can i get dmt

  73. Michael Sandoval says:

    Share the recipe please!!

  74. Mani says:

    Well done mate. That's true genius! Being a chemistry teacher helps to have in-house glass-wear without giving 0 f**ks about the police …. Police: Hey what are you doing? Bob: What does it look mate? Doing a trial run for my students tomorrow, now turn around and p*ss off!

  75. Andromeda says:

    imagine this is your high school teacher

  76. Alex Hardy says:

    Yes please

  77. FOREVER YOUNG says:

    Were can i get some

  78. Stray Bullet says:

    Walter white is that you ?

  79. Angel Valles says:

    Wheres the dmt ?

  80. Azor Ahai says:

    "Ishtar" is clearly an acronym for Trisha

  81. Pasiman says:

    been waiting over 7 years to try DMT, after taking many psychedelics (mostly LSD) i feel im ready for DMT. But i was thinking last night on a 200 ug trip what it would be like to have the pipe of DMT in my hand. the anticipation of waiting so long to do it was just an insane feeling.

  82. MLG Quixk Scoper 9000 says:

    He seems like the chilliest person ever

  83. Ludos ludas says:

    Que bueno gracias. Me encantaria compartir info. I speak spanish

  84. NIZM CO says:

    I love this guy
    This is what we need not DMT
    But to question our selves
    To look drive deeper
    To dig up the roots that are so deep inside of the dirt going all through but never reach the surface but instead grow deeper and deeper

  85. olar samuel says:

    Is this for real?

  86. forks and popsticles says:

    am taking notes for science class

  87. meanoldrunk says:

    so…. if he had to repaint the ceiling before his wife got home, whos the chick with him now? like before his wife gets home?

  88. Rebecca Roberts says:

    beautifully well said..all the way to the end

  89. Guillermo Robledo says:

    People that are driven by ego are the ones that have the worst trips because they can't face themselves.

  90. Tin Truong says:

    also to detoixify your mind, use a kestoine diet and some tumeric!

  91. Kim Jong Un says:

    The beginning makes DMT look like a futuristic party drug which turns human into zombies

  92. Mark Remer says:

    For a chemistry teacher you are making things way to complicated. I don't know where your from but the only thing I need to order is mimosa hostiles root and the rest I get at the hardware store and you are making it way to complicated. Idk if you think it makes you look cool but i guarantee my recipe is easier, cheaper and less expensive. Anyone have any questions or want to do this alot easier hmu

  93. Nory Aronfeld says:

    This man is a hero

  94. retard says:

    damn they didnt even give joe rogan a feature

  95. Michael Garcia says:


  96. roy marius says:

    Somebody give these people a medal!!! 🥇

  97. 1-800-000 -LOVE U says:

    7:19 woah they’re making chocolate milk

  98. tag Your it says: watch my first dmt trip video I was seeing jesters and the devil

  99. Adam Dorrington says:

    Be thankful for how chilled the market is.. one of the last markets that isn't purely financial based

  100. Dank Seal says:

    Tengo un laboratorio de DMT wickr: isaacwoods

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