– ‘Be found’ by your soulmate – New TV Ad 35sec

BOSS : Listen.. Shaam mein wife ko lana haan.
Boy : Sir I’m still looking. Yaar aab ye “koi farak nahi padta” wala look nahi diya jata. Librarian : Ssshhhhhhh!! Kabse dhund raha hoon!
Library, Canteen, Cinema hall, mall to mall. Kai Mili Par tum nahi. Lekin tumhe kya, tum aaramse tv dekho, aur mein dusroh ki weddings. Remote se ungli hatao, keyboard pe chalao. Jeevansaathi pe log on karo.
VO : Jiske liye tum perfect ho, who tumhe dhoond raha hai. Be found. Jaldi

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44 Responses

  1. komal pandya says:


  2. anamika jha says:

    Nice looking for your some one special

  3. Sulagna Mohanty says:

    u wl fall in love after watching this ad :*

  4. shweta baisa says:

    It feels like he's talking to me!!! This ad is so mesmerising that I passionately want my Mr. Perfect now….love this ad!!!!

  5. mohammad wasim says:

    Really it's very good features App.Easy to understand and very much response by Profile Id.Thanx regard from Wasim here.

  6. Apoorva Sheth says:

    Jeevansathi are FRAUD & CHEATERS! Their Sales Executive ROHAN KUTURDE IS A BIG FRAUD! He visited my house & gave me all false hopes & expectations & took a cheque of Rs. 4'850/- from me for 6 months package. After the money got credited into Jeevansathi's A/c, this shameless sales executive didn't even bothered to find out whether I could find out my match, whether I am facing any sort of issue, he didn't bothered to show his face. This company Jeevansathi is such biggest Matrimonial Fraud of India that when I as a paid member searched for my name, I found myself listed on some 13th or 14th page & those who were free members were all enjoying their position on 1st page which was Disgusting!!!! Then what was the whole point of paying such hefty amount & become a paid member. I bought this matter to this Shameless Creature Sales Executive – Rohan Kuturde's attention to which he replied: "Oh, is it? Don't worry. I'll inform the call center". I waited for a day or 2 but I still continued seeing myself on the 13th page. When I again tried getting in touch with the shameless dirty animal Rohan Kuturde, he didn't at all bothered to answer my calls or reply my Whats App Message. I clearly understood that I have been duped by this FRAUD COMPANY – Jeevansathi! I also had called up one of the Jeevansathi's office here in Mumbai & spoke with a lady & told of the dirty behavior by his company's employee Rohan Kuturde who works as Field Sales Executive, but she took no interest at all to take up the responsibility and deal with him & my issues seriously. Instead, she directed me to Call Center. I HATE to speak with those immature and time pass types of teenagers recruited at call center b'coz they won't take your issues seriously. It's like if you're facing an issue with your banking account as an example, than there is an immense difference between talking to a call center rep & walking into their Branch directly with the issue. My Six Months got over & I couldn't find my Life Partner. More importantly, I was absolutely disappointed with their CRAP & PATHETIC After Sales Service & Cheating business!!! My money was Hard Earned which this company ate up into their DIRTY STOMACH!!!! I HATE TO BECOME A PAID MEMBER OF JEEVANSATHI!!!!

  7. Apoorva Sheth says:

    I just want to through my comments show others the reality of these so called Matrimonial companies who believe in putting up such beautiful advertisements to attract people by roping in some good people people in their advertisements as its being shown in the above video where the girl & her dad both appears from a decent family just like other families out there and with such nice ads, they lure people in taking their membership and once the money gets transferred into Jeevansathi's A/c than comes their real Fraud face in front of you wherein the sales representative who approached me also disappeared & didn't bothered to answer my calls or reply Whats App messages nor did their Head Office in Borivali bothered to help me. I mean, I as a paid member and my name appearing on 15th or 16th page and Free members enjoying space at the top in the search list without paying a single rupee, that's ridiculous!!! Ever since I became a paid member, none of their employees or that Cheater Sales Representative – Rohan Kuturde have been touched with me over the phone on daily or atleast on weekly basis and help me find a soulmate by guiding me properly, showing me Profile Ids, help me talk to those brides whom I have sent an interest to and help intiate the conversation, be with me during these 6 paid months period to help me find a soulmate, simply nothing! No Service! It was a complete Dead end on the other side once the cheque of Rs. 4'850/- was collected from my Residence by that Dirty & Cheater Rohan Kuturde.

    Atleast the last thing I ever expected from this Fraud is to have my name appear in the top but I was very shock & upset when I noticed that Free Members are convinently enjoying space at the top in serach results (when I filtered with the nearest age, weight & other options) whereas my profile has been thrown way back on 16th or 17th page and nobody cared or bothered from this Bogus to act upon & correct this serious & critical issue immediately. That's when I realized that I have been duped with Rs. 4'850/- by this Dirties & Cheaters company –

    Just b'coz of Jeevansathi being Fraud & CHEATER, my trust in other Matrimonial companies as well such as, Bharat, Vaishnav and so on gets uproot….who knows they too can turn out to be fraud. I just don't understand why God doesn't give an opportunity to every boy out there to come across his Soulmate right from the College days of making the boy fall in Love with the girl and they both marry and lead a happy life as seen in movies….Atleast neither a boy nor a girl needs to depend on such Fraud Matrimonial companies who just earn their name God knows how and lure people in becoming a member….

  8. Vratika Trivedi says:

    Whenever i watch these add….i m in love with Karanvir….feel like he's seraching me….😍"Tumhe kya? Tum aram se tv dkho…. Remote se ungli hatao keyboard pr chlao" love that yrr…. 😉

  9. Divya Satyarthi says:

    cutie boy

  10. Nitesh Kumar says:

    love the ad

  11. Akshata Bodke says:

    Login kiya toh advertisement guy will contact us…?? 😂😂😂😂

  12. PrakharPallavi Srivastava says:

    I love this ad

  13. Yasmin Sangma says:

    I feel like his talking to me in this ad

  14. Pradeep Mishra says:

    tum tv dekho..aur main shadi attend kr raha hu

  15. Vijeta Parmar says:

    tum jaise hi milenge tum ni isiliye logon ni kr skti…

  16. Shakti Garg says:

    Login kiya. Sab mile, par tum nahin. Lekin tumhe kya. Tum aaram se ads banao, aur main YouTube pe comments.


  17. Ritu Sharma says:

    What is this actor's name?? Really adore him 🙂 :*

  18. chetna 0892 says:

    I want that guy who is in this vedio

  19. Shruti Khade says:

    shot at the little door, veera desai. 😎 isnt it.

  20. Rashmi Aggarwal says:

    if he is the one waiting for me , then i am all ready to lon on 😍

  21. Monika Shrivastava says:

    itni asani se ni milungi 😏😋

  22. Noorjehan Mehnaz Jafri says:

    Uggh ye model 😈😠😠😊😀😀😀😃😂😂 made me register lol crazy advertisement

  23. Farheen Taher says:

    Luv uhhh kv

  24. Palavi Rana says:

    No1 knows k he is married and he even has a daughter..his wife name is garnet…I too had a huge crush on him 😍😍😍

  25. Palavi Rana says:

    He is a one women man ek hi ladki se 7 yrs long relationship n then got married n now has a beautiful n cute daughter too 😊😊😊 god bless u karanvir..I still have a huge crush on u ..Bhagwan mujhe apki replica dede husband k roop mein to I will be the happiest 😍😍😍😍

  26. Princesse Princesse says:

    To all the girls. Please don't trust everyone easily here on this jeevansathi website.. Most of the people are coming here for time pass and not at all with the true identity.. bahoth hi kam log hain jinke profiles genuine hain and seriously looking for marriage too but 80% profiles are fake here..

  27. MrBurhan13101964 says:

    which material is the saree worn by lady next to karanvir in the end of the advertisement

  28. Deepika Deeps says:

    I'm not watching TV so much… But when I seen this add…. Really I love you 😘😍

  29. SURYA nag says:

    Sala partha saha😂😂😂😂

  30. Somya Angel says:

    bakwas app

  31. Somya Angel says:

    jo video bana rha vo bahut accha laga…uske jesa to ak bhi nahi laga

  32. Rakshika Sharma says:

    He is so cute😍😍

  33. Tasfia Ali says:

    karanvir sharma I will create an account only to get found by you. lol 😙😂

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  35. lava _pizza says:

    Wtf s this. Hate it I can't watch one video on YouTube without it

  36. suresh Kulkarni says:

    I'm in searchmedicos life partner above fifty five years old and willing to marry with medico preferably MBBSMDChest at Latur Maharashtra having three storied building in heart of the city Latur with 13acre irrigated land at my native place Chapoli with more than one lack per month aspiring beautiful partner like u with regards Dr suresh vinayakrao kulkarni retired civil surgeon and professor TB chest working as emerritous professor at PDDUDental college solapur and consulting chest physician at Latur Maharashtra NAMO Bharat

  37. Virender Pal says:


  38. Yukti Singh says:

    Yaar ye ad TV par bhi dikhao….and purana wala bhi

  39. debby says:

    Keyboard par hath chalane se aap miloge ????😁

  40. Neha Choudhary says:

    In love with this guy so cute and handsome awesome add

  41. jitendra says:

    Mere Ghar wall ne mujhe dhokha Diya hai …Mera koi nahi hai Mai padhai karna chahta hu aise girl Jo mujhe pyar kare 1 se 2 year mujhe padhne de aor apne sath rakhe. Poore life aisi wife chahiye what's up 9807040614

  42. qamar nazer says:

    QAMAR Nazer [email protected] 00971588670417 Pakistani UAE

  43. Paras Das says:

    What's the name of this model

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