International Training Provider of the Year Award presentation – 2018 Australian Training Award

– The 2018 International Training
Provider of the Year Award has been acknowledging of course last year’s winners in the audience. But last year’s winner is
also this year’s finalist, so massive congratulations
to Homesglen Institute. Their CE Mary Faraone, is obviously doing some great things. Why don’t we meet all
of our finalists now. (upbeat music) – [Female Announcer] Working
with students from more than 80 countries and global
institutional industry and government partners, Tafe Queensland offers over
500 industry relavent courses from entry-level certificates
to bachelor degrees. Delivering real employment
opportunities for graduates both in Australia and internationally. With over 1,000 enrollments
from more than 50 countries in 2017, and transnational
partners delivering a wide range of locally needed and
sought after qualifications, Box Hill Institute Group has
over 10,000 international graduates making significant contributions in their home countries
and around the world. Holmesglen Institute has a
strong reputation for excellence in international education. With students from 160 countries, speaking over 130 languages. It’s international students represent 23% of it’s enrollments
and its educational and commercial partnerships
are flourishing throughout China, Indonesia, Mongolia, and Qatar. – Three great finalists,
Tafe Queensland well done. Tafe Queensland, Box Hill
Institute Victoria and Holmesland Institute in Victoria. Minister, you have the envelope. – Thank you, Tim. The winner for the 2018
International Training Provider of the Year Award is Boxhill Institute Group. Congratulations. (clapping and cheering) (“Sweet Disposition” The Temper Trap) – Well, first of all I’d
like to acknowledge again, that I’m grateful of the
people of the Organization. And pay my respects to elders, both past, present, and emerging. And other indigenous people
that are here tonight. Well we’re very shocked. We didn’t expect this at all. We’re very humbled to win
this very prestigious award. I would like to acknowledge
all of our transnational educators and all our educators
back on their home soil as well for the amazing work that they do. Another acknowledgment,
a fellow who’s sick, Stewart Humphreys-Grey does a lot of work with
bringing up some really interesting international
projects to Box Hill and we are really excited about the things we’re doing out in the global space. Thank you very much and
we are every honored. Thank you. (clapping) – Congratulations, Box Hill,
that is just great achievement, as winners of the 2018
International Training Provider of the Year Award, that is great.

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