Welcome to Gallaudet University, all of you new faculty. I am Laurene Simms, a faculty member here at Gallaudet University and Professor in the Department of Education. I want to introduce you all to our exciting Bilingual Approach Seminar (BAS). What is BAS and what does it mean? Well, BAS is designed for you, faculty and staff, to study and apply ASL and English bilingualism. Before I move forward with explaining, I would like for you to look at the Gallaudet University Mission and Vision, as well as our Bilingual Mission Framework. This will help you understand the meaning of ASL and English bilingualism, as well as the pedagogy and what that means for us as faculty and staff who teach our students. This will also explain how students learn in bilingualism classroom using ASL and English. It does not only include language; it also includes multi cultures. I am happy to explain and elaborate on the BAS plan. BAS is an introduction, ideal for new faculty; however, it is not only for new faculty as other faculty members and staff who have been teaching would benefit as well. That BAS plan is posted in Blackboard (BB) for you to study and read to understand the meaning of ASL and English bilingualism. This also allows you to learn at your own pace so you can build a knowledge base. Before I proceed, I want you to take a “Test Your Knowledge Survey” to see how much you know about bilingualism. In BB there are 4 parts. The first part is What is Bilingualism? What is the definition? In general, what does it mean when applied to us here at Gallaudet University? The second part is Who are bilingual individuals? How would you describe them? The third section is What are the benefits? Why? Reasons? Theories? The fourth section is How? Faculty and staff with gather to discuss and learn how to apply ASL and English bilingual strategies to instruction. Do make note that we will only start with basic strategies. Ok Ok, now for more information about this BAS program: [email protected] You can contact this link for information or to discuss about BAS. I look forward in meeting, discussing and learning with you all on BAS. It is truly an exciting time!

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