Intune for Education Deployment Training – Management and Reporting

Hi.I’m Jeff Buller a program
manager with the Intune Product Group, and this session
is Intune for Education management, and reports. After you’ve set
up, and configured, your Intune for
Education environment, and you managed your
settings, and your apps, and you’ve enrolled
your Windows 10 devices, you may want to view information
about your environment. And, you can do that in the
Intune for Education portal. For instance, you can
view device information, in groups and in the
device inventory report. You can do app
information in groups. and apps, and in the
application inventory report. And you can view setting
information in groups, and the settings error report. Now let’s go through a
walk through of management, and reports. We’re in the Intune
for Education portal, and the first thing we’re
going to do is select Groups. And in groups we can view
lots of different information. So for instance, we’ll
select the All Devices Group and we can see the
different devices that are in this particular group. We can also select
the All Users Group and see all the users
that we have in our group. We can even do a search
for a specific user. And, then we can take a look at
settings, and app information. So we’ll go ahead and
select the Students Group, and if we want to find
information about settings we can just simply
click Settings, and then look at the
specific settings for the different device
setting categories. And then if we want
to see information about apps for this
particular group, we can select apps, and
see the different apps that are assigned for
the All Students group. Now, we can also take
a look at reports, that are in the Intune
for Education Portal. There’s three reports there in the
Intune for Education Portal. The first report is the
Device Inventory Rreport, so it has information about the
device name, the serial number, the operating system version,
the manufacturer, the model number, the date
it was enrolled, and the last time the
device was checked in. And all this
information can actually be downloaded to a CSV file. We also have reports for
application inventory, and for settings error report. All right, we’ve provided
some additional information on management and
reports for Intune for Education We have a link
for the enrollment managers, in Intune for Education. Set up, take the test,
and then the reports in, Intune for Education. This now concludes
the session, on Intune for Education
Management and Reports.

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