Job Hunting Starts in Middle School at 8th Grade Career Fair

“My most important thing is for my parents’ dream to come true.” To be honest, it’s every family’s dream: “For me finish college and have a good job.” So, as an 8th grader, where do you even start? With this: “We’re finding careers that interest us
in the future and we’re learning more about them.” “We’re look at career options for our future
and what we need to do them.” Yep, they’re talking careers, in middle
school! “It’s hard because it’s scary because
your life is moving so fast and you’re going to get a job soon.” This DPS 8th Grade Career Fair is about planting
seeds of enthusiasm, not fear, for students like Nancy… “I’ve looked at Google, Dell and dance…” And Yonas. “My family’s dreams are for me to be happy
in my career choice.” Middle school is about fostering the big dreams
students have for their future, and giving them everything they’ll need to pursue it. “It’s taught me a lot about social skills,
and just like the real world.” “Well, my school really focuses on traveling. So, and, I really want to travel a lot in
the future because I like recognizing new cultures and my school basically focuses on
that.” “Communication with other people and what
you need to be successful in life.” Something Yonis and so many others get to
try out, as they interview the hundreds of Denver businesses, colleges and non-profits
here at the National Western Complex. “25 years!?!? I would definitely do that!” While Jacob Galvez might’ve originally come
over to pet the cuuuuutest puppy at this fair… “What did you think of this dog?” “SOFT!” Even stuff that starts as superficial as petting
a fluffy dog can play into your hopes and dreams. “I’ve tried to volunteer at shelters but…
too, too young! Oh well.” Middle schoolers have plenty of time to explore
jobs and build their careers. These opportunities… “I really want to be successful in whatever
my career is.” …strengthen them for the journey ahead. “To have a better life they didn’t have. My parents – my dad and my mom – didn’t
finish high school, so they want me to finish high school and have a great job.” For DPS Features, I’m Ben McKee.

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