Is Masturbation Good For You?

Surveys show that 95% of men and around 72%
of women have masturbated in their life. But with rumours that it’s unhealthy, can cause
blindness, and even infertility, can masturbation be good for you? Feeling yourself isn’t just
for single people. 70% of men and 40% of women in relationships reported masturbating within
the 4 weeks leading up to a recent survey. After all, it feels good. Not only is dopamine
released, which helps control the brain’s reward and pleasure centres, reducing feelings
of stress, but other endorphins released during orgasm can decrease your perception of pain.
For women polishing the pearl can reduce menstrual cramping. And of course with the help of the
hormone prolactin, which is linked to sleep, you’re likely to feel exhausted and catch
some much needed Zs. Feel like you’re coming down with a cold? One study found that in
males, components of the immune system are activated during masturbation, increasing
the number of white blood cells in the bloodstream. Solo sessions might also help men reduce cancer,
with high ejaculation frequency correlating with a decreased risk of total prostate cancer.
Though it’s unclear why, researchers hypothesize that increased ejaculation means potential
carcinogenic secretions in the prostate are excreted more regularly, de-creasing their
negative impact on the body. But why have humans and animals evolved to masturbate if
it’s seemingly a waste of energy or semen in men? Well, it turns out that self-love
can actually improve the quality of sperm. A study showed that recent, male masturbation
reduced the number of sperm inseminated at the next copulation, but not the number retained
by the female. From this, it was concluded that masturbation is a male strategy to improve
the fitness of their sperm, as younger sperm have a higher likelihood of insemination.
Not only that but masturbation can improve your sexual performance. Both women and men
have pelvic floor uscles that stretch from your pubic bone to your tailbone. As we age,
these muscles weaken, causing sexual dysfunction in women and erectile dysfunction in men.
But stroking the penis or clitoris can activate the bulbocavernosis reflex, resulting in pelvic
floor muscles contracting. It’s essentially a workout for your sex muscles. Nitric oxide
levels also diminish with age and can contribute to a decreased sex drive but masturbation
can help maintain it in your blood throughout your life. But while masturbating does have
physiological benefits, it’s important to mix up your technique. Using the same way
to get off every time can make you sexually unresponsive to other types of stimulation.
This could lead to decreased sexual arousal, or performance when it comes time to do the
deed with a real life partner–so make sure you mix it up! At the end of the day, masturbation
is a safe and healthy activity, so put on some music, light those candles, and have
yourself a good night. And if you truly love science, we have a new tshirt on sale for
one more week, but unlike most trends, science is logical and never ends, and these science
tshirts will never go out of style. Seriously. Science never goes out of style. Click on
the screen, or use the link in the description to get one. Don’t forget to share this video
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100 Responses

  1. 悲しい男の子 says:

    No wonder I’m always tired

  2. fabricio dominguez says:

    Wait I am 13 and I masterbait so is it good or bad for Me

  3. Jimmy Tj says:

    Every boy has wanked in there lives so the 5 percent are lying

  4. Man Himselff says:

    This is just but an agent of the devil.. ya'll jus keep beating yo meat n for sure you gonna end up without a spine

  5. Kingwang Savage says:

    What happens if you masturbate daily?

  6. I Want Die says:

    I guess its time to delete my history

  7. I Want Die says:

    I masturbate a couple thousand times a day, so I guess I'll be fit to Reproduce until I'm 90

  8. Fuad Xidig says:

    So it’s activity

  9. Mr. Bombastix says:

    2:00 Damn son, I must have a tenpack then ??

  10. Not my hobo 1⃣ but fake says:

    I do it like 2 times a day is that ok?

  11. Twit says:

    Decreasing Prostate cancer ? Fake news it doesn’t change anything.

    Masturbation is not good, it hijackes your reward system, pornography too. Stop masturbating, you’ll feel better after 1 month and more.

    Here are the masturbation symptoms

    foggy (can't think clearly)
    sheepish (following others, can't think for yourself)
    feeling of inferiority
    easily annoyed
    loss of energy
    loss of joy (can't enjoy the simple stuff)
    lacking ambition
    lack of motivation

    can't feel connection to other people
    unable to look others in the eyes
    feeling like the world is against you
    bad posture
    harder to laugh or smilep
    lack of sense of purpose (this is a big one)
    not plannig ahead
    lack of presence
    can't keep up other habits
    falling into bad habits
    unsure of yourself, lack of confidence
    Objectifying women
    can't appreciate women for what they are
    can't love
    Lacking speaking skills/hesitating with words
    overthinking stuff
    less social intelligence
    worse motor skills
    physically weaker
    more easily offended
    creativity & problem solving hampered
    distorted view of sexuality

  12. I NotFunnies says:

    How do you change the way you masterbate?

  13. keith laham says:

    I’m a straight whackin maniac and I don’t care who said it ain’t good for me. And my wife’s down any time too so I don’t have to but I love it lol. Does anyone find it a turn on for someone to watch you do it ? I’ve not thought of that till recently.

  14. Miles Lewis says:

    Being healthy is my life. Thank you for this!?

  15. Aidan Glenane says:

    Why are people saying that you can die from it

  16. HeroicIdealism says:

    I've had enough with this kind of propaganda. People always say "masturbation is good, it's healthy, it prevents cancer!" Yet here I am alone and pissed off at myself succumbing to dumb carnal urges for so long. It's done nothing for my life. It wastes so much time. It's stupid. And the fact that it's so heavily promoted by (((SCIENCE))) tells me that I should be doing the opposite of what this shitty video tells me.

  17. Michael Douglas says:

    I love how 20 million people watched this like "? thank God I didnt overdo it last month"

  18. Hooman st says:

    Thanks YouTube now its time to visit PornTube!

  19. Yasir Arafat says:

    Have you guys got some good money and stuffs from the porn sites!? I'm not sure but I think you have really got it…

  20. Ashley Hernandez says:

    Well glad I have fun with myself

  21. Teletion says:

    "Polishing the pearl"? Are you serious?

  22. Daredevil Warrior says:

    I’m just practising how not to masturbation. N i have stop masturbation for a month

  23. Xoxososo 1 says:

    Thanks I will benefit from this. Thanks.

  24. Dubu Dahyun says:

    It helps my period cramps and helps me sleep… and feels good lol.

  25. Cody Stone says:

    How come men are called disgusting and perverted when they do it when women do it everyone just shrugs it off

  26. Dude Dude says:

    silence for brothers and sisters died at race ?

  27. Sammi Rashard says:

    Its great on lonely nights???

  28. Manuel Clarin says:

    It's ok to masturbate after having a headache?

  29. Brando Shurtleff says:

    I don't get it is it ok

  30. R.I.P Etika says:

    Wait doesnt masterbaiting shrink ur peen xD

  31. Mrste The says:

    You can go to hell for that.

  32. Gamerzhut says:

    @AsapSCIENCE Can you explain what is happening with the prostate after ejaculation , and how long the prostate needs to fully recover after ejaculation ? Edit : I mean about the sphincter muscle recovery

  33. Peter Roberts says:

    Everyone does but they don’t admit it


    That's all you can get masterbation for you. Lol…. I get more than that in one day but more in my marriage….


    Laying next to him feels good and ????? ???

  36. Thomas Burrell says:

    Not all hero’s wear capes


    1 fap a day keeps the doctor away

  38. Aryan Samya says:

    what if you dont got sperm?

  39. Jonas Miguel says:

    Mastarbating is NOT good for you

  40. Guitardude21one says:

    How can it cause blindness

  41. OM96ED OM27ED says:


  42. xAurora says:

    masturbation cures cancer


  43. Neotox999 says:

    Not my proudest fap though

  44. PUNISHERS says:

    i beat my meat everyday of the week if you dont beat your meat then your weak

  45. Mr Marvellous says:

    90% of males masterbate and the other 10% are liars.

  46. The Show Nation says:

    Anyone else watching after busting a nut

  47. utarian7 says:

    It’s either disingenuous or ignorant of the author to not even mention the profound distinction between masturbation alone and masturbation to PORN.

  48. Gacha Kenley says:

    thanks for revealing my future. no cancer for me!

  49. bamboozle says:

    * fapping *
    * fapping *
    * fapping *
    * fapping *
    * fapping *
    * the door squeaks *
    Dad : " wachu doin "
    Me : nothing

  50. C Alex says:

    Are you sure those scientific studies conducted by the hippie-generation was not ideologically pro-masturbation, therefore their facts were organized to support the benefits of masturbationb?

  51. Golden R says:

    Its healthy , until you realise you forgot to lock your door, and mom walks in

  52. 420 nibbles says:

    Ofc masturbation is good it help release your love off someone!

  53. Green says:

    If they caught you masturbating show them this video

  54. Neko Kitty says:

    Im 8 years old and im doing this!

  55. Tea Sipper says:

    virgins enter the chat

  56. WillowJon T.V. says:

    You guys rock for talking about such taboo subjects! Keep on exploring!

  57. I Like Funny YouTube videos lol. says:

    Fapmania is good becuase it is free hepls fight cancer too lol.

  58. Chris B says:

    I used to wank all the time not any more now

  59. Love Tottenham Tv says:

    I love Masturbation ❤️

  60. i suk at livv says:

    I’m trying to stop not continue

  61. stella wu says:

    9/10, u will start jerking off after watching this vid.??

  62. Lillie Leitch says:

    DeLeTeS hIsToRy

  63. ItsGoldiee says:

    It doesn't cause any side affects and it's harmless to masturbate, there is no evidence. it reliefs your stress, ALL OF THIS STUFF IS THE OPPOSITE. It doesn't give you prostate cancer, theres no evidence of any negative signs. It doesn't make you blind or thin. Search the internet for more details.

  64. Good Shepherd Flock says:

    Listen to Jesus…..

  65. The Comb Show says:

    Imma live longer

  66. Greg Dundee says:

    A tug followed by a Nap is the greatest combo

  67. SHOTZ says:

    The thumb nail scars me

  68. diell demaci says:

    No fap army!

  69. #Noideaforname says:

    Its healthy until you dont get addicted to it

  70. its_tommyz_rice says:

    N o w I k n o w w h a t n o n u t N o V e M b E r I S

  71. i have mental problems says:

    You people gotta bust your last nuts no nut november is 2 and a half months away

  72. Chad Lin says:

    thats why!

  73. ItzAdamIsNoob says:

    Well, I guess Quagmire is doing pretty good…

  74. Frank Austin says:

    Masturbation is not good. It will weaken you over time. And these channels are paid by porn industry so that their business keeps going.

  75. Moonlight io says:

    how do women even masturbate is what i'm still trying to find out

    like there's nothing there to touch?

  76. vietnamxl says:

    Mario Weiner are getting a bit harder

  77. ICEKEEPER 9000 says:

    Wait, you just exposed your self, 0:24, you said IT FEELS GOOD, sooo yoooooooo..

  78. Luiscake123 zZz says:

    I feel like I’m the only one who does it

  79. QualitySoda says:

    Im imortal!!!!!!

  80. The WeirdOne says:


  81. Bagsy GAMING says:

    Me : mom I have blue balls
    Mom : OK Jack off
    Me: wish it worked

  82. Gacha Brownie_love says: will I tell my mom about this topic..she would beat. Me

  83. Son says:

    I think masturbating actually has certain drawbacks. Worse memory is one of them, at least for me

  84. Dud3 Toonz says:

    Isn't this weird im watching this after I wacked it?

  85. abraham tsegay says:

    Now he mentioned the positive side of it now let's jump to the negative one

  86. Perhxps_ says:

    Lol when someone walks in the room
    Them: What are you doing?
    Me:getting rid of cancer

  87. Nayshon Long says:

    Now I have a reason to tell my parents when I get caught?

  88. Squid! says:

    i have no idea what masturbation feels like. i have never done it

  89. Swooper says:

    got caught masturbating by my mum. I got grounded. but I showed her this video. I still got grounded. only for a week tho lol

  90. sandip vadher says:

    I quit masturbation.thanks a lot god

  91. ujqw says:

    Just finished choking the chicken for the 7th time today

  92. Fichi _ says:

    Finna nut while watching this

  93. Evanston Conner says:

    i think that ejaculation prevents prostrate cancer becuse there are less cells in that area

  94. Hammerboy360 says:

    When your mom comes in when your masterbait and tells you I see your being healthy ?

  95. Woods says:

    nigga why is there a turtle jacking off lmaooooo

  96. Ryder 96 says:

    Start NoFap

  97. Calalosan says:

    I feel sick whenver i dont masturbate

  98. Grape Daily Fan says:

    Can you repeat all that stuff you said? I was masturbating

  99. Antonio Castro says:



    1. Women are lying, all women masturbate.
    2. If your body wants to "improve the quality of your sperm" you will have nocturnal emissions. Masturbation is not necessary.
    3. Frequent masturbation also causes erectile dysfunction in males, and less sensitivity during intercourse in both males and females.
    4. Switching your hands won't help, you will have to stop masturbation altogether for a certain period of time to return to normal levels of arousal and sensitivity.

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