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Hello Everyone,This is Apoorva from Welcome to our video channel on Jobs and Careers Today I will be talking to you about a Job Role of a Counselor All of us will be wondering if a counselor job is going to be right for me or not lets find out if it is A counselor is someone who provides guidance
to the students to achieve success in various fields like academics, career and behavior.
Job requirement Unlike other jobs, role of the counselor varies
with the type of students who he handles. For a counselor for elementary level students,
the candidate is expected to identify innate strengths and weakness in the children and
also behavioral problems. A counselor must report on changes that have to be done in
school’s curriculum to benefit the students. A middle school counselor should identify
the students’ goals and evaluates them. The candidates are expected to handle personality
or social related behavioral problems with children. A high school counselor should help
the students with their college application and other career related options, including
apprenticeship. A career counselor has to create opportunities for the students to improve
their career growth and also provide aid in applying and getting placed for a job.
Candidate requirement Candidates with various educational backgrounds
would be sought for this position as freshers. Candidates who have completed a course in
career guidance or any related fields would be in demand. Most of the companies provide
a basic salary and incentive per student. Candidates with psychology, management, sociology
and related field education are sought for higher pay in this career. Basic requirements
of the candidates are Numerous like Good communication skill in both English
and the local language Knowledge of additional languages is an
added benefit Excellent presentation skills
Good computer skills Smart, confident and active
Basic domain knowledge In case of working for an educational institute,
the candidates would be requested to take care of counseling and increasing career opportunities
of the students. In case of other private organization, the counselor might be responsible
for sales related activities like lead generation and conversion. In some companies, monthly
target would be provided to the candidates. Candidates should visit universities, give
seminars and attract the students towards the product or service. Apart from these,
the candidates must be required to perform operational activities which are related to
their work. Beyond tele-calling, candidates might require to take up on-site activities
for convincing clients with presentations. Scope
About 19% of the total vacancies of counselors are found in schools and universities. The
remaining vacancies are found in companies which provide special training and managerial
programs for improving market skills of the candidates. In case you are thinking of taking
up a job in private organization, you would have a wide range of growth options. The people
who have experience in counseling with lead generation are sought in marketing department.
If you want to grow in the same field, you can apply for senior counselor positions after
gaining three to five years of experience. With more experience, the candidate can apply
for positions like counselor trainer. This is one of the jobs which have grown more
than 15% in the last decade. Due to stagnant job market, people are in search of an effective
career counselor to help them. Candidates with educational background in any technical
field can apply for positions like property counselor, financial counselor, international
education counselor and many other fields. For further information on Jobs and Careers please log on to our website The No.1 Job Site for Freshers in India We will be right back with more such videos so stay connected with us

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