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Frontline’s Professional Learning Management platform gives instructors many helpful options for delivering staff development. This video will outline the process for administering professional development in Spencerport including viewing your roster, confirming attendance, emailing participants and viewing course feedback. We’ll break the video up into three parts: before your training, during your training and then after yout training. Before the training their several hopeful features and PLM. To start log into PLM. When you registered as an instructor you’ll notice the instructor tab at the top right hand side of the screen. Click here to view the instructor options. From your instructor view your first be able to see all the courses that you’re facilitating. First, select any course. You’ll see all logistical information You can check your rosters at any time by clicking “View Roster.” To download a spreadsheet of participants select “Download Roster.” There’s times when you might want to e-mail all participants, either before or after training. PLM makes this easy. First, click on e-mail functions. You’ll notice all participants are checked. To send a message to the entire roster just type your message and select “Send e-mail.” You can also send a message to selected members of a course only. Just check the member names you want write your message and then click “Send e-mail” it’s important to know that for all participants to receive credit for the training three conditions must be met. First the trainer has to verify a participant’s attendance. Second, the participant has to complete an evaluation survey for the course. Third, the participant has to mark the course complete. To take attendance, first have participants sign in on the roster forms you’ll be provided with. with PLM instructors also need to verify the attendance of all participants as well as their as well as their completed hours. So at the start of the training, it’s necessary for all trainers to take attendance. To confirm attendance select “Activity Attendance” By default all participants will be listed as “in progress.” Check any teachers that are present set the status to “Confirmed” and click “Save.” If you have any absences, click on the participants and select “No Show” If one of your participants only stays for part of the training, please modify their hours before marking them as complete. After the train is complete it’s important to give participants an opportunity to complete the evaluation survey. We ask that you set aside final 15 minutes of the workshop to ensure that all the evaluation forms are completed properly. Here is the participant view. Please have all attendees log into PLM and click on the course that they attended. You”ll be able to find a survey in the “Activity Detail” menu. Please be sure to point this out to participants. After completing the survey have participants click “Save.” Now that the survey has been completed participants can take the final step and mark the course complete. So hit “Return” to get back to the “Activity Details” menu, select “Mark Complete” and then click “S ubmit.” The activity is now complete and you’ll see it moved from “In Progress,” To “Awaiting Final Credit” where your supervisor will approve it, and assign credit for the activity. As instructor, reviewing your evaluation information is easy. From the main screen click on the “Instructor” tab select your course, and then click “Activity Evaluation Info” Here, you’ll see the numbers surveys that have been completed. By clicking “Completion Status,” you’ll see which members have actually submitted them. Click “Results” to view feedback from individual questions. You can also export this information to a PDF. If you have any questions on PLM, please contact the Office of Professional Development and Learning.

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